Book Review – ‘Around the World Through My Lens’ by Jyoti Jha

Book: Around the World Through My Lens
Author: Jyoti Jha
Genre: Travel
Format: Kindle EBook

When the world is cocooned inside this tiny room, a travel lover would feel claustrophobic. I don’t travel much but I love to take short trips frequently. But for months I was unable to quench the thirst of my wanderlust. So, in this phase book like ‘Around the World Through My Lens’ comes to my rescue. The serene blue cover picture grabbed my attention and filled my soul with momentary pleasure. The book seems a perfect refresher for all of us. Come, let’s peep inside the book.

Author Bio:

Winner of TOI Write India Season 3, Jyoti Jha is a professional content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. An MBA graduate having worked with companies like Whirlpool and Infosys in the past, she made a conscious choice of taking a break from her career and traveling places with her family. Her passion for expressing through words, an observational nature and intensive listening skills, motivated her to embark on her second inning in the field of creative and content writing. Writing for her, is liberating, and a process of self-discovery and continuous learning. Many of her posts like ‘Recycling- A contemporary scope of eco-architecture’, ‘Indian Startups- All doom and Gloom’ have been featured and published.
She is a contributing author in the unique Anthology ‘The Woman That I Am’. A globe-trotter, and an avid reader, she likes tussling with words to find her voice, and she blogs at My Views and Reviews (

The blurb:

Travelling teaches beyond books…originates memories and leaves footprints… Life is not meant to be in one place. In the times of the corona scare, when the world is shut down and there are restrictions on travelling, I feel nostalgic and take a dive into the memories of some amazing places across the globe from my travelogue, and my remarkable experiences with them over a decade. To refresh my travel memories, create a handbook for readers giving them visual tour of these wonderful places, and in the optimism to continue adding locations in my diary, from within India and far & beyond; I expect the book to keep the readers’ motivation high for seeing the world yet again, and meanwhile offering them to cherish some amazing destinations from across the world.

Structure of the book:

The book is written with an intention to gift a visual delight to anyone who loves to travel, and provide a glimpse of some lovely destinations from India, USA, UK, Europe and Japan.
The book is divided into four parts: India, USA, United Kingdom and Japan. It offers an extra bite of travel musings through the bonus chapters that share some more experiences of the author’s Europe trip. Every part begins with an introductory note from the author that really touched my heart. Loved the anecdotes.
The book consists of total 31 chapters, all describing a scintillating tale of the place, people and many more!

Writing Style:

The author presents you the points of interest in those places. Some known places and a few offbeat ones, all of them are expressed through beautiful words and amazing pictures. The book is written with a touch of personal details from the author and in some cases, the author shares her exceptional experiences with these locations.

A glimpse of the book:

One of my favorite chapters is Ooty. The author chose the titles with so much care and thoughts that a place is represented always with its sublime beauties and different emotions. Like, she has given this chapter the title ‘Lost in the mysticism of Ooty’, that captures the mystified suspense of the Western Ghat town. Then it explains about the glimpse of the town that made her felt this way, as she was amazed with the charm and beauty of this small hill town and the blue mountains made her awestruck. Then the chapter describes about it’s special corners like Ooty Lake, Rose Garden, Tea Factory and Tea Museum, Dodabetta Peak, Toy train ride, Bandipur National Park and more! The author writes about the places and her soulful experiences that will catch the reader’s love instantly!

A quote to remember:

“Round the corner, there may still be, a new place to discover…”

This is the opening quote of the book. It stole my heart as I begin the book. The quote speaks its own. Amidst the walk of life, when you read these lines, there is something that makes you pause and ponder. The thought and the words are so true! Whatever be the count of the trips we have made in life, wherever we go around the globe, there must be a lonely corner waiting to be explored. This is calling us to take another trip, and the voyager floats the boat to sail on!

What makes the difference:

I loved the catchy titles and the writing style. The descriptions are short and crisp but woven with soothing words and presented with beautiful pictures. The author specifies the places in her narrative so that the travel lovers can get a quick guidance about the important places to explore.

Some important highlights:

I loved reading all the travel tales. But here I want to quote some of my most favourite virtual trips. I loved the trip of Thames. In the author’s words, “A bustling market town along the banks of River Thames, Kingston is within Greater London and is known as ‘The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames’.” Also, I felt the same way the author did when I read the name of Greenwich in one chapter. The author writes, “We all know Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and must have read about The Prime Meridian at some point in our lives. I had always been curious about it, and before I relate my trip to the place,” and it touched my heart. The author speaks about the arts and culture too. In the chapter about Vienna, she describes, “Home to the prolific composer of the Classical period, Mozart, and his masterpieces, portraying a vibrant coffee-house culture, beautiful palaces, and baroque streetscapes; Vienna is the capital of Austria with a rich cultural and historical heritage.”
So, the book covers all the beautiful places and mentions the special corners of every place written here. The snaps in between the narrative make this book more attractive to the reader.

My recommendation:

The book captured a varied range of places from around the world. While reading the book the reader will feel like the places are telling their own stories with their own voices. Every travel lover would love to read this book as this is a real treasure for them.
Grab the book here.

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  1. Swarnali, this is such a lovely exploration of the book. You have expressed the essence of the book so eloquently and warm heartedly! I am so touched by your riveting review. Thankyou so much dear 😘🤗
    I feel blessed and honored!

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