8 Refreshing Activities to Practice Positive Thinking in the Workplace

When the entire day is passed with negative thoughts, restless meetings, and consistent work pressure, it is obvious to suffer from low self-esteem. So, how about practicing positive thinking in the workplace to improve employee wellbeing?

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Working in a hybrid setup has become the most preferable option for many organizations. After the pandemic, they opted to call their employees to attend the office for a few days and work from home for the rest.

The hybrid work model offers benefits of both; doing remote work and utilizing the comfort of home for some days, and attending the office and collaborating with your team members in a face-to-face association.

But, maintaining a balance between your workflow and communicating with your team members might cause extra stress. Additionally, when you have to meet the deadline and your project manager’s continuous notification to finish the tasks as soon as possible, it is obvious to become anxious and stressed.

At times, the stress level reaches such an extent that you start suffering from an identity crisis and job dissatisfaction. And soon, you develop low self-esteem and question your being.

However, if you can practice positive thinking regularly, it will act like a dose of motivation and offer you some moments of refreshment. As a result, you can uplift your mood and get back to your work with a positive mindset.

Let’s explore the refreshing activities that you can practice at your workplace.


Building a career is vital; thus, work becomes a crucial part of your life. But, you often dedicate yourself to work and forget other things you loved to do once.

Therefore, when you take a small break, enjoy watching the blue sky, smelling the flowers, breathing in deeper to inhale the air, listening to your favorite music, and picking a book to read a few pages.

Your time is precious, but you must spend some time doing the things that refresh your mood to improve your productivity. 

Therefore, value your time to reconnect with yourself.


When the consistent workload makes our day stressful, often you forget your true potential. So how about listening to someone who will remind you of the essential facts of life amidst the hustle?

Listening to the motivational podcast helps you motivate yourself to bring out the best version and boost your self-esteem to recognize the talent within.

You can begin your day with the podcast or listen to it during your lunch break or at any preferred time when you take a small break from work.


Imagine a corporate house with busy employees and a strict supervisor. All of them are working in a rush to achieve specific goals. Work, work, and work. 

At times it feels as if there is nothing else that exists in your life. Only work, your co-workers, and your workplace.

But, what if there blooms a sunflower amidst the grey? 

Like the sunflower will make everyone happy and spread the colors of happiness, smiles can spread more positive vibes in your workplace.

Therefore, smile whenever possible. Be it a joke cracked by your colleague, be it watching a funny video on your mobile, or be it wishing someone for their special days or accomplishments.

Or there might be no specific reason to smile while working on a serious project. But smile.

Smile out loud to fill your dull day with the rainbow’s colors. Smile out loud to cheer up your colleagues when they are sad about something. Smile out loud to spread good vibes and lighten the workplace with your happy face.

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You should appreciate yourself in the same way you appreciate others when they achieve something big in life. But, appreciate yourself for every little or big achievement because all of them matter to boost your self-confidence.

When your team leader praises your work, appreciate yourself. Appreciate yourself when you have worked hard to improve your efficiency. When you achieve your own goals and fulfill your dreams, appreciate yourself.

Don’t wait for your managers or team leaders to praise your work to appreciate yourself. Make it your own, and celebrate every achievement to encourage yourself to advance in your career.

While having a hectic day at work, if you can appreciate yourself, it will spread good vibes and make you feel happy about your achievements.


How about getting a plant baby to your work desk? While coping with stress, your plants will be your best friends to help you refresh, relax, and rejuvenate.

Plants will clean the air; thus, your work desk will have a soothing and calming vibe for the whole day. Therefore, get a plant baby to keep on your work desk and see the magic of green!


During your lunch break, you have your meal and interact with your colleagues. It is an everyday scenario for every office.

But, if you feel stressed while working, taking a small break is essential; get up from your work desk, and walk in the corridor. When you go for a walk or come back to work, if you come across your colleagues, connect with them.

Having candid talks with your colleagues will lighten your mood, and your work will no longer seem a burden to you. Even you can talk about your doubts or their whereabouts strengthen your bonding.

Communicating with your team members or co-workers helps you remember that this workspace belongs to all of you, and you are part of a big team that aims for bigger goals together.


We all look for the ray of sunshine when it’s dark everywhere. Similarly, if you keep working with job dissatisfaction, ask yourself questions about your identity, and develop lower self-esteem, it will be more stressful for you to continue work.

These refreshing activities will act like your ray of sunshine amidst your dark days. 

Practicing positive thinking is essential when you are surrounded by despair and anxiety.

Therefore, practicing these refreshing activities at your workplace will help you think positively, focus on the solution instead of problems, and build an optimistic outlook for everything.

This way, your workplace will beam with the sunshine, and you can receive more positive vibes to celebrate your day.

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