My first book: ‘You Are Blooming’ is released

Hello peeps!!

Today I am here to share something great with you all. My first book ‘You Are Blooming’ is released on Amazon and Kindle. A motivational book with twenty one letters of light that speaks about hope, beauty, grace, and wonders of faith, courage, dreams and makes you believe in magic and miracles. A book that inspires you to be the light. A book of motivation and self help genre with spiritual growth, that is written for you.

You Are Blooming by Swarnali Nath

Here is the blurb of ‘You Are Blooming’:

Seeker, this is for you. These letters, these words, all belong to you. I feel we all are connected, in some way or the other. We are bonded with the same string of stardust, and this is meant to be, forever. Perhaps, the universe is writing our stories together. I know, right now, you are seeking the light. You are seeking hope, you are seeking peace. You are seeking love, faith, and courage. You are seeking the healing touch of empathy and kindness. I can feel you and I want to send my words of hope and healing to you. That’s why I have started this journey of writing letters to you. Today I am here to remind you that amidst all the despair and darkness, deep down, you are blooming with hope, beauty, and grace.

Loved to read the blurb? What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!!

You can buy the book here.

Wish you all happy reading!! 🙂

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