Five Mindfulness Quotes for December

December is knocking at the door and we all are preparing to welcome winter. This time, how about looking at some beautiful quotes on Mindfulness and to live them for a mindful living?

The year of 2020 has been the most unpredictable one for all of us. The world has seen the power of gratitude more than ever. In the walk of life, we do need to be more passionate about the concept of love, empathy and peace. To me, this is the biggest learning of the year 2020. So now I am taking one step closer to mindful living. And tell me what could be the better way to welcome December than starting the journey with some beautiful quotes on mindfulness?

So, here I am presenting you some of my thoughts on peace of mind:

What you believe you become.

Your mind has the whole route map of your journey. Just have faith on yourself and your ability. Believe that you can and you definitely will. One day, you will be there where you are meant to be.

The moment is leaving you. Collect your treasure now.

This moment has some great power within. This moment holds some treasures for you. Look within, you will certainly have a glimpse of them.

Silence has its own note of melody, happiness and bliss.

Silence is full of melody. It’s singing the song of the soul. Sit in solitude and be calm. You will be gifted with the key to happiness.

Letting go of the past helps you to welcome the present moment with all its glory.

What are you holding on in the past? There is nothing left there. Trust your journey, and move on. Whatever is there, that is waiting for you in the way ahead.

Taking a pause from life’s run and rush makes you more aware about the life itself.

Be mindful at this present moment. This will lead you towards the calmness of mind and you will become more aware of yourself. Who could say, you will find some hidden gems here?


So how did you find these quotes and thoughts by me? December is here and we are all prepared to welcome the new year. Be mindful and start afresh. Life is waiting!

(This post is a part of my series ‘Mindful Living with Swarnali’ . If you like this one please have a look at other posts here.)

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