Welcoming the new with the glory of now

For many years, I forgot to look at the mirror of my heart. I saw my reflection in other’s eyes and tried to mould myself in a way the world wished me to have. I forgot to pause, to breathe, to reflect.

Years come, years pass. Like the flowing river, life keeps streaming with its own note of the melody. Whatever be the situation, it keeps flowing and moving ahead and never waits, never stops. It only takes a momentary escape for a while when it meets a piece of object in between the flow. And within that stillness, you can see your reflection in the river.

Transparent, real, and tranquil.


Before the arrival of the year 2020, I made a lot of plans. There were a number of things on my secret wish list of 2020. When the year came, I was really happy to begin anew. I was about to welcome a new beginning in life.

2020 came. But along came a great surprise for all of us. And the whole world became trapped in the web of the pandemic. Since then, we are eagerly waiting for the day when this year will end and we will welcome the year 2021. And again, we will make plans, we will hope to begin a new journey towards tomorrow.

The year 2020 has been a great teacher for all of us. It showed us that whatever be the plans you have for tomorrow, it will always come with its own surprise for you.

For me, the year has been a tunnel of time to take a pause from life and reflect on my thoughts. And meanwhile, I discovered some beautiful truths about life in a more beautiful way.

I have realized the power of giving.

How wonderful it would be if you focus on the things you are giving to this beautiful world instead of regretting the things you didn’t receive or complaining about the things that you don’t have in your arms. There lies an amazing kind of power in giving. You give, to grow. You give, to heal. You give, to be healed.

I have found a new purpose to hope for tomorrow.

Sometimes, you feel yourself dragging towards nothingness. You feel empty from inside. But, I have heard the voice of emptiness. From zero, you can begin a new journey, always. Emptiness is the roaring storm in disguise. Sometimes, emptiness guides you towards the purpose of life you have been seeking so far.

I have realized the need of spreading empathy and kindness.

Kindness is like the warmth of the shawl on a cold winter morning. A small act of kindness can do wonders. Being kind makes you stronger because you share your love and care with the one who needs them most at that hour.

I have realized the power of love.

Love can protect your peace. Love, to be loved. Love, to give love. Love, to spread love. Love, to receive love. Love, to give rebirth of love.

I have started trusting the universe.

Sometimes, in every breath you take and every move you make, there is something the universe wants to say. Hear it. Maybe you will hear the whisper of the next chapter that is being woven into your story. This way, you will begin believing in the magic and miracles of the universe.

Believe in your path and wait. Things will fall into place, like the lost star finds its home at the day’s end.

I have realized the power of now.

Finding yourself amidst the chaos of life is hard, but once you find it, you find the peace within. You start to celebrate whatever you have in life. Right here, right now. And here is one of the most beautiful realizations I had in the year 2020:

I found peace in absolute chaos.

I found calm in absolute noise.

I found harmony in an absolute mess.

As I have discovered the truth about embracing the peace within, I am here to welcome the new dawn with the power of now.

Quoting a line from my book ‘You Are Blooming’ here:

This moment, you are an epitome of love, grace, and bliss. This moment, you are the whisper of silence and a wave of absolute peace. This moment, you are a drop of eternity.

At the last hour of the day gone by, I am here, welcoming the new with the glory of now. Let the beauty of this moment bring peace, smile, and hope for tomorrow.

(This post is a part of the series ‘Mindful Living with Swarnali’. Check other posts of this series here.)


(This blog post is also a part of the Welcome 2021 Blog Hop hosted by me.)

(Welcome 2021 Blog Hop is a writing event that will continue from 25th December, 2020 to 7th January, 2021 where 30 bloggers across the globe will share their thoughts on the theme ‘Learning from the day gone by to make a promise for the new.’ We will share our learnings from 2020 and will cherish all the beautiful memories of 2020. We will share our own ways of welcoming the new year 2021. This is going to be a great experience for all of us. Stay tuned!)


56 responses to “Welcoming the new with the glory of now”

  1. These are some very practical takeaways from the year 2020, Swarnali. The need to spread empathy, kindness, positivity, and love was felt at its peak level during the trouble we all faced together. The power of giving was realized like never before. And yes, the greatest one was learning the power of ‘now and here’.

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    • What an inspiring post , Swarnali! Year 2020 has been the year of introspection and a lot has changed in terms of perspectives. The power of now as described by you has certainly made a lot of impact on me personally. No matter how many plans you make , they might fail but we need to make the best of now ! Lovely write up dear👌🤗


  2. Beautifully written swarnali and I love your expressions. I found myself nodding to all you said because somewhere down the line, I have been coming to the same conclusions. And most of all, I have started trusting the universe a little more.


  3. What a positive take on the most harsh gone by year, undoubtedly, this year has been so hard for all of us. I am so glad to know that you have found so many ways to bloom your life in every positive manner.


  4. It’s lovely Swarnali 💝🤩your golden words of hope and positivity breed synergies in my sagging spirits!! I was pumped and plushed with enthusiasm after your lingering thoughts!! Keep writing, keep spreading sunshine!! It’s tonic for refurbishment 🙌❤️🤞


  5. Believe in your path and wait. Things will fall into place, like the lost star finds its home at the day’s end.

    This is such a beautiful belief, Swarnali. 2020 may have put a pause on all our plans, but I have full faith that the coming years will be kinder and more than makeup for it.

    It was truly inspiring to read how you used the lessons of 2020 to evolve. Wishing you a fabulous 2021!

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  6. I admire how you find your peace in the chaos. There is no bigger learning than to be able to find oneself, be it in chaos or otherwise. Lovely to read your soothing words, Swarnali. ❤


  7. Such an inspiring start to the BlogHop, Swarnali, and a positive spirit for a new beginning!
    Absolutely loved your poem!
    The realizations this year brought for you, hold true to many of us. ‘Importance of now’ is truly a keeper, as are every other point you have beautifully penned.
    “For many years, I forgot to look at the mirror of my heart. I saw my reflection in other’s eyes and tried to mould myself in a way the world wished me to have. I forgot to pause, to breathe, to reflect.”
    This took my heart away! Cheers to your self-discovery and very best wishes to your continued flourishing, blooming, and inspiring everyone.


  8. Beautifully written piece as always Swarnali… Yes, I too believe the year 2020 has been quite a learning experience for all of us… Especially the believing in Universe part. It’s so true. Sometimes all we need is to just pause, reflect and try listening to what the universe wants to convey. Year 2020 also made us see empathy and kindness of one to other in many instances… Really hope and wish we can imbibe even a speck of such unconditional kindness in ourselves and as you said truly believe in the power of giving instead of complaining. Wishing you too a very Happy New Year 2021 and kudos again for taking up this great initiative to spread positivitity 🙂

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  9. What a lovely read to start the hop Swarnali. And yes no one knows what’s in there waiting for them. Wish you a wonderful year ahead! Stay safe

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  10. Such a beautiful post emanating lots of light, positivity, and fairy dust.
    It was such a pleasure reading this post, Swarnali. I could relate a lot. I also learned this year how to find calm amid chaos, harmony amid the mess, and happiness in the most simple things of life and in the power of giving.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear 🙂

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  11. To see positivity in the worst time of all needs an eye of a kind soul that’s what you are. It is a wonderful post. It gives me motivation to see all the coming things with more hope and love. Thanks for writing this.

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  12. I feel each year gives us many teachable moments but this year in particular had taught us a lot. Living in the present and being mindful about ourself and our life is my takeaway from 2020.

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  13. This year 2020 was a hard taskmaster and a great teacher. It has taught has many life lessons that we hardly realise. Not stepping out was impossible for many but then its normal.
    Loved the positive takeaways that you have mentioned. Loved the lines
    Believe in your path and wait. Things will fall into place, like the lost star finds its home at the day’s end. A very inspirational start to the Bloghop.

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