My blogging Achievements and some other happy moments of 2020

Hello folks!!

The year is ending with a calmer note, don’t you believe that? The year 2020 started with a happy note from us but soon we became trapped in the pandemic wave. The year became a nightmare for all of us. Since then, we are eagerly waiting for the last day of 2020 and to welcome the first dawn of 2021.

But, as I sit down to write the wrap up post of 2020 in my blog, I try to contemplate on my days of past months, the year started flashing in front of me and I can see well, despite having a series of trial and turbulence in my life, I do have some great things to cherish, though!

So, here are my list of things to be grateful for in 2020:

Mom recovered after suffering for long seven months:

It was the worst memory of us in 2020. My mom suffered from Anxiety Disorders through the year, but thankfully, she is on her way of recovery now. We are happy to see her smile is back. And this is a big achievement for us. We’re grateful to the Almighty for being with us to be resilient in this period.

My First Book is Released:

A childhood dream of penning down a book some day, became true in 2020. I participated in the month long blogging challenge ‘ A to Z 2020’ and successfully completed. After that, I went for ‘Blogchatter EBook Carnival 2020’ and after some months, I self published my book ‘You Are Blooming‘ through Kindle Direct Publishing.

My blog got featured among top blogs on the web:

The year is ending with the happy note. Some days ago, I received the good news that my blog The Saffron Storyteller has been featured among top blogs of the world. It has been selected as one of the top blogs to read in 2020.

My blog ranked 12th in Top 25 Storytelling Blogs and 16th in Top 90 Mindfulness Blogs of the world.

Feedspot is a world blogging directory where best blogs of the world get featured and readers can choose their own favourite genres to read quality contents from these beautiful blogs.

I wrote more than 65 Letters of Light:

One of the best moments I had while writing and sending the letters of light to my friends and co bloggers in 2020. I sent my love and light to them this way.

Finding The Niche for My Blog:

Finally, after one year of full time blogging, I found my love for the theme Mindfulness to select as the niche for my blog. I started writing a series ‘Mindful Living with Swarnali’ on my blog.

Starting My Podcast:

In 2020, I started my podcast ‘Pause, Breathe, Reflect’ on anchor. There are five episodes that have been published in 2020. I aspire to speak more on Mindful Living in the coming years.

Cause A Chatter:

I was a participant in Blogchatter’s Cause A Chatter blogging campaign where I wrote about Inspiration and shared posts on the theme ‘Inspire Yourself’. At the end of the year, I received the certificate of completion and became a Cause A Chatter Champion and Advocate.

Featured on Sharing Stories Author Interview Series:

My writing journey has been featured on the renowned digital magazine Sharing Stories where I shared my writing endeavours so far.

My poem got featured on Women’s Web:

My poem The Cold Fire was published on the prestigious platform Women’s Web and it became a featured post. Touchwood!

My book got nominated in a Writing Contest:

My book You Are Blooming got nominated for the Sharing Stories writing contest 2020.

These were my happy moments in 2020. I discovered myself in new ways and my dreams came alive after so long. I wish the year 2021 bring more happiness in our lives.

Let’s hope for a happier tomorrow!

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