Motherhood unleashes the hidden power within you: Story of Debidutta Mohanty

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Today we have Debidutta Mohanty with us. Debidutta is a Blogger, Dancer, Content Creator, and Storyteller. In today’s story, we will know how she overcame a tough time in her life when she kept waiting to embrace motherhood for long ten years, how a stranger taught her a valuable lesson, how she finds solace in nature and books, and a lot more. Come, let’s hear her peace story.

Let’s Know the Storyteller:

Hello everyone! I am Debidutta Mohanty, an ex-corporate girl who hails from the city of temples, Bhubaneswar. An investment banker but currently a blogger, passionate storyteller, and entrepreneur of Patachitra handicrafts.

I love to paint, dance and make food art. Food art happened after motherhood when I realized my son is a fussy eater. A fun-loving girl who loves to paint her canvas of life whatever inspires her.

Story of a Twin Mother:

Being a mom of twins is challenging. Every phase throws different challenges at you. The toughest are the initial years till they cross the toddler phase. Especially the first year when you say goodbye to sleep completely. You are a feeding machine if you are a twin mom. As they need to be fed every two hours in their first few months so by the time you are finished with one it’s time for a second. So, it was in a continuous loop.

Then comes the toddler’s phase when they start crawling and try to get up on their feet. That’s another challenging phase when you have to be alert all the time as they might fall backward and hit their head while walking or standing up.

But it’s also fun to watch them interacting with each other, trying to communicate in their language with each other, and growing up together.

When A Mother is Born:

Motherhood is a blessing. Unfortunately, I had to wait for ten long years to be crowned as a mother.

I fought a long battle against the social sarcasm, the void that is always eager to engulf you, and the self-doubt that infertility generously offers you.

But it was hope, faith, and support that helped me to emerge as a victor and become a proud twin mom.

– Debidutta Mohanty

It took me a decade to hear the heartbeats of my munchkins and feel life within. But the long wait was worth it when for the first time I saw double pink lines which always ruthlessly popped up as one. The struggle was real and harsh but the bliss of motherhood washed away all the agony and pain.

A Lesson of Self-love:

One story rendered me a very important lesson about ‘Self-love’. Before that incident, I always prioritized others’ requirements over mine. It was just a couple of days after I delivered my twins. Both the kids have been kept on two different floors, my daughter was in the nursery which was next to my room but my son was in NICU. He was not having any issues but his weight was a little less as per the protocol, therefore, they kept him there. Juggling between two floors after a C-section was not easy. Especially I had to go to the first floor to feed my son very frequently and that took a toll on my battered body. I was not even getting time to have my meals properly.

It was during the third day one lady gynecologist came for regular checkups she saw my condition and gave me an example of how important it is to take an oxygen mask first and then help others when you are in an emergency inside the flight. You can’t help others unless you help yourself first.

Those words will always remain engraved in my heart throughout my life. And from that day I always prioritized my happiness first.

Self-love is not selfishness, but an important potion to your very own existence.

– Debidutta Mohanty

A Note on Peace:

For me, peace is to dwell inside. Nature and books always give me peace. I always love to sit on the shores and watch the waves. I feel as if my grief and pain are being washed away by the waves.

A Beautiful Realization of Motherhood:

Motherhood is tough and challenging but it unleashes tremendous power within you. In just one day you become a multitasker, you have the power to tolerate any kind of pain to safeguard your child.

Motherhood renders the best version of yourself and you realize it only after becoming one.

– Debidutta Mohanty

A Letter to the Children:

Dear Som & Siddhi,

I want you become a dreamer who never gives up on dreaming. Dream and dream big. Keep walking until you fulfill your dreams. Always remember the words of Swami Vivekananda, “Arise, awake, stop not until your goal is achieved”. Life might show you its harsh side, but never loose hope. When you are at the lowest point of your life, surrender yourself to the lotus feet of the Supreme Power and seek His guidance. The divinity will certainly guide you and help you navigate through your tough time.
Love and Light, Maa

A Message to the World:

Hope and faith have the power to change everything in this world. In your bad times, you need to have hope and keep working towards changing your destiny. Nothing stays forever. Change is the only constant.

Debidutta’s Gratitude Notes:

God has been kind to me and I am always surrounded by good people in life. My parents are the greatest inspiration, a constant source of support in whatever I do, my husband helps me in whatever I pursue in life despite my inabilities and my kids help me to be creative. My kids are the ones to help me churn my creative juices.

(We will add the gratitude notes to our Big Gratitude Jar, where we are collecting all the beautiful things we are grateful for in life.)

TPS: Thank you, Debidutta, for being with us and sharing your journey with The Peace Stories. We are honored to have you here. Wish you all the best for your journey ahead. May you be guided by peace and purpose.

(Edited by The Peace Stories)

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  1. Thankyou Swarnali for putting my words in such a beautiful way. It means a lot to share my story on Mother’s Day. Thanks once again for giving me this platform. Hope it helps other moms to have patience during challenging years of motherhood.

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