I find peace when I pray: The Peace Story of Cindy D’Silva

I find peace when I pray: The Peace Story of Cindy D’Silva

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Today we have Cindy Ann D’Silva with us. Cindy is a blogger, influencer, content writer and a belly dance instructor. Today, she will share her inspirational journey with us. Come, let’s hear her peace story.

TPS: Hello Cindy! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Please tell us something about you.
C: I’m Cindy D’Silva! I’m not sure which one I should call my hometown really. I was born and brought up in Kuwait and lived there for around 25 years. Till I met my husband, I would usually go to Bombay for holidays (my aunts, uncles and cousins live there).

I also lived in Bombay for 4 years when we were airlifted from Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1990. I went back to Kuwait in 1994. I got married in Kuwait and now I live in Bangalore because hubby wanted to leave the Gulf and start doing something in India. My dad is from Goa and my mom is from Mangalore.
In Kuwait I was an independent woman who lived with her mom and brother. I had a full-time job in the Customer Service field in a logistics company. After hubby and I came to India in 2011, I’ve become a mother of two kids, an influencer on Instagram, a blogger who writes for various websites including my own and a certified belly dancer. I love doing what I do now. It’s been a decade.
For fun, I love bowling, gardening, reading, collecting stamps and playing board games.

TPS: How you came to the world of writing?
C: I always loved to write. I would buy books and write anything in them. I had a diary from the age of 7. My craze for writing was the only reason I also had a recipe book (not that I cooked many items I jotted into it). So, in 2015, a friend introduced me to the word ‘blog’ because I felt like writing about my pregnancy-weight loss journey.

I felt I had a purpose in life besides taking care of a house and a kid. I began writing for Momspresso (then known as MyCity4Kids) and then my husband helped me create my own website after being amazed with the views I got on my first article. Haven’t stopped writing since the birth of http://www.blogaberry.com. I also learnt a lot since then.

TPS: Would you like to share your healing story with us? That would be an honour for us. You can share how your soul heals and how you find peace.
C: Life has various twists and turns that you may or may not be ready for.

Even if you think you are ready, you are shocked and surprised at how people can treat you, outside the comfort of your mother’s home. But, I learnt to ignore, calm myself and pray.

– Cindy Ann D’silva

It was difficult at first as I felt like the vamp everywhere I went. Now, there are very few people whose actions can affect me emotionally. I believe that God helps those who are ready to help themselves.

TPS: What is peace for you? What gives you peace?
C: Peace is when I can be with myself, without having to yell at anyone at home.

I find peace when I pray.

To pray is to believe in a force that is unseen with our eyes. The comfort, of knowing that someone up there is looking down on you, is something I’m not able to explain. Sitting with myself, thinking of all the things I have done or have not done, is a time of peace for me.

It is the faith I have, that all the bad happenings will soon come to an end, due to which I’m able to stay calm despite the storm around me.

TPS: Cindy, how did you embark on the journey of self-discovery?
C: This is a nice question. I think staying positive in every situation is very important. As we cannot change what happens around us, we should look at the bright side and understand why things happen.

I discovered myself only after I became a mother. I understood my purpose only once I began writing. My words helped people smile, understand their own lives, adjust their lifestyles and cure whatever ailments they had for a long time. It’s lovely to hear such feedback.

I believe that when you are positive and are able to accept the things that happen around you, only then can you help others do the same.

TPS: One beautiful realization about writing/storytelling that you want to share with us.
C: Be yourself and be positive!

TPS: If you are told to write a letter to your younger self, what would be that one thing you would love to tell her must?
C: Stay focused. Happiness lies within!

TPS: A stranger whom you can’t forget and the lesson you have learned. (Mention if you came across anyone)
C: If I ever learnt something from someone, I never leave them to be a stranger. I’m the ‘keeping in touch’ kind whether they like it or not!

TPS: A message that you want to share with the world.
C: Discipline your kids rather than feeding them every hour. Spend time with your kids rather than the house so that we can bring up a better individuals for future generations.

TPS: Cindy, please tell us about your favorite books and movies.
C: Mysteries, Thrillers, Romance and Comedy are the genres I read and watch. Though I love reading fiction, I do read autobiographies of famous people I know.

TPS: If you are given a choice to do something that will make you happy from within, what will you do?
C: I’ll go and get some sleep.

TPS: Is there any beautiful thing that you have discovered along the walk of life and you would like to share with us?
C: Life is beautiful. You just need to look at it the right way!

TPS: Cindy, is there any quote that you live by.
C: Be yourself but be good.

Thank you, Cindy for being with us and sharing your journey with The Peace Stories. We are honored to have you here. Wish you all the best for your journey ahead. May you be guided with peace and purpose.

(Cindy Ann D’Silva is a blogger, influencer, content writer and a belly dance instructor. Prior to this, she had a full time job and sang with a band & choir in Kuwait, where she was born and bred. Currently, she resides in Bangalore with her husband and two kids.

She has authored two e-books, one fiction and one self-help. You can find more about her books and writings on her Lifestyle blog https://www.blogaberry.com/)

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We are building a space for calm and bliss. A space for counting our blessings. A space for just breathing and being. I welcome you all to come along with me to build our very own home.

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