Be your own kind of Superwoman


The power you are seeking outside resides within you. The power is there to make us believe in magic and miracles. It has another story to tell, to script a new journey of you.

Are you searching for the superwoman having an incredible super power? Are you praying for the super power to come and embrace you, right now? Are you wandering for the one who will make you a superwoman? With the magic wand?
Dear girl, the answer is always the same. It’s You, the most powerful in the world.
You are the power, you don’t need any super power to create the world you wish to see. You don’t need any super power to to bring heaven on earth. Whenever you kindle the lamp of hope, you feel heaven is here, on earth. You don’t need any super power to make everything all right. The power is You, it’s enough to keep going through the tough times. You don’t need any super power to raise you from the ground. You, are enough, to hold the hand of the person fell on the ground. You will be your strength, your bravery, your true power.
Remember, it’s you who was always with you. Just try to recall the day you felt like your story was over and there will be no chapter ahead. Can you see anyone else to bring you back to happiness, without you? Because, you are the super woman, you have the power to stand beside your weaker self.
When you feel crying, it’s you who turned into the iron Lady with a promise to herself that she will never cry in front of her child. Rather, she will always put a sweet smile that will keep her alive from within. Always.
Whenever you feel like you need a magic wand to make everything absolutely all right and you wish for a super power to embrace within, just stand in front of the mirror.
You will see the superwoman you are searching for.
It’s You. Always.


This was a part of a Blogging campaign where I read a post that was beautifully crafted. It spoke about a twist of the tale of Cinderella, and how she could be turned to a Queen. I have written here about being a superhero of your own. So, I am sharing that amazing post here so that it makes you rethink about being a Queen of your own.

Read it here:

When you are a blogger and talking about the super power, you can’t miss to express gratitude to our beloved saviours of this journey, that is, the blogging tools. There is a post that wrote it in a brilliant way. You can’t miss it anyway. Have a look here:

18 responses to “Be your own kind of Superwoman”

  1. positive and so powerful. Your words flow so effortlessly Swarnali. We have the magic, the light and the power within. There is no need to look anywhere else. We can be our own light. Keep writing such positive words.

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    • Absolutely Alpana. I have realized it. Whenever you are feeling low na, just stand in front of the mirror and try to smile. Your smile will give you immense power to fight more. Love and hugs dear. πŸ™‚


  2. This post has reminded me your A2z series and like that series, this post has an amazing spiritual message of finding power inside us . Great write up .

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    • Thank you Dr. Surbhi. I like to write this kind of posts as I truly believe in finding the true power. Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚


  3. So loved reading this post Swarnali.. well explained ..We have heard such inspiring things before but the way you explained it is what makes it different from others…

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  4. Bravo Swarnali, take a bow!! I have always appreciated your uplifting and powerful posts but this one especially hits close to home. Women often forget to look inwards and credit themselves for their own indomitable spirit. I hope and wish many women read this lovely post and take inspiration from you!

    P. S. Big hugs and thanks a ton for the shoutout to my post!

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  5. Now this is empowering women in true sense. Asking us to find our strength within. Absolutely correct and it’s the bulls eye. We have everything enough to reach the stars but we never because we are made to believe we are weak. It’s time to remind ourselves the truth


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