Finding calm amidst the chaos and embracing the peace within

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Finding calm amidst the chaos of life is hard, but once you find it, you find the peace within. You start to celebrate whatever you have in life. Right here, right now. When you’re going through a phase where you face only negative things and you wonder about the purpose, the meaning of your life, try to dive deep inside the sea of emptiness. It will echo the answer you have been searching for long. In the process, I found the key to unlock the door towards embracing the peace within.

I found peace in absolute noise. I found calm in absolute chaos. I found harmony in an absolute mess.

One night, before falling asleep, I was feeling restless inside. I was feeling anxious about something in my life and it made my mind filled with negative thoughts. There were happening many things around me that made me feel helpless. At one point in life, I thought there was no way out. I felt choked and covered with darkness. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe. And within a moment, a pleasant thought flashed in my mind.

I realized that peace is a choice.

Within that trance, I had a beautiful revelation about life. That peace is present in every breath of us, peace is present in every step of us. Peace is present in every moment, peace is present everywhere. Peace can be found anywhere, in any state of mind. Only you have to choose wisely. Choose peace over noise, choose calm over chaos, choose harmony over the mess.

Here are the ways I found calm amidst the chaos.

Chanting your own mantra of peace:

Pause. Breathe. Heal.

This is the mantra I follow to embrace the peace within. While walking on the road of life, amidst the hustle and bustle of the world, often you forget to pause for a while and take a deep breath. You hear others. But when you take a momentary pause and breathe a little deeper, you find the calmness within. Whenever I feel restless amidst the chaos around, I take a pause from the hustle and bustle of life and chant these three words. Within some moments, I start exhaling my thoughts and inhaling peace. This leads me to realize that all the things that are buried in the chaos of life, you find them in your peace.

Being aware of your inner self:

Taking a pause from life’s rush and run makes you more aware of your inner self.

When you choose peace over chaos and being calm from within, you become more aware of your inner self. You start to feel the connection with your inner guide and hear your inner voice. At that state of mind, you fill an immense kind of joy that fills your heart. At one point, that pure happiness becomes a pool of blissful serenity. After some moments, you start to feel that your outer self and your inner self are coming closer, and gradually they are becoming one. Within that oneness, you find the calm.

Present moment awareness:

Say yes to the present. Be mindful at this present moment. This will lead you towards calmness of mind. Surrender yourself to the void inside, and try to recreate this present moment with an absolute calmness in the heart. Inhale deeper, and feel the bliss within. Say these words to your inner self: “This moment, you are peace. This moment, you are a wave of calmness and serenity. This moment, you are filled with the inner bliss.” Thus you will become more aware of the present moment and gradually, you will become calm.

Trust the process:

One of the most beautiful ways to find calm amidst the chaos is trusting the process. Have a little hope in your heart that one day, everything will be fine. Trust the universe, believe in your path. Have faith in your inner guide, he will guide you on the right path. Things will fall into place certainly. When you surrender yourself to the process and believe in the journey, your stress will be reduced and you will find peace of mind.

Find your zone of bliss:

When you are surrounded by chaos, it’s important to find a zone of serenity in your home. If finding a calm zone in your home seems difficult for you, try to seek the zone of peace within your heart. Let your mind travel deeper into the inner bliss. Disconnect yourself from the sources where you know you might receive the chaotic vibes and that could lead your inner calm to be interrupted. Be still and spend time with your inner self. Let your mind be calm and your soul be healed with the peace within.

Let go and surrender:

Accept the way you are and let go. Relax. Exhale all the negative thoughts. Inhale the calmness of heart. It’s obvious to feel anxious or restless because you are surrounded by chaos. But don’t overthink the situation. Sit in silence or find a place where you can sit with your inner calmness. Surrender yourself to the process and let yourself float with the flow of thoughts. Gradually, you will find your thoughts disappearing somewhere and a wave of nothingness filling your mind. The wave is called bliss. It’s the sign that you are embracing the peace within and finding calm amidst the chaos.

Align your thoughts and be still:

When you align your thoughts with the vibrations of the universe, you feel an aura of positivity around you. You start receiving positive vibes from everywhere and that positivity reflects in your own thoughts, thus creating a chain of positivity within your mind. This wave of positivity creates absolute peace within your soul. Gradually after some moments of peace, you will become still. Within that stillness, your blissful thoughts will reflect the grace of truthfulness. This way, you will find the calmness of mind amidst the chaos around you.

It all starts with the belief that finding calm amidst the chaos is a possible thing. That you can be still in all the chaos around you. That peace is a choice. When you choose to be peaceful from within, you will be guided towards the blissful truths of life.


(This post is a part of the series ‘Mindful Living with Swarnali’. Check other posts of this series here.)

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    • Sir, this is something that’s beyond to any reward I will ever receive in my life. Your words of appreciation means the world to me and when you said my words added a part to the healing process, this is my true reward Sir. Thank you so much for stopping by. Means a lot. 🙏🏻


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