4 excerpts from my book A Letter to Tomorrow that sing the song of hope

May is the Mental Health Awareness Month. I started writing my second book when I was slowly recovering from my despair. I started befriending the uncertainty and realized there was something that I had to explore, I had to discover.
Gradually, I penned down the chronicle of my recovery, from despair to hope.

4 Excerpts from my book A Letter to Tomorrow that sings the song of hope
4 Excerpts from my book A Letter to Tomorrow that sings the song of hope

I divided the book into six parts: Staying, Breathing, Letting Go, Sprouting, Sailing, Dandelion.

Staying is the first part of the book. In this part, I remembered the moments when it was hard for me to stay positive, to look for tomorrow because I lost hope. But there was something inside, that made me keep afloat. Deep down, I believed I would stay. And I lived.

Breathing is the second part of the book. Here I wrote about the moments when I took a pause and told myself that it’s okay to pause, to take a break, and give yourself some time. Cultivating self-love, I allowed myself to grow in the garden of the soul.

The third part, Letting Go has the chapters where I wrote about the power of moving on, forgetting your yesterday. Because yesterday never came.

In the fourth part, Sprouting, I wrote about how I found faith in my dreams. Restoring the faith in my broken dreams, I realized that faith is a thing with tomorrow. I bid adieu to the last song of the night and welcome hope.

Sailing is the fifth part of the book. As the name suggests, in this part, I have written my experience when I was all set to start over. I wrote in the chapters how I traced the path of my brokenness, and trusted the universe. I believed in the sweetness of nothingness, and I believed, my dreams will come true, somewhere over the rainbow.

Dandelion, the sixth and the last part of the book talks about my journey with peace. How I found the purpose to hold on to hope, how I welcomed the daybreak of peace, and how I embarked upon the journey of finding peace and purpose.

This is how I wrote A Letter to Tomorrow. Here are some excerpts from the book I would like to share with you all.

Excerpt 1:

You fought all alone. You cried all alone. No matter what it took to stick through the process, you stayed there; clinging on to hope, breathing, gasping, all alone. And then, one day, you won. Maybe it was the best win for you.  Because you lived. You lived to hope a little bit more. You lived to love a little bit more. You lived to smile, to be kind, and to spread your light, a little bit more.
You lived.
You lived.
You lived.
Clinging On to Hope

Excerpt 2:

Maybe you are undergoing deep pain and this pain is making you numb. Deep down, you are going through a silent fight. Every day, every moment. But here is something that I want to remind you. That despite every pain and every fight, despite every sleepless night, you are alive. Maybe you scream, you shout. Sometimes you shout out louder than every person in the crowd, and then you become quiet. Absolutely quiet. Then, you start to cry. Tears roll down your eyes but yet, beyond everything in your life, you are alive.

Excerpt 3:

Once you find faith in tomorrow and peace in this present moment, you will find hope to dream for another chapter to add to the book called life. And once you find hope in uncertainty and faith in the unknown, everything starts falling into place. In between this all, your soul heals. For hope comes to you as a promise to heal your scars and wounds. Hope comes to you like a soft prayer when the night ends and you search for the first ray of dawn. Hope comes to you like a delicate feather, gently falling on your hand, and you hold it tight in your grip for you don’t want to let it go. Because at this moment, hope is the only way to heal your soul.

Of Hope and Healing

Excerpt 4:

One beautiful morning, I saw a tiny bird come to me and sat in my window. It was singing a song but I couldn’t identify it at that time. Because I was so busy searching for hope. It seemed that I have heard that song before but I couldn’t understand it then. At that time, everything was obscure to me. Sometimes I felt that I lost myself in the dense fog of uncertainty and there was no chance of returning to the light, ever again. Because I lost the hope to find the path. But years later, I came to know that the bird has been always there and it is still there, sitting in my window. When the new day begins, the first ray of light touches my forehead and I open my eyes, I can see her singing. The bird is called hope and her song is called tomorrow.

Song of Hope

My books are available on Amazon, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited. You can purchase You Are Blooming from here and A Letter to Tomorrow from here.

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(All excerpts are copyrighted by the author and strictly prohibited to reproduce or use for any purpose without written permission of the author.)

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