Some Inspiring Quotes from You Are Blooming

Hello everyone!!

I am very happy to share with you that my first book ‘You Are Blooming’ is released on Amazon. Today, I want to talk about how I discovered myself in a new way while writing the book and I wrote some beautiful inspiring quotes that found place in the book.

The book is divided into three parts: Hope, Beauty, and Grace.


Hope is something that drives you everyday to wake up from sleep, work more on your plans and dream a life filled with happiness. Whenever you feel low, you feel broken, shattered, there is certainly hope to bring you in light. Whatever be the situation, always, there is always, hope for tomorrow.

Here are some beautiful inspiring quotes on Hope I have written in my book. You can find them inside the book You Are Blooming.

I believe, in every colour of the dusk, there lies a promise of the new day. In every broken piece of the soul, there is a home of the lost light. With the first ray of the dawn, every day, hope blossoms with all its beauty and grace. I remember, a part of me is still alive and it’s waiting for a miracle.

I have designed some beautiful quote postcards for my readers. Here are some for you:

Another quote on Hope I have written in the book that describes hope in another way. I found, hope is waiting for a new beginning. Hope is a promise of the daybreak.

Hope is the promise of tomorrow. Within your heart, deep down, hope whispers, “It’s not the sunset. The colours of the dusk bear the promise of a new day. The chapter is over, not the story. Somewhere in the universe, a new chapter of your story is still waiting to be written. Somewhere, someone is weaving the next chapter of the story. Perhaps, your lost story is waiting to be written in a new way, with new hope.”


Beauty. I often wonder, what is beauty? What is the definition of beauty? Well, it was a question for me while writing the book. I searched for the definition of beauty, what beauty means for me. And surprisingly, I found another beautiful answer. I realized, the definition of beauty lies how you define beauty of your own. And I found, my beauty lies in brokenness. My scars are my glory, they reflect my whispered beauty.

I embrace my scars as the glory, for I find them as the echo of the light that

shines from within. They bear the sign that I have battled, I have bled, and I

have survived. They reflect my whispered beauty.

They make me shine with my own light.

Do you know when the stars get broken and fall on earth, how they shine with their inner light? I found the answer in this short poem. Have a look:

Sometimes, the star gets

broken and falls on earth. The pieces get shattered on the ground. Dreams are lost.

Yet, they are alive, awake. Shining from within. It does not matter, how many

pieces you are broken into. You shine, still. You breathe, you dream, you feel.

For in every piece of you, there is a home of the lost light.


The third part of my book is dedicated to grace. Little act of love, kindness and compassion can do wonders. Gratitude shows the way to open your heart. Forgiveness helps you to welcome light in your soul. This life is nothing but a sacred hunt of finding the light within. At the end of the journey, you become the light that you want to embrace.

Here is a beautiful quote on grace. Have a look:

A flame is blazing inside your heart.

To enlighten the path of wisdom and kindle the lamp of tomorrow.

While writing the book, I discovered another beautiful truth. A prayer has a wonderful power within. A sacred prayer is the purest thing on earth. Prayer is light. Where the light can’t reach, a prayer does.

Prayer reveals the path to wisdom.

Prayer helps you to remind that there is something divine, something pure that is

still alive in you.

Prayer helps you to worship the divinity within.

Did you like the quotes from You Are Blooming? There are many more waiting for you, inside the book.

So what are you waiting for? Do grab your copy soon.

Buy the book You Are Blooming here.

You Are Blooming by Swarnali Nath

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