We are our Autobiographies in motion: The Peace Story of Mayuri

“We are our autobiographies in motion”: The Peace Story of Mayuri

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Today we have Mayuri with us. Mayuri is a Tarot Card Reader by profession and a Writer by design. Since she is already aware of what the future holds, she enjoys unwrapping the present, and when she is not reading the Tarot Cards, she translates her thoughts into words. Today, she will share her inspirational journey with us. Come, let’s hear her peace story.

TPS: Hi Mayuri! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Please tell us something about you.

M: Hi, I am Mayuri, a true-blue Bombay girl. Professionally I am fortunate to be doing what I love, twice over, as a Professional Tarot Card Reader and a Blogger/Influencer and Author. I love reading, writing, traveling, ice cream, new cuisines, and meeting new people.

TPS: Great! So Mayuri, how did you start Tarot Card reading and why did you choose this as your profession? What was your calling at that time?

M: Tarot Card Reading chose me, rather than the other way round. One day my younger brother came up to me, handed me a deck of Tarot Cards, and told me that he thought that, ‘Tarot was my calling’. At that time I didn’t even know what Tarot was! I kept the Cards aside and forgot all about them. However, one thing led to another and while holidaying in London I accompanied a friend for a Tarot Card Reading and was so fascinated by it that I stayed back to learn it! I have been a professional Tarot Card Reader since February 2004.

TPS: Wow! That’s an interesting story. I have also experienced this in my life. Sometimes, the path chooses us rather than we choose the path. Mayuri, you are a brilliant writer. So, how did you come to the world of writing?

M: Right from the time I wrote my 1st essay in school, ‘The Cow’, I knew I enjoyed writing. I was a very shy child and found out that I expressed myself better through writing. Though I am no longer shy, I still think I express myself better when I write.

TPS: So you have been writing since your childhood. This is very nice to know. Mayuri, would you like to share your thoughts on healing?

M: No one can hurt us as much as can hurt ourselves. There are many times in life when even though you give it your all things don’t work out. It is a setback yes. Healing occurs when you use that setback to step back. Pause, rest, don’t suppress what you feel. Only then can the feeling pass. Healing is all about recovering and moving on, and once you realize that you heal faster.

TPS: Yes, this is something very important to know. You have shared such a beautiful message on healing. Mayuri, we would like to know, what is peace for you? What gives you peace?

M: Peace is when your actions match your words. When you acknowledge that with every stage of life you will change. When you accept the new you, without yearning for your old self, is when you will know peace.

TPS: Wonderful. It’s very true that when you accept your new version wholeheartedly, this gives you peace. Rightly said! Mayuri, How did you embark on the journey of self-discovery?

M: I learned to become self-aware very late in my life. I was almost 30 years old when I did. I used to be a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey and watched her shows compulsively. Those shows were the trigger that lead to self-discovery.

TPS: Undoubtedly! Her words are soul-awakening. Mayuri, is there any beautiful realization about writing that you would like to share with us?

M: I realized that we learn so much about ourselves or the situations we are facing when we write. Also, every reader will interpret and understand your writing in their own way, depending on what they are going through or have gone through.

TPS: Wow, such a nice realization. Mayuri, what do you do when you feel anxious? How do you calm down yourself when you feel restless within?

M: When I feel anxious, I allow myself to feel anxious. I am not someone who believes that we have to ‘Be Positive’ all the time. Every feeling is natural and should be allowed to be felt. To calm me down sometimes a good cry helps, at other times a bar of chocolate or a cup of strong tea does.

Brisk walking while listening to music or ordering in a pizza helps at other times. Also, Vanity is my Sanity, I want to avoid crows-feet, fine lines, and a sad face at all costs. As I’d rather spend the money I would spend on Botox to cover all these up later, to take a holiday and feel good now!

TPS: That’s awesome! Mayuri, If you are told to write a letter to your younger self, what would be that one thing you would love to tell her must?

M: I would tell her to be brave, and to not be a people-pleaser.

TPS: Wow, this is such a nice message. Mayuri, you have traveled a lot. So, we would like to know from you that is there someone stranger whom you can’t forget and the lesson you have learned?

M: Everyone we come across touches our lives in some way or the other. I can’t say that I have anyone specific but would like to thank everyone who crossed my life.

TPS: Mayuri, we have a special question for you. “What are you grateful for in life? Or, name the person or the people you are grateful for in life.” We will add your gratitude notes to our Big Gratitude Jar, where we are collecting all the beautiful things we are grateful for in life.

M: I am grateful to the Universe. For listening to me, for introducing me to some wonderful people, for soothing my hurt, for making me keep up my hope and faith. For everything.

TPS: Thank you so much for the response. Mayuri, is there any message that you want to share with the world?

M: We are our Autobiographies in motion and we are being read by people every day.

TPS: Awesome. Mayuri, please tell us something about your favorite books and movies.

M: Books: The Kite Runner. The Namesake. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. You can heal your life. Mind over Medicine.Movies: The Godfather. The Shawshank Redemption. Satte pe Satta. All Hrishikesh Mukherjee films.

TPS: Awesome. Mayuri, if you are given a choice to do something that will make you happy from within, what will you do?

M: I already am, by living the life I want to.

TPS: This is nice to know. We should enjoy our works whatever we do. Mayuri, you work with Tarot Cards, so we are curious to know something from you. Do you believe in the universe’s signals? Do you believe in magic and miracles?

M: You have to connect, believe and trust that the Universe has your back, and it will never let you down. I have experienced this. The Universe whispers to you, and when you don’t listen, it screams. So yes, signals, signs, miracles, I believe, follow, and have experienced them all.

TPS: That’s amazing to know. Mayuri, is there any beautiful thing that you have discovered along the walk of life and you would like to share with us?

M: If you think the taste of revenge is sweet, you haven’t tried the best flavor called forget-all-about-it-and-move-on.

TPS: That’s awesome. Mayuri, would you like to share a quote you live by.

M: My life is an open book, but I choose which page I let you read.

TPS: This is a way of life. So much to learn from you, Mayuri. Would you like to tell us about something that you feel like your personal winning moment or your achievement in life?

M: I am very content right now. I like the person I have become and I am enjoying being myself. This is what I count as one of my personal achievements.

TPS: It was so nice to have you with us, Mayuri. As a part of the initiative, we would like to request the storyteller to share one beautiful thing with us so that we can curate that beautiful thing as a memoir of The Peace Stories Gallery. This is a keepsake for our initiative. Is there anything that you would like to contribute to the gallery? It could be anything that you like. Any artwork, photograph, poem or prose, a quote by you, any beautiful thing.

M: Yes, of course! I would like to share a beautiful message with you all.

“We are taught to wish for happiness. To ask for ease and smooth roads. This is why we get shaken up by the slightest wrinkle life creases our smooth path with. Adversity is a great teacher. Instead of fearing it and cursing it, we must try and understand why this unwelcome guest makes an appearance in our life. What is it here to teach us? How do we keep its visit brief and show it the door at the earliest? If we look at the tough times in a new light, they could be a stepping stone to reach a higher plane.”

– Mayuri

TPS: This is such a beautiful message to the world. Thank you, Mayuri for being with us and sharing your journey with The Peace Stories. We are honored to have you here. Wish you all the best for your journey ahead. May you be guided with peace and purpose.

(Mayuri is a Tarot Card Reader, Blogger, Writer, an Author, and Influencer. Know more about her works on Sirimiri, The Lifestyle Blogazine by Mayuri, and her Tarot Card Wisdom on her blog Card Talk. )

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6 responses to “We are our Autobiographies in motion: The Peace Story of Mayuri”

  1. Dear Swarnali,

    I am honored that you chose to feature me on your blog. Thank you.
    Answering your thoughtful questions allowed me to introspect and reflect on my journey.
    I am so glad that blogging introduced me to you. Big hugs 🫂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for sharing your words and wisdom to us, Mayuri. The Peace Stories is honoured to have you here. I am also happy that we connected through the blogging world and became friends forever. Much love and gratitude. 😇💙🙏🏻


    • Hai na!? Mayuri’s words have such power to uplift your spirit. Her story is our inspiration. Thanks for reading, Ira. Means a lot 😇


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