Finding Myself: A Journey to the Unknown

I love to watch the night sky
Since childhood,
I love to be lost in the thoughts,
Watching the stars and the moon.
I always feel,
I have been searching
for something
in the stars.
I feel,
they have something to say,
to whisper into my ears.
I love to watch it raining.
It’s a love song that I sing,
Along with the rain drops
And I dance with the fine sound of drizzle.
Those tiny drops of rain
Seem like my gifts from the sky,
Falling on me as a blessing
Is being ushered upon.
They give me a chance to smile.
I find back the lost self of me,
Who used to laugh, dance, and sing,
Who used to fall in love, without thinking,
The lost self of me who was never
Tired of dreaming.
And now, she has become
A poetry of silence.
But to her utter surprise,
She awakes herself,
Through the medium of music,
And poetry and writing.
She wants her heart to be healed.
Finding herself has been a journey,
for long.
But now, she is more aware of
her strength, her power.
Once she lost herself in the journey of becoming,
But now she knows,
This is how spring comes.
Shedding the old self,
Slicing each layer of disbelief,
She becomes her own magic.
And she realizes, this journey
is called self-discovery.
This journey is all about,
Seeking the unknown, and
Embracing the uncertainty.
Walking towards the dawn of infinity.
Dissolving into the drop of eternity,
And becoming the journey.

2 responses to “Finding Myself: A Journey to the Unknown”

    • Thank you so much dear for stopping by. Means a lot. The theme itself is so intriguing. Loved penning down my thoughts. 🙂


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