Writing is my Inspiration

Hello friends!

First of all, I want to say a big thanks to everyone who showers a mountain of love on me and supports my writing journey. This means world to me. Today, I want to share something about my writing.
My writing journey started in my childhood when my grandfather gifted me a notebook and told me to pen down my thoughts there. In my school days, I started to scribble my random ramblings. Evolving around the world of writing, now I write to express and explore. I stopped writing during my college days but I feel I was destined to write, that’s why I started writing once again after a long time. I strongly feel that words can heal, they are
meditative. Words bear the light within and I try to spread the light all over.
Writing is my escapade from the chaos around me and I find solace in my own empire of words. Writing helped me to realize that the dreamer in me is still alive. It’s like a walking hope for me and I rediscover my wings through the medium of writing. I love to write my personal realization about life.
In my words, writing is to me:
Beads by beads, with my heart’s string, I weave my life’s musings. With a hope to make some day, a garland of memories. I leave it on the shore of life, and walk ahead. Thus I leave my stories, behind my footsteps.

We write to feel alive. Some days ago when Sonia Dogra asked in her blog that “Tell me writer, why do you write? “, I asked myself, why do you write? For you feel this is a beautiful escapade from this chaos of life? Or, writing is cathartic? And I replied, ” I write to express and explore. “
I was happy with my answer as I found an answer that satisfied me to the core.

But no, I have a beautiful relationship with chaos and confusion. While I am learning to embrace the chaos around me as my only sanity, I find sometimes confusion arises to find a new answer, to show a new horizon.
While wondering why do I write, yesterday, I asked myself once again that why do I need to inscribe the tale I bear within?
And I found a beautiful answer, once again.
After my ebook ‘You Are Blooming’ was released on BCR Ebook Carnival, it was widely spread in our circle and crowned with many downloads. Some readers (also some friends) amazingly replied me their takes. I will cherish some of them forever. Three of them were:

  1. I received a message from a stranger and she told me that after reading the chapter I wrote on Hope, she thought about the words Dream and Hope once again with a new perspective this time. And most beautifully, she told me “You inspired me to dream, once again. Now I am going to find my abandoned dream literally. Some day I will share with you my own journey of dreams. ” Tell me friends, what could be a better response from this one? So, you write to inspire.
  2. I received another message from Sonia and she told me that she recommended my book to a friend of her who replied her this way: “While reading the book it seemed like the author knew what exactly I am going through now and she is like someone who was there to hold my hand at that time. I found solace in her words. ” What could be more peaceful to hear than this precious response from your reader? So, you write to heal.
  3. While editing the manuscript, I wanted to add a new chapter on Forgiveness. But, it seemed to me most difficult task during the drafting phase. I had some sleepless nights too, wondering about what Forgiveness is to me? How hard to forgive someone who had done something wrong to you in past? Ahh, I was so stressed and then I stopped thinking about it. One morning, I just sat with my laptop and wrote whatever I felt like forgiving someone with heart. And when I finished the chapter, surprisingly I was feeling so light so content. And, after reading my book when Anupriya Gupta wrote in her review that she liked the concept of forgiveness I have written there, it was a big surprise for me. I felt that writing that chapter was not that hard as it seemed, I had to follow my heart only. It was one of the best compliments I received from a friend for my book. So, you write to ink your heart.

I write to hope and heal. I write to inspire and aspire. I write to escape, to express, and to explore.

These were some of my lessons after I wrote my first ebook. I found another bunch of answers why should I write. And I will cherish them forever. Thanks to everyone who come to my life to shower the rain of happiness. Thank you, everyone.

With love, Swarnali


(This post is a part of the Cause A Chatter series by Blogchatter. I am writing this series to inspire my readers with positive articles and inspiring stories. I believe one should be inspired by his own journey and works. And this is my theme of this series.

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Happy Blogging!)

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