Nurturing plants for peace of mind

Nurturing Plants for Peace of Mind

Some days ago, I was sitting beside my balcony plants and watching them silently. It felt like I was conversing them in solitude and they were telling me their stories. I loved it and since then, I visit them every now and then and keep gazing at the green. It makes me happy and I find peace of mind.
Nurturing plants is a blissful activity that is also simple and easy to do. Some of my friends are actively engaged in doing this.
So, I thought let me ask them how they find peace of mind while nurturing plants and gardening. Here are the responses. Let’s see what they said:

Getting home a fledgling plant, planting it and watching it grow gives me a lot of peace.
Tending to my plants is a reminder that I must tend to myself too.
Each new leaf I see is a sign of hope.

Mayuri Nidigallu
Tarot Card Reader, Blogger, Writer

Plants are just like kids, how you care and nurture them patiently with love they bloom, they flourish and when you see them growing it is a feeling of happiness when a small bud turn into the flower when a new leaf came, they make to realise about living life again and again. Plants are themselves a teacher.
Deepika Mishra
Blogger, Poet, Podcast Host

Green answers your queries. Have you ever tried this trick? When I am not feeling good and want answers to my unsolved questions, I sit in my balcony watching the open sky and my plants. I just observe them quietly and surprisingly I stop thinking negatively. Then my nerves calm down as bad thoughts stop recurring in my mind and finally, I get some ways to solve my problems. Isn’t it cool? That’s why I believe in magic!
Geethica Mehra
Blogger, Author, Podcast Host

During lockdown I got a few decorative plants. I was never a plant enthusiast, despite being a kid of a huge plant lover, but with time I developed a liking for indoor plants by spending sometime sitting next to window and seeing them grow.
It was surreal to see them move with the breeze, wait for sunlight to come and bloom in every few days. Hence, I invested in more house plants and started following various plant parents online.
After the tragic loss in the family, my anxiety level reached to peak. I saw it was rubbing off on me badly, and to divert my mind I started talking to plants every morning. I rebooted my alarm to get 20 mins early just to spend time with plants. It was very relaxing, I would sit next to them, observe each pot carefully to see new growth or pull out weeds etc.
This makes my day happier. Now I have many plants and also learned how to propagate them.

Dipika Singh, Blogger, Author

Caring first of all gives you a sense of responsibility. I like to think my plants wait for me so we can be together. You feel close to nature, of course. Nurturing plants isn’t easy, for them to grow well you have to remove weeds, put manure, etc. It’s a therapeutic process.
Varsha Bagadia, Blogger, Writer

Being a nature lover, I had always been fond of plants, flowers, trees, grass, farms as well as soil. Being with plants and nurturing them is stress free, rejuvenating experience. Plants attract positive energy and improve the space overall. It’s the simple way to connect with nature, they promote mindfulness. Try and talk to them, they are good listeners and are never judges. We are the giver to which plant responds. They are like babies. If you like them you can love them or else it’s frustrating. They teach us importance of caring, nurturing.
Blogger, Storyteller, Podcast Host

Some days ago, I saw my blogger friend Noor Anand Chawla wrote a post on her son’s interest in gardening. So I asked that little one how do you feel when you are gardening and he replied that he enjoys the process and it’s a fun for him while his grandfather told me that he believes that gardening is therapeutic, it’s almost like meditation for him.

I am grateful to all my friends for their beautiful contribution to this post. Gardening and nurturing plants help us to find the inner calm, give us a chance to sit alone and spend some quiet time with ourselves in nature.
So, what is your opinion on gardening and finding peace of mind? Do you love gardening? Do you like nurturing plants like your babies? How you find inner calm while spending time with plants?
I would like to know about your thoughts. Please leave your replies.

Happy Gardening!

(This post is a part of the blogging campaign Cause A Chatter powered by Blogchatter. For this campaign I am writing a series titled Nature, the Healer. Here I will be talking about the meaningful connection between the nature and you.)

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