How to Stay Positive in Your Hard Time : 11 Realistic Ways to Keep You Sane in the Difficulties

When we are going through the hard time, life seems miserable despite having all the things we wish. This happened to me in the last few months and I felt like, I would never succeed to rise again. This is not the first time I felt broken. I have been broken from inside many times before that. Every time I fell and broke, I managed to rise again. But, this time, it took me long to accept the reality and getting myself ready to let go of the past. Until I did it, I was unable to move on in life. Gradually, after fighting hard with my own self, I made myself understand that whatever I lost, will never come back to me. What I didn’t find, will never come to my life. Whatever I didn’t receive, it was not for me.

Rather, I should focus on what I have now. I should count my blessings and find purpose to move on. I am a brave girl with a strong will power and a firm believer in the power of dreaming. So, how could I let myself drown into tears and fears? Never. It’s obvious to fall from the pinnacle of success, to face failures, to do mistakes. But, there is always hope to walk ahead. This is how I define life.

You may wonder when life is pushing you hard and you don’t feel life is adventurous, how could you find hope and positivity around you and your tiny world?

I am going to write here some tips and tricks that worked for me well. I started believing that I have nothing left to do in life. But, there is always someone who will remind you that how strong and brave you are. It’s your inner voice. When I introspect, I found my voice back and I was ready to move on in life.

Here are the ways how I embraced positivity during my hard time. I have listed eleven realistic ways that will help you to keep your sanity at bay in your difficult phase of life. Let’s have a look:

Write a positive quote:

I started writing positive quotes. I searched for inspiration and wrote my own quote on the journal. Thus, I found positive vibes around me. I started receiving positive vibes from outside and also from inside. It helped me to keep going.

Be grateful:

Gratitude helps you to find your life’s blessings. There are lots of things and people in your life to be grateful. It would be better if you can maintain a gratitude journal in this phase to write your heart out there. List the names of things, people around you who are the motivational force for you, whose presence and company you enjoy, whose names in your life lighten up your face. Be grateful to everything you have received so far. They’re life’s rewards for you.

Accept yourself:

Accepting yourself helps you to reduce the burden of loss and accepting the reality helps you to let go of the past. Letting go the memories that bring tears in your eyes always make you stronger from inside. Eventually, you will find the way to move on.

Let it go:

If you want to find positivity in your hard time, it’s most important that you let go of your memories of the part of life that will bring only negative vibes to you. They make you weak. Eventually, you find life has no meaning at all. But, when you ask yourself that if they hold any purpose to you, your inner voice will always answer you a big no. So, it’s apt to let the memories go away with all your dark period. Say to yourself, “Now, it’s time to embrace new beginning, new identity. I am starting everything from the very beginning. A new journey awaits me.”


When life pushes you hard, that time, you need to find a corner and start introspection. You are hiding a stronger version of yourself, within this cocooned self of you. So, it’s the time to hear the voice within. Try to introspect your flaws that could be turned to your strength too. Try to embrace the inner peace.

Hear the void:

In this phase, you may feel empty from inside. But remember one thing, emptiness is the roaring storm in disguise. This time, you need to pause and reflect to the void. Perhaps, you would find the purpose in life that you have been searching for so long.

Be your own inspiration:

Always be your own inspiration. Before going to be inspired by a stranger from the outer world, you must be inspired by yourself first. Just look behind, the road you have travelled so far. It’s always there to inspire you to walk ahead.

Pick a good habit:

Picking a good habit is always inspiration. Because this way, you meet your inner joy and happiness. You meet your inner self. Sometimes, you meet the one whom you have left behind, so far, many years ago. And this all help you to find a new purpose to feel alive. You feel rejuvenate.

Find positivity in little things:

We have a genuine tendency to ignore the little things around us. But, I have realized, when life seems miserable and we can’t find hope, little beauties around us always help to find positive vibes. They are the most beautiful gifts on earth. The same happens when we feel joy in moments that bring us happiness. I enjoyed my sister’s silly jokes and her bright smile. I enjoyed cooking biryani and baking cakes with my mom. I enjoyed even when I made a beautiful creative design for my blog post. This all give me immense pleasure when I am undergoing hardships in life.

Find the peace within:

Finding the peace within is one of the best ways to get motivated from within. I know, in this phase of life, finding the peace within is the most difficult task one can ever think of. But, try to find a lonely corner and let yourself be guided by the silence. Inhale deeper and stay calm. Finding the inner calmness would heal your wounds.

Celebrate yourself:

Take one moment from the daily schedule and say: “You are brave, you are beautiful. Trust me, you are the most powerful one I have ever seen. Your uniqueness define you best. Celebrate yourself everyday. Remember, you deserve the best. Always.” This way, you will assure yourself with the aura of inner positivity and celebrate yourself everyday.

So, following these steps, I tried to calm myself, heal myself, and celebrate myself when everything turned odd to me. I tried to find positivity in every little thing around me. I wrote down about them on my journal. I found the inner peace, and now, I am on my way of moving on in life.

Because I know, life is big and I have to celebrate this beautiful gift with everything I have. Right here, right now.

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