Spinning around Sisterhood: Chapter 1 – Arrived

Dear Sister,

You are the best gift I have ever received from the universe.

You are the best answer she replied to me, ever. You are the brightest flower I have ever collected from the garden of my life. You are the most beautiful reason to make me believe in forever. You can see beyond I show, you can hear beyond I speak. Whatever it takes to write the travelogue of life, we will write it together.

Just like the moon and the night sky,
Just like the universe and the stars,
Just like the dusk and the dawn,
We will be together, forever, and beyond.

I want to frame all the memories we made together, all the moments we lived together. I am starting this new series only to cherish our love and special bond that we share. I believe in eternity and you are one of the reasons behind this. We are bonded with the same stardust and we travel the road of life holding each other’s hands with a promise we made together years ago, “Whatever it takes to fight the storm, we will always be together. Thus we will ink the tales of sisterhood and define our forever.”



Chapter 1 – Arrived

This is a story that evolves around two sisters of the house.
One is a girl with spectacles in eyes and another is the one with the magnifying glass to keep an eye on her elder sister.
One is shy, quiet, and introvert but always wondering to explore her leadership traits. Another one is talkative, not so introvert and not too extrovert, and always following her elder sister’s footsteps. Because she is the happiest person of the world as she has someone who is paving the way for her. And she can just sit and relax, finishing the bowl of popcorn, and waiting for her turn to walk on the path.
One is always lost in her own castle of thoughts, and eventually forgetting about her previous task assigned by their mother. Another one is always doing that task secretly and silently, and planning to buy her another chocolate simply blackmailing the elder one. One is an engineer who loves to write, write, and write. Another one is an aspiring software engineer who always try to explore her programming skills and dreams of the day when she will be successful to write the code that will decode her elder sister’s mind, secretly.

One is the best daughter of the world and another one is the best sister of the world who was born to give a joyous company to her elder sister. Always. but, that amazing venture could be turned up an annoying one, very often.

So, here are the sisters of our story. Meet the world’s most amazing sisters: Mimi & Momo. 


The most beautiful fact about these two sisters is, they are unable to separate. And maybe, this is the only theory that they trust without any pillow fight or plucking each other’s hairs.

They believe that they came on earth exactly together, almost like twins(yes, this is another weird theory that they blindly believe in. That they are twins. So what one looks like a geek and another looks like, ummm, let me be honest, she looks like a minion, haha). Although, one was visible just after she landed on the earth and she was welcomed to the house with a huge ceremony. And, the other one was hiding behind an invisible cloak as she was learning the art of being a sister.

Yes, the minion one, Mimi was someone who got admission in the School of Sisterhood right after she landed on this earth. At least, she believes this fact with her heart and soul. There she spent an amazing time and waited for the day when she would be announced the MES, I mean, the Most Eligible Sister of the world!
So, Mimi waited long five years there. Until she graduated from the School of Sisterhood. And then, she appeared. She passed with a distinction. So she thought, she would be welcomed in the house with a grand ceremony, greater than her elder sister’s. She deserved the best, she thought. But what actually happened: she entered to the house( almost silently), neighbors sighed and spread the news quoting her ‘Just another girl in the house’. When she entered to the house, the members of the house smiled, just smiled and welcomed her home. She was sad. But then, she saw her lost companion!

“Oh, here she is!” Baby Mimi exclaimed in joy. She saw a five year old was playing in the garden, a bubbly girl with curly hair and chubby cheeks, almost looking like a small teddy bear. She thought this girl could be her perfect playmate. And she was happy to see her sister (twin sister, as per her opinion). 

So, the new member of the house, baby Mimi was passed to the members of the house one by one, and finally, oh yes! Finally she was placed on her elder sister’s lap.

And thus, Mimi arrived in Momo’s life.



8 responses to “Spinning around Sisterhood: Chapter 1 – Arrived”

  1. This is absolutely adorable and awesome! Sisters rock🤘 more power to you two, and very best wishes! Can’t wait for numerous chapters from your tales of sisterhood.

    Liked by 1 person

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