Book Review: Trapped in Heaven and Other Stories by Mayura Amarkant

Life is an album of memories. Sometimes we want to cherish beautiful moments we have lived. These moments are something that always bring pleasure to heart. But sometimes, memories make the heart to weep alone. Maybe the drops of tears can’t be seen, but inside the heart, someone cries aloud. That’s the beauty of memories of love. When you turn the pages from the album of life, love comes to you with all its beauty, but, her beloved companion also comes with her. So when you want to embrace Love from the memories you loved with her, once, someone will be always there to offer you a drop of tear. Love’s beloved companion, Longing.

And this beautiful scenario was portrayed in most of the stories compiled in the book “Trapped in heaven and other stories” written by Mayura Amarkant.
Come, let’s see what is inside the book.

Author bio:
Mayura Amarkant is an entrepreneur, blogger, promoter of a theatre group and a prominent writer.
In 2017, Mayura was conferred a national-level award, as a Woman Business Leader in Digital Marketing and Public Relations by the Indo￾Global SME Chamber.
Her agency, Sarvashreshtha Solutions, specialises in digital and online innovations. She is a psychology graduate and a post graduate in Human Resources & has a Masters in Neurolinguistic Programming.
Mayura is a doctoral student with a research interest in Women & Leadership. Her blog, Diary Of An Insane Writer, is among the top lifestyle blogs in India and attracts visitors from over 125 countries.

The blurb:
The book is an anthology of romance fiction. It contains short stories around the myriad shades of romance and relationships. Using a gripping narrative, the author spins every story with her storytelling skill that will keep the reader hooked till the end. Die hard romantics will love the book.


Structure of the book:
The book is a collection of nine short stories, mainly based on the theme of love and longing. Most of the stories are centered to the theme of cherishing the lost love or recalling the love that is now lost. All the stories are short, you can read them at a stretch. The book is short and you can finish reading it at one sitting.

Writing style:
Writing style is subtle and language is simple. I loved the storytelling style of the author. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the short stories as I found the narrative simple and charming.

A glimpse of the book:
Most of the stories are centered on the theme of love and longing. In one story someone recalls her past life where she had a beautiful time with her love. But the warmth is now lost and she loves to confine her golden days in a box of memories. In one story the girl recalls her teen love story and goes ten years back to cherish the intense love blossomed between the two. Now as a successful lady, she has come a long way in her life and has a nice career. But still she longs for her teen love. And eventually, ends up finding him nowhere. You will find an interesting story of a girl who falls for a stranger while being locked up in a closet!
Most of the stories have the same tone of cherishing love and sometimes, you will feel a faded hue of longing too. But, among all the stories, I really loved a short story that made my eyes teary and I sank into deep thoughts. The story is named as #NoFilter and tells about a young girl who passes away after suffering from a chronic disease since childhood. She used this hashtag while posting her pictures on social media.

My recommendation:
This book is perfect for your rainy day musings. The theme of the book is to cherish the love life once someone had lived and to travel down the memory lane. So next rainy evening, pick this book from your digital shelf and have a beautiful time reading this book with a cup of ginger tea.

The book is now available for free download but only for a limited time. So hurry and grab your copy soon! Download the book here

4 responses to “Book Review: Trapped in Heaven and Other Stories by Mayura Amarkant”

  1. Wow!! This sounds interesting and inviting!! How could I not read this review when 2 of my favorites are involved!! Mayura n Swarnali ❤️❤️will grab both of you’re books soon!! Way2go gals 👍

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