Book Review of The Silver Lined Mommy by Monika Davessar

Amidst the chaos and confusion of life, we often forget to love ourselves. We take care of others, we keep ourselves busy for a stringent routine from the daily chores to workplace. But, what happens when you take a pause and stand in the front of the mirror? The mirror smiles at you and whispers,

“Oh dear lady, you’re not that younger to run and race, you’re becoming old, you’re losing your grace. All the life you have chased the rush. But now, the time has come, just sit and blush. Don’t be sad seeing the silver lining in your hair, you’re beautiful, you will never find a pair. This is the time, look within, and find out that girl, young brave and bright, Oh dear lady, time has come, life is calling, take your own flight!”

So, humming these lines in my mind, and sipping over my ginger tea, I laid on the sofa and thought of giving myself a treat with a book that talks about running beyond aging. Yes I know I am not that old yet, but sometimes you think yourself too old to celebrate life’s happy melodies. That was exactly me. And at that moment, what could be a better option than to jump into the Blogchatter EBooks and picking “The Silver Lined Mommy” written by Monika Davessar? I picked the book and started reading.
Come, let’s peep inside the book.

The blurb:
Dear women! Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Don’t let the middle phase of
your life weaken you. Don’t let the fading glow of your face dim your inner joy in
any way. Your silver hairs bring another silver lining to your life. Admire the
real gains of your life – your strength, confidence and courage to smile amidst
difficulties. Be grateful and embrace your middle age womanhood , no matter if
it seems like a mess at times. It is no doubt a glorious mess.

Structure of the book:
When you will start reading the book, the very first lines you will see:
The hair that are turning silver and the fine wrinkles which have
started smiling near the eyes of a middle-aged woman are the signs not
of decay but of flourishing . This book “The Silver Lined Mommy” is
how she embraces herself and sees a silver lining in her present and
future life. I fell for this book instantly after reading these lines.
The book is a collection of self love topics and how to keep yourself young in mind whatever maybe the age of yours. 23 chapters with thoughts and tricks to stay fit and happy, to curb the mental health issues like stress, anxiety and some others, and yes how to accept yourself the way you are and celebrate happiness in your own way. There is a bonus poem titled as “The Silver Lined Mommy” at the end of the book that I am sure you will enjoy as I did.

Writing style:
The book is written in simple language and subtle way. The author has given some important information also in the book. You will enjoy the reading as the charm of the book lies in finding tricks to defy the age.


A glimpse of the book:
The book speaks about self awareness and self love. So this is one kind of books I really love to read. But among all the chapters, there are few that grabbed my attention a little more than others. They are,
Self acceptance – here I really liked the concept of embracing yourself and give yourself a big hug for everything you have done and everything that came in your way of life. The reader will be in motion to read further after this chapter.
Happiness paradox – this chapter shares the author’s views about finding her own happiness in a busy life.
It’s okay not to be ok – Remember–There may be pain inside you , but you are not the pain .
This chapter shares some Mind Myths and then the author shares some beautiful tips for your emotional wellbeing.
Explore and Exhale – here I liked the quote “Explore and Exhale, see what goes and what stays. “
Celebrate yourself – the thing I liked is the thought: Be joyful at every step of your journey.
Whatever stage of life you are at , count your blessings.
Zone out – here I liked the concept of Go Slow and then Reflect.

My recommendation:
The book says: Middle Age may be messy, but it’s where the magic begins.
But I would like to say this book is special to everyone. The book’s theme and chapters are not confined at a certain aged people, rather, anyone could pick this book to have a treat of loving oneself. Yes it’s true that people around that particular age of forty and more will connect to the words a little bit more I think, but people of younger ages will enjoy the read too, as I did. So pick this book and give it a beautiful read. The book is now available for free download. You can download the book here.

Author bio:
Monika is a lecturer by full time profession and a writer by interest.  For the last three years , she is running her blog by the name where she loves to write about a  positive lifestyle for women . She occasionally blogs on WomensWeb also  . Running in her forties  , Monika  is an optimistic  woman  always bearing a  ‘never stop learning’ attitude .
Two years ago , she had written her first eBook named Astitva – which was about the different challenges or stigmas  a woman has to face in a society . She has  recently launched her second eBook – ‘The Silver Lined Mommy’ .
Through her book  she hopes to spread positivity and motivation to all the women .

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  1. Thankyou so much Swarnalli for writing such a beautiful review of my book . Love and Hugs to you 💞


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