I am grateful to life for choosing me as a daughter to my mum: The Story of Daisy Bala

Today is Mother’s Day. Today, we have Daisy Bala with us. Daisy will share her fond memories with her mother, and the lessons learned from her. Today, The Peace Stories is sharing this heart-touching piece as a tribute to a mother from her beloved daughter. Come, let’s hear the story of a mother from her loving daughter.

Story of Daisy Bala

Mother, the nucleus of our universe:

I am grateful to life for choosing me as a daughter to my Mum. She always stayed as the nucleus of my universe and guided me through the maze of challenges, life threw intermittently.

Mother, the guide of life:

I’m humbled at the learnings and values my mother instilled in me early in my primes and the generous showerings of affection she endowed upon me, always!

No matter the intensity of the issues, her comforting guidance always brought resilience and wisdom within me, to tackle the problems head-on.

Mother, the power that keeps us going:

Last year, after losing her to Covid, I felt devastated and bereaved. But my Mum continued to strengthen me, by carrying me through that tumultuous phase. Her inspiration didn’t let me pause, and I continued to write and reflect.

I achieved a major breakthrough by getting my fiction novella- published under the banner of Ukiyoto publishers. My Mum’s blessings continued to reach me through transcendental realms and I overcame some major challenges in that period. I believe from the beyond, she has supervised and ensured my growth spurt and success. I believe I didn’t lose my mum, I’ve gained a god!

Mother, the album that never fades:

My memories always race me back in time to my childhood days spent with my brother and cousins in Patna. Though the summer holidays spent with grandparents are always a cherished memory by many, they have left an irreplaceable, impeccable mark in my life. Marks of belongings, happiness, reminiscent of sibling love, and camaraderie. And I continue to draw inspiration from those moments on dark dreary days when I’m lost in despair or loneliness.

The careless summer holidays spent under the sun drooling with laughs and gorging on homegrown mangoes, early morning walks in the community parks, reckless gully cricket strikes in the summer afternoons, and late-night saunterings on the terrace with uncles and aunts. Each and every memory ignites smiles within me and etches vivid pictures of joy. I’ve tried to paint the same surreal picture of my childhood days in my fiction novella “Patna 800020” with some fictitious characters and scenarios. By far, these are my fondest memories ever! They also make me feel connected to my roots and my Mum!

I have fond memories of Mumma cooking yummy delicacies for us during festivities. The kitchen would be abuzz with enchanting food smells and resplendent tastes. Malpua, Dahi Wada, Gujia, and Pulav were her absolute favorites. They always marked their presence on the platter.

While Mumma would be working in the kitchen, I would be making rangoli and wearing one of my favorite sarees from her wardrobe. Scarlet silk or a maroon Benarsi with golden brocade that I had been eyeing since Diwali. She would love to deck me up and behold my looks. As a doting mother, she would shower her love and care in umpteen unknown ways that only a Goddess could decipher.

I remember being away from her for almost a month and a half and going to complete my MBA. I couldn’t stay and started disintegrating in her absence.

She was like therapy to me- relieving me of my anxiety and stress.

– Daisy Bala

She is omnipresent within me like divine power and connected with me through a telepathic medium.

Those unsaid words:

If I could ever write to her, I would want to thank her and bow down to her in reverence and gratitude for being my super Mum. For being there for me every time in sunshine and shade. For her unflinching support in my life.

Her faith in my abilities and giving me an upbringing I could boast of. Making me realize my strengths I wasn’t aware of and giving me tactics to deal with my fears. I would want to tell her how much I loved her and wanted to pamper her through my actions. Here is the letter where I have inked those unsaid words that I couldn’t tell her.

Dear Mumma,

You were exactly what I needed every day. Your sunshine smile and golden heart set my tone for glorious moments each day. I vividly remember how much you pampered my son and taught him all the rhymes. I still remember how you came to Chicago to be by my side when my daughter was born. You’ve always put our happiness and well-being ahead of yours and preened it with a modest smile. Your docility, well-read mannerisms, genius literature knowledge, awesome culinary skills, and sweet dimpled smile are just a few things I’m mentioning here; because the list of your abilities and qualities is unfathomable. For all the love, laughter, tears, and dreams we have shared and for understanding everything that I didn’t say. I want to thank you for being my best friend and a precious person in my life. Your kindness was contagious and your memory will live on forever.

Every time I breathe, you will live in my heart with the power of faith.

– Your loving daughter, Daisy

(Edited by The Peace Stories.)

(This Mother’s Day, we are sending love and light to all the mothers in the world. Whatever we are today, it is because of you. There might be storms, there might be sunshine in the path of life. But you will be always the rainbow of our lives. Wishing you all a Happy Mothers Day.)

About the Storyteller:

Daisy Bala is a Business Analyst, Blogger, Poet and an Author. You can check her books here.

The Peace Stories is grateful to Daisy for being a part of the initiative and share her words with us. We wish you happiness and peace in life. May you be guided by peace and purpose.

6 responses to “I am grateful to life for choosing me as a daughter to my mum: The Story of Daisy Bala”

  1. I always love what Daisy writes. This is a beautiful ode to her mother. We all draw strength from the people in our lives but don’t always realise the power of relationships. The gaping hole left by the passing away of parents can never be filled. More power and strength to Daisy.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for reading Daisy’s story Sonia. We all send good vibes and best wishes to Daisy 🌼


  2. This brought in tears in my eyes. Daisy always writes from her heart and what an ode to her mother has she written ! You are doing a great job through your blog where one can say their heart out . Loved reading it.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thankyou Swarna for providing me your platform for writing my unsaid emotions and letting me dedicate a post to my mumma on Mother’s Day!! You helped me channelize my thoughts and pour my incandescent heart out. Your peace stories are a healing therapy… keep spreading sunshine through your blog 😍🤞🏻🙏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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