Petals of love blog Hop rules and guidelines for bloggers

Love is red, love is blue. Love is me, love is you.

Love is the best way to reveal the truths of life. Love is hope, love is dream. Love is like a fairytale. For me, love is the hope for metamorphosis. Love is always there to protect my peace. Love is devotion, love is the promise of tomorrow. This is how I see love. I define love. I find my soul is drenched in the colours of love.

But, what about you? How do you define love? How you find love in your life? Paving the path towards hope, and a better tomorrow? What is your best memory in love? What is your best loved story or movie in the romance genre? What is your life lesson in the journey of love? Are you eagerly waiting to hear the response of the above questions??

We’re a bunch of 30 writers across the globe, coming to you with 30 different pieces on Love. In the month of February, we will be celebrating different colours of love, together in our own ways.

Come, join us to see the blank canvas being painted with 30 Colours of Love,
from 7th February, 2021 to 21st February, 2021.

Rules for the ‘Petals of Love’ Blog Hop:

About the Theme:

Write a fresh post on the theme: Love.

For your ease of writing, I have prepared a list of topics here:

You can choose one of them or you can combine more than one into one. It’s up to you. Not mandatory to write on a single one. You can always combine more than one topics into a single post. Choice is yours, make it your own.

You are free to give any creative touch to your write up. Fiction, non fiction, poem, musings, anecdotes etc. all are welcome.

Sponsored posts will not be accepted for the blog hop.

Word Limit:

For poems, minimum word limit is 70 and maximum word limit is 300. For write up other than poems, like short story, article, musing and all, the minimum word limit is 400 and the maximum word limit is 1500.

One important notice about the maximum word limit:
Write with your own flexibility. Just try to keep the length of the piece within a reliable range.

Publishing Dates for Bloggers:

Publishing dates have been provided to the participants. Check the planner here:

Please try to publish your post before 6 pm on the assigned date of you. So that all the other bloggers could have enough time to finish reading, commenting and sharing of the day.

Mandatory Things to Do:

Add this mandatory line at the end of your post – ‘This blog post is a part of the Petals of Love Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.’

Reading, Commenting, and Sharing fellow participant’s posts are mandatory.

You will be given some extra days to finish all the tasks.

Publish your post on the given date and link the URL in the linky provided here below this blog post.

Kindly add the mandatory hashtag while sharing posts on social media –#30ColoursOfLove and tag the host @scarsandglory.

Optional Things to Do:

We will celebrate the closing day of the event that is 21st February with our guest posts. 4 special write ups will be published and shared with you all in the evening. You can read, comment and share these posts. It’s not mandatory. You can skip doing these tasks. But I would like to request you all to show some love to our guest writers and their special write ups as they’re also a part of our celebration.

Things to Do for Guest Writers:

Dear writers, you have to publish your post on 21st February, before 6 pm, and then link to the post to the link gallery with other posts present there. Add this mandatory line at the end of the post: This post is a guest contribution to the ‘Petals of Love’ blog hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.

The event is going to be great!! Wish you all the best, writers! Let’s celebrate the month of February with different colours of love!!

Happy writing friends!

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Petals of Love Blog Hop Posts Gallery

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19 responses to “Petals of love blog Hop rules and guidelines for bloggers”

  1. All set to write and read different colors of love. Thank you, Swarnali, for mentioning all the rules and prompts so clearly in one place; it really made my things easier. #30ColorsOfLove

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for joining us Archana. Glad you found it useful. Please feel free to ask me anything if you have any doubt. Good luck🤞


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