Welcome 2021 Blog Hop Rules and Guidelines for bloggers

Moments come, moments pass. Only memories live with us. Forever.

The year 2020 has been a great teacher for all of us. We learned how to be grateful for being alive, for little things in life, for everything we have in our arms. We learned to be kind. We learned to be resilient. We kept singing the song: “Things will be fine, we just need to hold on a little longer.”

Meanwhile, days became months and now, we have reached the eve of new year. We have few days left in 2020 and then, we will welcome the first dawn of 2021.

This is the time to remember all the good things that happened with us in the year 2020, things we are grateful for in the year 2020, things we have learned from 2020 and things we would like to have in the coming year. Along with, new plans to welcome the new beginning in life. And this is how we will welcome 2021 to our lives.

So, we are here to pen down our words together. We will be sharing our thoughts on the theme “Learning from the day gone by to make a promise for the new”, from 25th December, 2020 to 7th January, 2021.

Welcome 2021 Blog Hop is beginning soon. Stay tuned!!

Rules for the Welcome 2021 Blog Hop

About the Theme:

Write a fresh post on the theme: “Learning from the day gone by to make a promise for the new.”

For your ease of writing, I have prepared a list of topics here:

You can choose one of them or you can combine more than one into one. It’s up to you. Not mandatory to write on a single one. You can always combine more than one topics into a single post. Choice is yours, make it your own.

You are free to give any creative touch to your write up. Fiction, non fiction, poem, musings, anecdotes etc. all are welcome.

Sponsored posts will not be accepted for the blog hop.

Word Limit:

For poems, minimum word limit is 75. For write up other than poems, like short story, article, musing and all, the minimum word limit is 450. There is no maximum word limit.

Publishing Dates for Bloggers:

Publishing dates have been provided to the participants. Check the planner here:

Please try to publish your post before 7 pm on the assigned date of you. So that all the other bloggers could have enough time to finish reading, commenting and sharing of the day.

Mandatory Things to Do:

Add this mandatory line at the end of your post – ‘This blog post is a part of the Welcome 2021 Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.’

Reading, Commenting, and Sharing fellow participant’s posts are mandatory.

You will be given some extra days to finish all the tasks.

Publish your post on the given date and link the URL in the linky provided here below this blog post.

Kindly add the mandatory hashtag while sharing posts on social media –#Welcome2021BlogHop and tag the host @scarsandglory.

The event is going to be great!! Wish you all the best, writers! Let’s welcome the year 2021 together in the blogging way!!

Happy blogging friends!

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Welcome 2021 Blog Hop Posts Gallery

22 responses to “Welcome 2021 Blog Hop Rules and Guidelines for bloggers”

  1. A wonderful initiative for newbies as well as the tenured bloggers alike. Looking forward to the creative fest. All the best Swarnali and to all the participants 😊.


  2. Swarnali, thank you very much for coming up with this blog hop. Apologies for delay, but I have somehow managed to share my POV. Thank so much for your support and patience ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s a wonderful feeling to share this platform with amazing fellow bloggers. Thank you so much Swarnali, for organizing this blog hop and inviting me to join in. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far. Looking forward to more such events.
    Best wishes.


  4. Seems like an interesting blog hop. Going through some amazing posts now. Hopefully I could join in next time too.


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