I believe mothers have to be very strong: The Story of A Mother

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Today is World Cancer Day. Today we have brought to you the story of a mother who have seen her little one fighting with this demonic disease. She will share her experience here. Although, we can’t call it a Peace story, yet, today we joined hands to salute our Hero. Through this post, a mother wants to share her story of resilience and how to walk ahead in life, looking towards hope. Because all she believes is mothers have to be very strong, whatever may be the situation. Come, let’s hear the story of a mother.

I Believe Mothers Have to Be Very Strong: Story of a Mother

This is a story from my life experience. After getting married, within few months, I received the good news that I am going to be a mother. I was very happy to hear such a good news. Motherhood is a blessing for every woman.

Along with this news, there came another good news. My husband got an opportunity to go abroad for his work. Initially, he was reluctant to leave me alone in that stage, but I assuerd him and said that I will be fine. I hired a househelp and started living with her in our house. I also continued my office.

I was not alone because my mom was always beside me with her will power and prayers. She protected me all the time. Although she was not able to present there yet she was my strength in those days. I used to go for test or the doctor’s chamber alone. Sometimes, my parents or my father-in-law came to me and I went to the doctor’s chamber with them.

But one day, I returned home early as I was feeling unwell. That night, two of my office colleagues whom I call Bhaiya, came home and took me to the hospital. The next morning, I gave birth to my son.

My son was under weight, but he had a lot of hair in his head. I was very happy to see my son, although I was able to take him in my lap after returning home. After some days, my husband returned from abroad and we three started spending time together. After some days, my husband returned to abroad again and I continued my office here. I used to go my office keeping my son to my mom. Everything was perfect, at least it seemed to us.

Suddenly, one day, my son caught fever. Three weeks passed, but he did not recover from from the fever. Then we admitted him to a hospital, but doctors could not identify the disease. Then doctors recommended us to go for city scan. We agreed to do that.

According to the report, we came to know that he had something like a blood clot in his brain. But doctors could not identify exactly what was that clot. Then we went to a renowned hospital of the city and consulted with a neurosurgeon. He told us that the clot was a blood clot and maybe he had some previous injury, for which the clot was made.

Meanwhile, my husband returned home. But my son’s fever was not recovering. Then, we decided to take him to Chennai. We went there and did some another rounds of tests. The report came as my son had cancer. It’s called Neuroblastoma.

Doctors said, there is 30% chance of getting well even after the treatment will be done. But we decided to give our son the best treatment. The treatment started with chemotherapy and then we went for bone marrow transplant.

After some months, my son recovered to a great extent, and the reports came very well. We returned to our city. But after some days, we noticed a lump in his head. Unable to be detected by the doctors here, we felt helpless. We went to Chennai once again and consulted the doctors. They said, the disease has returned, but there was no other treatment for this.

We returned to Kolkata and started searching for the treatment. We came to know, somewhere the treatment package was 10 cr, somewhere 12 cr. Meanwhile, we came to know that we can do this treatment in Germany. We started collecting the money through different platforms like Milaap and some others.

We received immense help from the Tata Trust, we are grateful to them for helping us in those crucial days. The way they stood beside us, it was such a humble gesture. But amidst this all, my son’s health started deteriorating. We went to Germany along with a doctor with us. We met Dr Selim Corbacioglu of University Hospital Regensburg. There we did USG of my son and they admitted him.

But it was too late, and we decided to come back. We could not save him. Our son passed away at the age of 2.5 years. We brought him back to India.

After coming back here, we returned the money we had gathered through various platforms. We returned the fund to Milaap. We donated to Kolkata’s one hospital and returned Tata Trust’s fund to them.

After one and half years, our daughter was born. Now she is two years old. After few years, people started telling us to forget my past. But I don’t think so.

I don’t want to forget my past, rather, I believe, our life is a journey where we have to walk ahead, embracing everything around us. Your life story will be complete when you will add all the chapters in this, all that is good, all that is bad. This story will remain incomplete until you can accept both of them equally.

I firmly believe that mothers have to be very strong, irrespective the situations. And mothers have the power.

Slowly, I overcame that phase of my life. I believe we have done everything we could do for saving my son’s life. That thought gives me strength to walk ahead. Now, whenever I see someone is in need, I try to help the person in whatever way I am able to do. And I follow this as my purpose of humanity.

God bless you all.

(Edited by The Peace Stories.)

(This World Cancer Day, we are sending prayers and peace to the cancer survivors and cancer fighters. You are adorable, you are brave, you are beautiful. You deserve to be loved. Sending you hope, love, and peace. More and more power to you.)

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    • Yes Sonia. We were sad after that but she is now moving on with her little daughter. Her story gives us strength and resilience.


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