Kamli – Liberated In Love

I find love in hope,

I find love in peace.

I find love, every time this soul heals.

And I find, love is a promise of metamorphosis.

For me, love is the gateway to infinity.

For I know, love gives me the wings.

The wings of liberation.

I have seen love,

Becoming my only identity.

When this soul was becoming love.

And love was becoming me.

I have seen her.

Slowly, gently,

Unfurling her inner self.

Lifting the veil from her face,

Dancing in an ecstatic madness,

Enchanting the poem of his beauty and grace.

I have seen her,

Becoming an offering to love.

And to dance beyond.


In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art. – Rumi

I have seen love. Closing my eyes, sinking into the deepest alley of my heart, I have seen love, adorning my forehead with thousand shimmering stars. Wrapping myself with the splendour of my beloved, I have won the world with the crown of love.    

Floating in the sea of love, I have heard the voice of my beloved. And, I have seen the light. I have seen love becoming the light. When the soul found her home, when the two lovers united, coming from the journey of eternity, I have seen, the spark of love was ignited. I have seen love. Within this prison of my heart, I have seen, a thousand lamps were set ablaze. And I realized, love is the glimpse of the divinity within.

I realized, I have been there. I have always been there, in the sea of love, where time lost its dimension. There was nothing to call an hour. There was nothing to call days or years. As if, I lived life in that one instance. It seemed like I saw a glimpse of the trail of a thousand years in that one moment. I have seen there, a drop of love frames within a moment of eternity.

And I found, this soul is a pilgrim of the journey called love.

I have nothing to wish, nothing to desire. Only to give. To give everything I have in this abode of love. And I find love is the only treasure of mine. Love is the only flower that blossoms in the garden of this heart. Love is the only song this soul wants to sing forever. Love is the only poem this solitary poet wants to write, over and over.

I bow down to the divine grace, for I have nothing to complain, only to praise. Everything I see, is a glimpse of his beauty. Everything I hear, is the name of my beloved. Enchanting the praise of his beauty, I dance in the ecstatic motion. And I feel, I am dwelling in a divine union. All I can see is his reflection. Wherever I go, I see his beauty, his grace. In every place, in every face. For I know, in my heart, his beauty is engraved.

I have seen love. Becoming one with the aura of love, in the light, I rise, I shine. Drenching my soul in the colours, pristine. Dancing with the madness of love, whirling with the roses divine.

I have seen love, setting me free from the cage of being. Rising above the horizon of being and becoming. Flying in the sky of love, beyond everything.

I have seen love, lifting the veil from my face. Slowly, gently, awakening me to the journey of eternity. Unlocking the door towards the furthest room of my heart. Unfurling the innermost self of mine, unfolding the mystery of a thousand years. With the wings of liberation, opening the fragile petals of my heart. One by one, peeling off this old delicate heart’s every layer. Then all of sudden, blooming into the blossom of pearls.

I have seen love, uncovering the shawl of mist with its divine touch, surrendering this soul to the feet of love.

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet. – Rumi

(Author’s Note:

Kamli‘ is a Punjabi word that means crazy or mad. The word is used in songs sometimes which literally means “crazy about lover/beloved”. I wished to portray the lover in me who became mad in love with her beloved and then, started dancing, enchanting the song of euphoria about that divine union.)


( This blog post is a part of the Petals of Love Blog Hop hosted by me. We’re a bunch of 30 writers across the globe, coming to you with 30 different pieces on Love. In the month of February, we will be celebrating different colours of love, together in our own ways.)

50 responses to “Kamli – Liberated In Love”

  1. What a soulful description of love, Swarnali!! True that love can be found anywhere and in anything. All that we need is a heart that appreciates the true essence of the feeling of love. This appeasing piece perfectly justifies your portrayal of yourself as ‘Kamli’ liberated in the sea of love.
    Lots of love!!

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  2. May love set you free kamli this post to me is the flower of your lovely mind with layers of lovely petals all over making a beautiful flower 🌸


  3. This felt like so much more… It was like watching love through so many different eyes and perceptions… Beautiful start. Also, now I’m nervous about the standard of my post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Dr. Roshan. I am so happy to know that you liked it. You have traced it right, doc, you have felt the real essence of this write up. This is my own experience of love. Thanks for your kind words. ❤✨✨❤


    • Please don’t be afraid Dr. Roshan. You’re such a brilliant writer. I am a huge fan of your romance writings. Eagerly waiting for your piece. Best wishes💐 👍👍


  4. Such a beauty you wrote!! Just awestruck by the beauty! I can not imagine love being discribed with such hmm….. Beauty! See, I’m short of words to describe!!

    It started with a real beauty note!


  5. Wow Swarnali… What a lovely post. You have not only started with Rumi’s quote but drenched us with your beautiful words in that quote and given us a wholesome experience of the meaning of that quote. I take a bow for your words and this piece.

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  6. Swarnali, you are a true artist. Love the aesthetics in your blog, videos, and writing. This poetic prose is spell-binding like all your other work. You have set the bar high with this Day 1 post. It was a pleasure to read this one.

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  7. These lines took my heart away:

    “I have seen love,
    Becoming my only identity.
    When this soul was becoming love.
    And love was becoming me.”

    There was this mysticism and spirituality in your words that took me to another realm. This post was transcending. And I loved the title that you chose. Great work, Swarnali ❤️

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  8. I am falling sort of words, Swarnali. You have described love in the purest form and have given a wonderful start for this blog hop. . At first, after reading the caption I thought it to be a fiction.I was smitten when I came to know about ‘Kamli’ in the last para of this write-up. Beautiful piece.

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  9. Wow so beautiful . Love is such a pure and beautiful emotion. I personally feel that it is an innermost feeling that can only be felt, difficult to describe in words. But when I had read this post and poem..I m amazed to see your incredible capability as a writer to describe this emotion with such beautiful words. Indeed a great start of blog hop.

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  10. It’s beautiful the way you’ve woven words to describe love, Swarnali. We are indeed pilgrims in the journey of love. Love how we’re starting off the blog hop! Cheers ❤

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  11. Your delicate love petals were divine and sunshine ❤️ they were peace, joy, humility, gratitude and sanctifying. I thoroughly enjoyed the flow and the bliss. Thankyou for this love theme and this emotional rejuvenation 🙌

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  12. This was beautiful, Swarnali! Love has so many different dimensions and its beauty is to be felt and expressed through delicate words like you weaved here. You’ve made it a huge task for us to follow you now.

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    • Thank you so Varsha. I know you all will write many great pieces and I am eagerly waiting for these all. Best wishes dear. Rock it 👍👍❤❤


  13. What a lovely start to the blog Hop Swarnali. I am amazed to see how amazingly you have weaved all the flavors of pure love. The quote by Rumi has raised the bar of love in your post!!


  14. I’ve heard this term Kamli a lot. But it’s now that I understood it. You always write from your soul Swarnali and I love that about you. Btw I only read a couple of posts from the campaign. Reading everything else now and I must say! You’re an amazing host sweetheart 💜


  15. Kamli is my favorite Punjabi folk song. It touches my heart like nothing else can.
    Your stunning post did the same. You built up a crescendo with your words and they have literally seeped into my being.
    Simply brilliant writing, Swarnali. You are truly gifted.

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  16. What a beautiful write-up about Love Swarnali. Love is a feeling that transports you to a different world that is full of happiness, that is so giving, that which makes one’s life worth living.
    They way you have penned down love is simply incredible. I could actually visualise myself being lost in the myriad of emotions that love makes you feel. It was almost as if I am listening to a Sufi music and going into trance.

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