Discover Your Inner Child: The Peace Story of Abhishek Maji

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Today we have Abhishek Maji with us. Abhishek is a professional filmmaker, photographer, and visual artist based in Bangalore, India. An award-winning filmmaker and an immersive content creator, Abhishek has already achieved a lot at this young age.

Today, he will share his inspirational journey with us. Come, let’s hear his peace story.

“Discover Your Inner Child”, The Peace Story of Abhishek Maji

TPS: Hi Abhishek! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Please tell us something about you.

A: Hi there! I am Abhishek, a visual storyteller, writer, filmmaker, and photographer. I’m originally from Chittaranjan which is in West Bengal. I’m passionate about telling great authentic stories and immersing my audience through visuals that leave a lasting impression. It could be films, arts or photographs. My hobbies include gaming, reading, skateboarding.

TPS: Wow, this sounds very interesting. Please tell us more about your work, we are eager to know!

A: Thanks a lot. My work is rooted in powerful, narrative-driven storytelling and impeccable attention to detail. I like to tell impactful human stories of transformation and how one’s pursuit and the quest for the unknown can lead them to discover something new.

TPS: Must confess, you have chosen such a great field to work with. As we know, you have done engineering from the nation’s one of the most prestigious institutes. But instead of joining the IT sector, you chose to build your career in an unconventional field. What made you think about taking this fearless decision? What was your calling at that time?

A: I chose filmmaking over a career in Information Technology as I realized that I am not meant for the desk jobs with a system in front of me all day. I needed the freedom of space that allows me to work from anywhere. Coding was not my thing anyway. I chose freedom over the cubicle job.

TPS: Great! This is something really very inspiring. Abhishek, you are a travel lover. So please share with us some of your traveling experiences. Where have you traveled so far? Tell us something memorable from your travel memories that you would love to cherish forever.

A: I have traveled to most cities in India except much for the northeast. One of my most favorite travel memories is traveling on an assignment to 12 different cities in a span of 7 days.

TPS: Wow, this is very nice to know. Abhishek, have you ever met a stranger whom you can’t forget and the lesson you have learned on the trip?

A: I came across a lady in old Turtuk village on our Ladakh trip last year. While I was making a vlog, she appeared in front of me, and to the least of my expectations, she handed over a handful of apricots. When I told her these are too many and won’t fill my pocket, she said these are the gifts when someone enters their villages for the first time and not to be returned. That experience was profound. It taught me the true value of generosity and welcoming someone with open arms. I will remember that lesson forever in my life.

An Old Lady in Turtuk

TPS: That’s wonderful to know! This is such a great experience. Abhishek, is there any message that you want to share with the world?

A: Yes, of course! I would like to share with the world that: “Be true to yourself no matter where in life you reach. Authenticity has its own charm. Be yourself.”

TPS: Very nice. Abhishek, we are eager to know your thoughts about peace. What is peace for you?

A: For me, peace is a state of mind that can be attained when you pay the least attention to what’s going on around you and instead, focus on yourself. It’s a battle won against our inner mind in the given circumstances.

TPS: That’s awesome! This is a really nice response. Contemplation and introspection give you inner peace. Abhishek, would you like to share a pearl of wisdom from your self-discovery journey?

A: Sometimes life throws you in the middle of certain situations which you’re not prepared for. You get to take a step back and listen to that inner child inside of you. Changing your perspective often helps you to look differently and find solutions that you’ve not of earlier.

Contemplating in Ladakh

TPS: That’s very interesting to know. Abhishek, you are a travel lover, you have traveled a lot. But, is there any special place that you like to consider as your dream destination?

A: Yes, my dream destination is Iceland. I think Iceland has always fascinated me with its otherworldly surreal landscapes and people. It’s been on my list ever since I saw the film “Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Iceland is probably one of the only destinations which thrive on its abundance of natural resources.

TPS: Amazing. I think Iceland is a dream destination for many of us. May you gather a lot of memorable moments when you will visit your dream destination. Abhishek, we would like to know, if you are given a choice to do something else in life that will make you happy from within, what will you do?

A: This is a nice question. I’ll probably work towards educating a child or running an NGO.

TPS: Is there any beautiful thing that you have discovered along the walk of life and you would like to share with us?

A: I would like to say, have a good circle of friends and mentors who can guide you, stand beside you, and support you in this walk of life. This is one of the most beautiful realizations of my life.

TPS: So nice to know that! Abhishek, we have a special question for you. “What are you grateful for in life? Or, name the person or the people you are grateful for in life.” We will add your gratitude notes to our Big Gratitude Jar, where we are collecting all the beautiful things we are grateful for in life.

A: I am grateful for the amazing company of people I have, my health, and my loving parents, living my dreams and following a passion, the small and big things in life, the beautiful experiences I’ve had so far traveling to some incredible places.

TPS: Wonderful. Abhishek, is there any quote that you live by?

A: Yes, there is something that I strongly believe from within. “Discover your inner child.”

TPS: This is such a beautiful message to the world. Thank you, Abhishek for being with us and sharing your journey with The Peace Stories. We are honored to have you here. Wish you all the best for your journey ahead. May you be guided with peace and purpose.

(Abhishek is a multi-disciplinary artist and his work is rooted in surreal, narrative-driven visual storytelling and impeccable attention to detail. His medium ranges from photography, visual arts, animation, CGI, and photorealistic works and has been featured in communities of Burning Man, Tongal, Dysco, MTV Wall of Fame, 100% MAD, Talenthouse, MTV etc. to name a few.

Know more about his journey at his website

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