The world is in need of a lot more kindness and love: The Peace Story of Rashi Roy

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Today we have Rashi Roy with us. Rashi is an HR, a Blogger, Content Creator, and Co-founder of SKR & Daughters.

Today, she will share her inspirational journey with us. Come, let’s hear her peace story.

The Peace Story of Rashi Roy

Let’s know the kind soul:

I am from Dhanbad and currently living in Perth. Professionally, I work as an HR with the Australian Government. I am passionate about a lot of things like writing, music, painting, and recycling craft. You will find all of these in my blog and YouTube channel. I like places that are quiet, food that’s spicy, and books that have beautiful stories.

A story of Kindness:

I did a month-long series on acts of goodness where I shared one story every day. Each story taught us to be kind, helpful, and positive. One such story was of a young man helping an old woman. She bought some medicines and while making the payment she realized she forgot her wallet. The young man standing next to her in queue stepped forward and paid her bills. They were complete strangers yet he instantly decided to help her. The woman was in tears looking at this kind gesture and blessed him for what he did. Such things are rare, people usually hesitate when it comes to monetary aid but this young man taught us a valuable lesson that day. Help when you can. If everyone lends a helping hand, the world would be a much better place.

Rashi’s love for writing:

I love to write at my own pace without any deadline or schedule. I enjoy the process of creating something. There’s a different kind of joy you get when you finish writing poetry or fiction. My everyday life is indeed a great source of inspiration. I like to keep my characters real and my stories revolve around things that we come across every day. I also enjoy writing some personal experiences that are worth sharing. I shared my childbirth story on a parenting platform which was a huge hit with more than 4L views and there were comments that touched my heart. It was only after that I created my blog and then there was no looking back.

A note on Peace:

I don’t try to fit in or rush to keep up with the crowd. I have dreams and goals and I keep moving towards them at my own sweet pace. I know how much effort goes behind every small step. One needs to appreciate the effort rather than worrying about what’s not done. I find peace with every step I take toward achieving my dreams.

A Note on Peace by Rashi Roy

SKR & Daughters Initiative:

“SKR & Daughters” is founded in the loving memory of our father whom we lost to cancer. Through this venture, we are raising funds for cancer patients by selling our paintings and recycled craft items.

During our innumerable visits to the cancer hospitals, we have closely seen how many families struggle to provide treatment to their loved ones. If we could help even one, it would mean the world to them.

We wish and pray to give strength to everyone who is fighting cancer and to their family members who are going through a turbulent time both physically and mentally.

Art & craft stall at their kid’s school’s annual craft fair displaying handmade recycling craft and paintings
Their first stall during Durga puja in Australia
A tiny customer buying one of their paintings

A beautiful realization about life:

Everything happens for a reason. You don’t meet someone just like that, there is a connection. At times, you don’t realize it but there’s always a reason.

So, if something doesn’t work out the way you want to, wait patiently and let it just pass. At the end of it, you’ll realize it happened for good.

Rashi’s biggest achievement in life:

I had a career break for seven long years. I am happy I spent those years doing what I love the most. I created a blog, and a YouTube channel contributed to several books, came up with a talk show, started a venture for a social cause, and have also won accolades and appreciation. The biggest achievement is the love I receive for my work. When complete strangers send messages that they are inspired by me and look forward to more of my work, it means everything.

The Letters Connect:

Letter writing is a great way to connect to people across the world. In The Letters Connect, we write letters to strangers, our dear ones, and our younger selves. I asked Rashi if she was told to write a letter to her younger self, what would be that one thing she would write her must? Here is what she writes to her younger self.

Dear Younger Self,

Don’t let society define what is wrong and what is right for you. It’s your life and you are the best person to decide for your own self. If you think what you are doing is correct, go for it. Stand for yourself, lead the way, and set an example.

Love and Light, Rashi

Rashi’s letter to her younger self

Rashi’s message to the world:

Be kind. Help others. Be polite. Everyone is going through some difficulties and struggles in life. We might not be able to help them come out of it but our kind words and deeds will definitely give them the strength to sail through. The world is in need of a lot more kindness and love.

Rashi’s gratitude notes:

I am grateful to my parents. The kind of upbringing I had helped me in becoming a good parent and an even better person now. Whenever am stuck, I try to handle the situation as my parents would have done and it becomes easy. As a child, I might have created trouble but they were always patient and calm with me. I try my best to create a similar peaceful environment at home for my kids. They are also my biggest cheerleaders and have always been very supportive. If they didn’t shower all the love and confidence on me, I wouldn’t have been the person that I am today.

(We will add the gratitude notes to our Big Gratitude Jar, where we are collecting all the beautiful things we are grateful for in life.)

TPS: Thank you, Rashi for being with us and sharing your journey with The Peace Stories. We are honored to have you here. Wish you all the best for your journey ahead. May you be guided by peace and purpose.

About the Storyteller:

Rashi is a multi-lingual writer, poet, author, musician, and YouTuber who loves to create recycling crafts. She has contributed to a number of anthologies and has been the recipient of various recognitions and awards. She has also started her new venture ‘SKR & Daughters’ to raise funds for cancer patients. Check out her website

About The Peace Stories

We are building a space for calm and bliss. A space for counting our blessings. A space for just breathing and being. I welcome you all to come along with me to build our very own community of storytellers.

The Peace Stories: Together we smile, together we heal.

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