Book Review: Hats, Hoods and Humiliation by Hiranya Verma

Book: Hats, Hoods and Humiliation

Author: Hiranya Verma

Genre: Non-fiction, Self-help, Children, Motivational

Format: Kindle Edition

One summer day, the girl wore a nice Hat on her head and went to school. The Hat was big enough to protect her from the sunshine, but, it became an unnecessary burden, too. Whenever she went to the campus, the Hat was with her. The girl thought she was looking awesome, the Hat thought it added another level of elegance to her personality. But, what actually happened was something completely different from these all. The Hat became the reason behind her Humiliation. The girl wished to hear, “Hello miss beautiful! Oh, the Hat is nice! You’re looking so cool!!” But instead, what they said:
“The Hat is too big to fit on your head. You’re a perfect misfit to our gang. We don’t want you here.”
The girl started finding a way to escape. A lavish Hood came to her rescue and finally she found a place to hide her face.


Just think about such a situation. If I was talking about you, and the Hat was your reason for the humiliation, what would you do?

Would you let it go or would you like to raise your voice against it? Or, you would ask yourself to find some tricks to handle the situation with wisdom?

If I was there, I would have wished for someone who could hold my hand that time and guide me a peaceful solution. The book ‘Hats, Hoods and Humiliation’ is that exact escapade for you. 

You may find new ways when you read a book like ‘Hats & Hoods and Humiliation’ written by author Hiranya Verma. While reading this book, I told myself again and again that if I could find someone like her earlier in my life, my soul would have healed sooner. Come, let’s peep inside a tween girl’s musings and learnings about Humiliation. 

Author Bio:


Hiranya Verma is a ten years old girl, studying in Standard VI, in Navy Children School, Kochi. She was born at Mumbai on 25 Jun 2009 and her parents are Dr Rohit Verma and Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar. She has an elder sibling, who is three years elder to her and she shares a brilliant equation with her brother Kaustubh. Her hobbies are drawing and painting, reading, and writing. She also plays Keyboard and loves the experience called life.

The Blurb:

This is a book to help those young children struggling to realize or let go of their humiliation in their past or present lives. This book has easy to follow stepwise simple techniques to handle everyday emotions. Designed for young kids by one of their own, this book is a good and easy read for anyone.

The story behind the title:

Since I heard the name of the book, I was wondering about the unique title of this book and I made few blind guesses also, trying to catch the plot behind it. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a satisfying one until I read the genuine cause behind choosing this amazing title for this book. The author explains it at the very beginning of the book. She said, “An embarrassing hat is like a source of humiliation. Whereas a hood is something you use to hide your face, thus blocking the humiliation. Also, it sounds cool. You must know that like stress, humiliation is a part of life. Don’t make it the villain. You, me, everyone has experienced humiliation, at least once in our life.”
So, this is the essence of this book written by a young author.

Structure of the Book:

The book is written as a personal narrative of a tween girl. The author wrote her daily life experience about Humiliation in her school. The book is small. It has ‘Seven Chapters’ describing her humiliation episodes and how she handled them. To make the reader more comprehend, the author has arranged a quick ‘Quiz’ on the core theme of the book and she has aptly asked some questions that you will enjoy to answer. What you get in a bonus with her writing are her creative ‘Illustrations’. The author’s hand-drawn sketches make her narrative more attractive and they make the book more beautiful and profound.

The most important part of the book that made it worthy for every reader irrespective of the age barrier is the takeaways from our daily life humiliation. The author has represented them in a beautiful way and named them as ‘Points to Ponder’. You will read the points and wonder about the little lady’s wisdom.

Writing style:

The writing style is lucid and the flow is gentle. While reading the book, the reader could connect the author’s experience and it feels like she is narrating her tale of life. I liked it the most. The narration is subtle and absolutely honest.

A glimpse of the book:

The first chapter of the book starts with this warm note coming from our little miss marvel:

“I am sure; you must have been embarrassed or humiliated, at least once in your life. Even I have been. But, how did you deal with it?”

The author wrote this book because she wanted to speak about humiliation with a firm voice. It helped the author to realize and let go of the shock of knowing and feeling the times she had been humiliated. The author wrote this book for others like her to help them also realize and let go. This book speaks about how to handle humiliation with maturity and care.

A Quote to Remember:

Let’s have a look at a beautiful point to ponder from this book:


What makes the difference:

We all face humiliation in life. Sometimes, we don’t fit in a group and become the odd one out. Sometimes, we raise our voices to stand for a cause or protest against something we don’t support. Sometimes, the situation becomes odd and the person faces humiliation without any certain reason. You may know the reason that becomes the core factor behind humiliation or sometimes, you just become a puppet of the circumstances. They taunt they tease, and eventually, everything makes your life the scariest. What do you do then? Most of us try to find a place to hide. Or, do you seek the Hood to hide your face?
Here lies the most important message of the book. This young girl speaks about tricks and ways to get rid of humiliation and also writes about how to handle this awkward situation with maturity and care.

Some important highlights:

The book speaks about some important points that could be a learning lesson for all of us. Here are some of my personal favourites:


The author has written about making the lemonade is like handling the humiliation. You can’t put too much of water or lemon then the lemonade becomes a spoiled one. To make a perfect lemonade, you have to keep the balance between the amount of water and lemon. Just this way while handling humiliation, you have to keep an eye on taking it lightly, and walk away silently or going to protest it. You have to maintain a wise balance between everything. 

Everyday Humiliation:

Do you look different from others? Or you wear glasses? Or you have different likes from everyone else? Or you have a different personality? Or some embarrassing thing you did last week?

All these are reasons why many kids get bullied. Sometimes, kids bully other children because they’re jealous of the things you have, which they don’t.”

Another punch from the author about the core theme of the book. 

Secret Personality:

Did you know that some people actually hide their likes and personality? I mean, I understand secret likes but seriously, a whole different personality?! Like, you’re one person at home and another person you don’t want to be at school. Because you’re afraid of being embarrassed.”

This point was a striking information for me. Sometimes we do experience this kind of people, I have met some people who like to hide their weakness in front of mass. I was surprised when this amazing revelation came from a girl who is so young! It’s a brilliant take on humiliation and analyzing human behaviour. 

Self Pity:

“So, the best way to stop self-pity being your partner for life is to write down your feelings somewhere. And then tear up the paper! You can also cuddle up with your mother or father or even a doll!”

How amazing does it feel when you read such an intelligent way to wash away your pain? Coming from a ten years old, this is a beautiful life hack, too. I loved the trick and the author deserves a pat on her back! 

My take on the book:

The book is a gem. Written by a young author who is only ten years old, the theme of the book is so relevant yet it’s coming from such a young writer. She has beautifully described how to handle humiliation and ignore it for our own betterment. Very aptly written, this book is for all of us as we all face humiliation in our lives but sometimes we end up finding no way to get rid of the situation. Here in this book, some important notes are delicately created by this young author that will make you think twice about the issue. 

My recommendation:

I felt like if I had met someone like this girl earlier in my life, I would have recovered from the pain of humiliation far before. A great book. Lots of love and best wishes for the young author, Little Miss Marvel.

You can buy the book here.


This review has been written with utmost care and detailed analysis. I received the review copy for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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