It doesn’t matter how long you live, but how you live life: The Peace Story of Dipika Singh

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Peace Stories. Today we have Dipika Singh with us. Dipika is a former banker, blogger, content creator, and an author. In today’s story, we will know how she overcame a tough time in her life, how a stranger taught her a valuable lesson, how she finds solace in Kirtan, and a lot more. Come, let’s hear her peace story.

Let’s know the kind soul:

Hello everyone! Thank you for giving me a chance to share my feelings and state of mind with your readers through this lovely initiative – The Peace Stories.

I am Dipika Singh, mother of one, a proud wife, a blogger, an author, and a hustler. I was born and bred in Firozabad, a small industrial city in western Uttar Pradesh. Higher studies gave me wings and I traveled from the northern part of the country to the extreme south – Bangalore.

I was always inclined toward books, be it fiction or academics, this provided the right leverage for my learning and career growth. I worked with top banking giants in India and overseas for over a decade and later moved to academia. Motherhood widened my view of life and career plans. Hence, I started blogging and never turned back.

Blogging and social media content creation is a dynamic field, challenging and ever-evolving. I enjoy this process of learning and unlearning regularly to make space and mark in the Indian blogging scene.

– Dipika Singh

Story of Motherhood:

Absolutely! Motherhood is a beautiful journey; I enjoy all its shades. The saying – “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born,” holds so much value that I had no idea earlier.

There are times when I feel dejected or helpless, but the simple thought of being a role model for your child brings a spark and you start all over again.

I don’t believe in glamorizing or victimizing motherhood; this is a part of life that we choose and a role deliberately accepted. We all learn, stagger, and fall many times but the best part is ‘to keep trying until you get up and learn the art well.

My child is 10 years old; we share a great connection and communicate every emotion with each other. She is my teacher when it comes to – ‘learning to parent’ and my blog is enriched with life lessons on parenting from my own personal journey.

The Stranger Story:

Life is quite a mystery; it will always bring a surprise element to challenge your wits and determination. I have had my own share of ups and downs. But one thing that I have learned from life is – Never give up!

I am prone to anxiety and stress, in the past, I had a close shave with depression and drastic thoughts but when you decide to fight on, help arrives from the least expected avenues.

During one such ugly turn in the past, I met a stranger who randomly shared her POV about life. The positive vibes I felt that moment, while she was looking deep into my eyes and talking about ‘Why my life makes a difference for so many other lives’ still overwhelms me.

Probably it was written in the destiny to collide with a stranger in a trauma center and learn the most important aspect of living.

‘It doesn’t matter how long you live, but how you live life!’

– Dipika Singh

A note on Peace:

Peace has a different meaning for every individual, for me, peace is the feeling of contentment. When I spend time with my indoor plants early in the morning over tea, that’s Peace. Or while listening to ‘Shabad Kirtan’ that touches your core, and takes you to a trance – that’s Peace. The past year has taught me many life lessons. Nothing in this world could bring back the love and connections that are lost in this pandemic. That dreadful time has also shown its cruel face to me – life is a bubble, and the more space we fill in chances are it will burst abruptly. Acts of kindness, a feeling of gratitude, and contentment give me calmness. I believe that is peace.

A Note on Peace by Dipika Singh

Healing Story of Dipika:

Would you like to share your healing story with us? That would be an honor for us. You can share how your soul heals and how you find solace after a phase of grief and loss.

Grief is very personal and people process it differently. It is not easy to understand someone’s pain until you are in their place. In 2021, I lost both my parents-in-law to the pandemic. It was something no one can prepare you to face or fight. Prone to anxiety attacks and hypertensive, handling such a grueling situation was an enormous task. I had to be strong to shoulder my husband’s pain and tend to my daughter’s unwarranted questions politely.

A beautiful realization about life:

Life is too beautiful to waste time in finding flaws.

Dipika’s self-discovery journey:

Motherhood was the stepping stone in this journey, I could never imagine myself as what I am today in terms of maturity, life skills, and understanding of life. Being positive and random acts of kindness makes it extra beautiful. There are always two ways to do it, one which you feel is right and the other which you never imagined existed. It is wise to accept both sides before making a decision and be genuinely honest about it. I believe in Karma a lot, and believe it comes around. So, we are responsible for our own karma and make our choices wisely.

A quote she lives by:

If you have clear conscious and the capabilities to dream big, nothing can stop you from achieving them.

A letter to her daughter:

Dear Kavya,

Believe in your dreams. There is nothing that you can’t achieve, Mamma always got your back. Be confident and take the next step, don’t be afraid of falling down.

Love, Mumma

A message to the world:

Life is what you make it. When you only spend time comparing your life with others, the only thing you will bring home is helplessness, negativity, and rejection. Be happy in what you have and believe only in your own capabilities.

Of Peace and Purpose:

Dipika is a popular content creator. Her contents are purposeful and leave a voice to the world. The Peace Stories asked Dipika, how she feels inspired by her everyday life to create valuable content in the social media space. Here is what Dipika said to us.

“Social media is a very dynamic place. I read and scroll a lot during my free time on social media. Have connected to thousands of people online who are doing amazingly well and fulfilling stuff in life. Creating content for social media that represents you as a brand/personality and connecting with a large audience worldwide is quite fascinating. I share content on life, parenting, health, and some random stuff for entertainment. Again, I choose my circle on social media very cautiously. I don’t want to get overwhelmed with the sheer pressure of creating an insane amount of content, but only that really matters to me and gives me peace.”

Gratitude Notes of Dipika:

I am grateful for this life and everything around it. There are friends, family, acquaintances, and many faceless/nameless people or connections that made my life beautiful. I am thankful to the almighty for bringing a smile to my face, food on my plate, and happiness to my heart. Last but not the least, I am thankful to you for giving me this opportunity to share my story with the world.

(We will add the gratitude notes to our Big Gratitude Jar, where we are collecting all the beautiful things we are grateful for in life.)

TPS: Thank you, Dipika for being with us and sharing your journey with The Peace Stories. We are honored to have you here. Wish you all the best for your journey ahead. May you be guided by peace and purpose.

(Edited by The Peace Stories)

About The Peace Stories

We are building a space for calm and bliss. A space for counting our blessings. A space for just breathing and being. I welcome you all to come along with me to build our very own community of peace. The Peace Stories: Together we smile, together we heal.

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    • I am honored to feature your story on my initiative, Dipika. It was a great experience for me to know your story and learn life’s valuable lessons. More power to you for everything. May you have a beautiful life filled with happiness and peace.


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