I am and I will

You are the ‘Hero’ of this story. Starting with this tagline, I am and I will is a call for fighting the frightening disease of Cancer. Fighter, they are. All the cancer patients are battling their hardest to survive. But, the strange thing is they are not afraid of fighting, they are not scared of this nightmare any more.


2019 marks the launch of the 3-year ‘I Am and I Will’ campaign. ‘I Am and I Will’ is an empowering call-to-action urging for personal commitment and represents the power of individual action taken now to impact the future.

I found a beautiful story of a cancer warrior in an English daily. She cites this life threatening disease as a blessing in disguise for her, as she started seeing the life in a different perspective after getting diagnosed with cancer. Here is her story.

Humans of Bombay is a page in a social site that documents the stories of people living in Mumbai. There this cancer survivor wrote her own story. As she told, she was 49-year-old when she was detected with second stage breast cancer. After she shifted to Mumbai for her treatment, she realised the disease made her understand things she wouldn’t have learnt otherwise, like she was accepting all the things came on the way of her life, without judging what is right and what is wrong. She learnt the art of letting go, a must be grown art of life I always keep telling you that makes us more directed towards the hidden beauty of little things in life. In an interview, she told:

“I’ve stopped looking at Cancer as a disease — believe it or not, it’s been more of a blessing. It made me realise so many things I would have never learnt otherwise. Yes, in the beginning it was hard to digest and I did break down two or three times but the beauty of this journey unfolded itself to me when I started accepting and gladly accepting. Instead of wasting my energy on fighting it, I’ve embraced it and summoned the strength to recover. Everyone is fighting some battle or the other — cancer has taught me to respect the struggle of everyone around me and treat them with kindness.

More than anything, cancer has taught me to live. To understand that life is a celebration and that every day wasted complaining about trivial things, is a day less of feeling blessed to just be alive.”

Time has come to change the mindset of people towards this frightening disease as well as the brave people who are fighting of their own. That is the reason behind starting this campaign ‘I am and I will’, to call the world to be united and helping the cancer patients by donation or personal care.

Whoever you are, you have the power to reduce the impact of cancer for yourself, the people you love and for the world. It’s time to make a personal commitment. World Cancer Day is a campaign built to resonate, inspire change and mobilise action long after the day has passed.

Let’s join our hand to fight cancer, and make the warriors smile, empower and feel them at home. May be we are strangers to them, but, we all can embrace them with love and a bright smile. They are enough to make them a brave fighter, despite having scars, they can win the battle and they will be crowned with the glory of ‘Life’.



One response to “I am and I will”

  1. One of my family member suffered in cancer for a long time and after one year of struggle she died! I have seen this in front of my eyes and I think I can relate to what you are saying in this article. Nicely put 👍🏼


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