Travelling is therapeutic for me: The Peace Story of Vibhu Vaibhav Gaur

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Today we have Vibhu Vaibhav Gaur with us. Vibhu is an Engineer by profession, and by passion, he is a Traveller, Blogger, Poet, Cyclist and Fitness Lover.

Today, he will share his inspirational journey with us. Come, let’s hear his peace story.

Travelling is therapeutic for me: The Peace Story of Vibhu Vaibhav Gaur

Let’s know the story of a free soul:

My name is Vibhu Vaibhav Gaur. I was born and brought up in Delhi. An engineer by profession, I deal with technology and management at work front. Off work I constantly keep exploring my creative boundaries. Be it cycling non-stop from Delhi to Chandigarh, blogging, pensive poetry or playing club cricket, I am always more than engaged and cherish each moment.
Travelling, exploration and fitness has always interested me and forms the core of my life’s learnings and journey.

Vibhu’s Transformation Journey:

I have been a sportsperson since my formative years and was lucky enough to have a supportive father who not only encouraged me but was indulgent enough to inspire and motivate. Additionally my school played a pivotal role in forming healthy habits since childhood as it focused on a balanced growth and learning curve.
I played soccer at zonal level for the state and represented the University team throughout later on.

Life comes in full circle at times and throws a punch here and there trying to throw us off balance. I got a taste of it too when I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at an early age as it runs in the family.

Unwavered by the setback I decided to fight back with self restraint and consistency. Diet control and workout have been my two biggest weapons in the journey so far. And believe me it gets addictive and enjoyable once the results start reflecting.

It’s been almost 10 years now and my resolve and engagement towards fitness has only grown. The key is to keep innovating and exploring. Kill the monotony by trying different things and schedules.

I started cycling on a serious note in 2017, began jumping rope as the pandemic gripped the entire world, rekindled my love of playing Cricket after first lock down and always stay curious like a child. Everyone has their journey and areas of interest. Do whatever helps you stay fit and gives enjoyment. The key is to get started.

Every drop of sweat, every inch reduced, every increment to data on my smartwatch and every thumping heartbeat in my chest makes me feel alive, content and motivated.

A note on Peace:

Peace is multi dimensional in my point of view. For some it translates to meditation while for others it can be a good night’s sleep. Basically it can neither be quantified nor exactly defined.

I am at peace when I am able to strike a balance between my responsibilities  and desires. Travelling is therapeutic for me as it provides me time and opportunity to explore, analyse and expand my learning and creative boundaries.

A sense of order and purpose gives me peace. I derive it out of the simplest things like penning down my thoughts or an early morning bicycle ride. I feel peace is everywhere and anywhere where there is purpose and order in life.

The journey of self-discovery:

I have always enjoyed self analysis. Even as a kid I was constantly trying to figure out what and how of every experience I used to go through in daily life. So consciously I won’t be able to tell when I started my self-discovery journey. But I believe I embarked on this journey quite early, maybe unknowingly, and it’s an on going process for sure.

If you are told to write a letter to your younger self , what would be that one thing you would love to tell him must?

I don’t live with regrets as whatever decisions we take at any given point of time, they are the best as per our judgment and maturity at that stage. Having said that, I have had my journey and enjoyed it too. Therefore, I would tell my younger self how lucky and proud I am today for all the mistakes, learnings, fears, efforts, hardwork and not giving up at the most crucial moments that made me who I am today, a survivalist.

The Stranger Story:

While travelling from Gwalior to Delhi on a wintery night in 2007-2008, I was accompanied by a stranger in the train’s coach.  We sat opposite to each other just acknowledging our presence through mere eye contact. I fell asleep after a while out of exhaustion and when I woke up the stranger had already left leaving a rolled up note beside me.
The words were not just empowering but became an integral part of my personality. I still carry the note in my wallet hoping we might cross paths again somewhere.

The sketch and the stranger’s note Pic Courtesy: Vibhu Vaibhav Gaur

A message that you want to share with the world:

Live while you can, there will be plenty of time to drag on.

Vibhu’s Gratitude Notes:

I am grateful for the contentment and peace I have in life. My family is the core reason behind it. Everyday that we breathe and our needs are taken care of, it’s worth being grateful for.

(We will add the gratitude notes to our Big Gratitude Jar, where we are collecting all the beautiful things we are grateful for in life.)

Thank you, Vibhu for being with us and sharing your journey with The Peace Stories. We are honored to have you here. Wish you all the best for your journey ahead. May you be guided with peace and purpose.

(A techie by profession, Vibhu lives by his dreams. He is an avid traveller, an empowered blogger, a rebellious poet, an endurance cyclist, a fitness lover and most importantly a free soul.)

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2 responses to “Travelling is therapeutic for me: The Peace Story of Vibhu Vaibhav Gaur”

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity Swarnali. You are doing a fabulous job and a magician of words yourself. Kudos to your initiative and wish you everlasting peace, happiness and growth 😊.

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    • Thank you so much Vibhu. Can’t thank you enough for contributing such a beautiful story to my initiative. Much gratitude😇


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