Making My Loved Ones Smile Gives Me Peace: The Peace Story of Sivaranjini Anandan

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Today we have Sivaranjini Anandan with us. Sivaranjini is a Teacher, Blogger, and an Author.

Today, she will share her inspirational journey with us. Come, let’s hear her peace story.

The Peace Story of Sivaranjini Anandan

Let’s know the kind soul:

Hello everyone! I am Sivaranjini. I am a teacher by passion and I believe educating rural children in India can change their lives for a better tomorrow. I enjoy teaching and believe being with the children and adding value to their lives is where happiness prevails.

My home town is Cuddalore a green place in Tamil Nadu near Pondicherry. Although Chennai is a place on the earth I resided in for most of my life and love to live there forever. My hobbies are watching movies, reading books.
I am a blogger and an ebook author with an Engineering degree in Food Technology and Masters in Administration. I love to blog about the world of Food Technology and explore new horizons of food technology writing with my blog.
Apart from this, I also blog about self-improvement, wherein I write inspirational stories and talk about the power of appreciating the simple yet beautiful things of life.

A Story of Gratitude:

I want to tell a story of gratitude that happened in the year 2011 when I was traveling early in the morning from home to my college in Chennai. I am thankful to this Radio Jockey who does a morning show called Aathichudi in one of the Radio stations in Chennai where the person spoke about the goodness of what God has given us and played this Tamil song “kadavul ullamae oru karunai illamae” and that day was the day  I thought about the mercy of God, and on the same day, my blog and the first blog post were published.

Sivaranjini’s Blogging Story:

Writing was something that came my way when I was in college. In 2011, I started blogging but I did not understand the potential of what I was doing and the power of blogging until 2019.

It was the blog post I wrote after listening to that morning show on the radio where the importance of the word thank you were spoken about and that inspired me to write my first blog post titled ‘Mercy’. But today if you ask me I can talk a lot about the word thank you and not only the gratitude part of it but it is a word that can bring a smile even to an unknown person. It has immense power.

A Note on Peace:

For me, peace is seeing my loved ones smile and it makes me even more peaceful if I am the reason behind their smile.

A Note on Peace by Sivaranjini Anandan

The moment of self-discovery:

Self-discovery happened when I understood the power of self-Worth and stopped underestimating myself and my capabilities.

Sivaranjini’s journey with Evidyaloka:

Evidyaloka is divine intervention in my life. Those children had the power to help me find confidence and strength as a human being and a teacher. And today I am glad about the fact that I can help the children step forward in their life. I thank God for the recognition and appreciation I received as a Teacher and Mentor at Evidyaloka.

Writing is Cathartic:

Writing heals my soul and introduces me to the inner self that gives me happiness and joy.

Writing is a job that gets better with time just like any other job but being sensitive and observing the happenings around you will make you a better writer. Because the writing written from the soul will reach its readers for sure.

One thing she wants to tell her younger self:

Let others underestimate you and put you down but you know what you are. Don’t believe in the words that weaken you, dear Siva.

A Message to the World:

Don’t judge anybody as each one of us has a life that we got to live. Appreciate people around you and you will find life getting better for sure.

A beautiful realization along the walk of life:

Don’t judge children and their abilities at a very young age or even later in life. Every person has got their shine and that is why they are here.

A quote to live by:

Live with your smile and strive to spread it to the world around you.

Sivaranjini’s Gratitude Notes:

I am thankful for everything in my life. Every person in my life. My dad, My brother Sivaram, so many wonderful people, though I mention very few here. My dear friends Firoshah, Ackansha, Payel, Swathi, Sulagna, my cousins Janani, Archana are so many favorite people. My friends in the blogging community support and encourage me in all the efforts I take as a blogger and writer Priyanka di, Swarnali, Archana, Samira, Meera, and many more. I am afraid if I start mentioning I would miss out on so many, and all of them are a part of my heart.

Whereas my mother is my heart itself. My mother is more than anything I can ever ask God for. And I am sure even if I thank God all my life for her even then I will be unable to entirely shower the Gratitude that fills my heart when I see my Mom.

(We will add the gratitude notes to our Big Gratitude Jar, where we are collecting all the beautiful things we are grateful for in life.)

TPS: Thank you, Sivaranjini for being with us and sharing your journey with The Peace Stories. We are honored to have you here. Wish you all the best for your journey ahead. May you be guided with peace and purpose.

About the Storyteller:

Sivaranjini is a Food Engineer &  MBA graduate. A Blogger and Teacher both by passion, she also has two stories in two respective anthology eBooks to her name. She is known as The Thank You Blogger in the Blogosphere. Check out her blog here:

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