Book Review – ‘Blossom and Foliages’ by Daisy Bala

One rainy morning, I wished to have a poetic treat to quench my thirst of roaming into the woods, sitting in silence beside the river and letting myself lost in the whispers of nature. The solitary mountain felt like a never ending story and I wanted to let my soul drenched with the colours of verses. While having my cup of ginger tea, I picked ‘Blossoms and Foliages’ by Daisy Bala. And I found it an absolute treat to my longing for nature! Come, let’s have a look how this book enfolds the mystery of verses.

Book: Blossoms and Foliages: A Bouquet of Poems
Author: Daisy Bala
Genre: Poetry
Format: Kindle EBook

Author Bio:

Daisy is a passionate author and blogger living in Chicago suburbs with her husband and two kids. She is a nature lover who draws her musings from the verdant green bounty around her. Her walk-in woods continuously inspire her to drink through the day’s eye and scribble the thoughts in her blogs. If not writing, she’s running around her 9 months old, changing diapers or teaching her 8-year-old basics of geometry. Daisy hails from New Delhi, India and has been in the US for the last six years. She has been blogging since 2016 and Her love for seasons and flora is implicit in her vivid writings. A physics graduate and a master’s in Human Resources, Daisy is a homemaker thriving on positivism and writing!! You can read her blogs at

The blurb:

Blossoms and Foliages is a bouquet of poetry made of blooms and nature’s bounty, condensed into words dripping with crisp freshness and nature’s vivaciousness. It’s my maiden attempt in the book writing sojourn and quite an ethereal one. I enjoyed jotting down my ramblings and monologues in this fresh pick. The collection of 40 poems revolve around the kaleidoscope of seasons, the mid-summer blooms, watching the daisies grow, ushering fall colours and frozen icicles. The verdant foliage, rayed orbs and dappled lights inspired me to gather my floral monologues, intact with the aesthetic juices of nature’s vibrancy. Hope you can drink through your eyes and smell the bluebells as you linger with this poetry bouquet. And it revs you up too!

Structure of the book:

40 poems in a row, all written on the theme of beauty of nature. Mountains, snow, river, sunrise, blossoms and a lot more! Poems are short, so you will feel a secret wish to read them once again. As they are short, though the count is forty, the book could be finished in a single read. Some of the poems have a question within, as if the poet is asking her inner self to explore more in the world with her beautiful and profound narrative.

Writing style:

What I liked most in this book is the scenic beauty of the verses. The poet has written the poetries with such a beautiful, soothing, and calming visual storytelling. While reading the poems, the reader will feel smell of flowers, will hear the drops of drizzling sound of rain, will touch the serenity of a daffodil garden, and many more to keep him spellbound. You need to absorb the words to your soul.

A glimpse of the book:

The book has a poem titled as ‘Magical Panorama‘. For me, in one word, the book is exactly a magical panorama. This poem recites, “Butterflies flutter, Beating away blues In rhapsodic symphony And vibrant colour hues.” And continues, “Dancing synchronized to a far way euphony Butterflies flutter for afternoon siesta, with happily diffused motes On the blue canvas of the mystified whispering jungle.” This is the beauty of this book and its beautiful poetries. The verses drench you in its shower of magic. Another poem, ‘Fire and Ice‘, has these beautiful lines: “While stellar dendrites scintillate, The light prism of sun outshines the whole spectrum! All it says is” let there be light !” Can you see the magical spell of poetry and nature in these amazing lines? If you’re a nature lover, this book will definitely take you on a ride of nature’s hidden beauties and marvels. We can’t see these when we pass the wood or the river or the tiny blossoms that shine in the wilderness of love. We can see them only when we will pause and take a deeper look at these beauties. The book represents all these treasures of nature to you in the form of poetry.

A Quote to remember:

From this book, one poem stole my heart’s precious corner. The poem is ‘Walk Your Path’. This is so beautiful, so deep and so powerful. The poem recites life’s anthem of walking alone. “A wise soul has quoted A journey of thousand miles Begins with a single step Determined, Walk the less trodden path And walk alone if no one else follows you.” The poem speaks about taking a pause in life is absolutely fine but don’t stop walking towards the goal until you reach the peak. Because, “There is limited space at the top, Earn it and emerge victorious”. This poem reflects life’s journey beautifully. As a wanderer, it felt very close to my soul. So, I would love to cherish this quote forever.

“You are a traveler, wanderlust Not meant to stay and rule the crown So, go ahead liberated, jibe with yourself With the unending quest to find yourself!!”

What makes the difference:

The scenic beauty of the verses, the soothing words and the beautiful titles of the poetries make this book a real treasure for poetry lovers and nature lovers. ‘Returning Home’, ‘O Heather, O Heather’, ‘Nature’s Canopy’, ‘Fall Fiesta’, ‘Spring Escapades‘ are some most beautiful and thought provoking titles that stole my heart. Aren’t they so magically beautiful?

Some important highlights:

There is a poem titled as ‘What They Did Not Teach You in Astronomy‘ that profoundly captures the essence of silhouette mystery of one’s heart. The poem ‘Glorious Hill Station’ widely captures a glimpse of the exquisite mountain glory and the snow peaked mountain’s astounding glamour. It also speaks about how travellers feel themselves lost in a hill town and discover them in a new way! While reading, you will feel how the author weaves magic with single word. Like, if she is given the word ‘Pink’ and a few minutes to write a poem, she will present you a beautiful poetry titled as ‘It’s my kinda Pink‘. Such is her extraordinary talent of weaving magic with poetry! Just think for once, how beautifully the colour Pink dances in front of you and shimmers with magic when you read “Like a pink silky scarf embellished with golden thread It is a champagne dewy glowing dawn With a peachy organic radiance The dawn illuminated with pink primer Is shimmering!! It’s all things pretty All things pink!”

My Recommendation:

If you love poetries and nature, if you want to give yourself a treat of soothing verses and a chance to explore the self, just pick this book and let yourself lost in this beautiful poetic ride.

Grab your copy here.

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