Overcoming the Fear of Being Judged by Other People and Building Self-esteem

Fear. A word that is self-made in the mind and engulfs you to become worried about the future. Often you become afraid of what other people will think about you, your dress, your attitude, your speaking style and others. You think about the people around you what will think about yourself. And meanwhile, the fear becomes so huge that gradually you start being trapped in the web of self-doubt and negative thoughts engulf you.

But dear reader, I want to assure you about one thing. That fear is a trap of the mind. Fear is something that itself is trapped inside the web of mind. Fear is a word that loves to dwell in the future, always.

When you start living mindfully, you start being aware of this moment only. This moment, this present moment where you are living now. This present moment is beautiful as it has all the beauty hidden inside the token of now. And this moment, this present moment has nothing to be concerned about the past or the future. All it knows is you and everything that’s concerned about you.

You and this moment, there is nothing in between you two.

Only here and now.

On the note of overcoming the fear of being judged by others and building self-confidence, here are some ways to keep yourself away from being affected by the people and surroundings. Let’s have a look:

Don’t get bothered about others:

You tend to hear what other people are saying about your taste of choice, your dress, and attires, your works, your attitude, etc. But think just for once, do they really bother you? People will always have their own sets of priorities and opinions. And most of them are prone to throw their own decisions and conclusions to you. But they don’t have a place in your life at all. So, keep doing things at your own pace and in your own style.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts:

At first, get over your own negative thoughts and start loving yourself. You need to keep in mind that humans are made of body, mind, and soul. They live in a realistic world and walk on the road of life. So it’s obvious to do mistakes or having flaws in life. Remember, everyone has his/her own flaws and imperfections. Perfection is just an illusion and beyond to be defined. It will be a smart approach to life if you can embrace your flaws and derive your learnings from them.

Set your own priorities.

Set your own preferences. In this life full of social media and other works, be it professional work or something personal, sometimes, people get overwhelmed due to the stress of doing multi-tasking. Prioritize your own needs and do works according to your personal preferences. Do not let anyone else take charge of your life. Do things at your own pace. The best way to keep everything sorted is to maintain a journal and making a list, writing down your tasks to do. Make your own set of rules to lead a happy life.

Receive your own affirmations.

Affirmations are very important in maintaining peace of mind and becoming self-confident. Affirmation is an effective way to keep your fear and anxiety at bay. When you use affirmations, you are subconsciously telling yourself that you are doing right, you are going in the right direction, you are meant to be something good in life and there is something bright and beautiful coming your way ahead.

Face it and overcome it.

Judgment is an inevitable part of life. Fear of judgment is related to the desire to be accepted and be loved by all. But at first, you have to accept that in a world full of doubts, one can not be a perfect fit for all the groups, all the places, or all the communities. The world will continue to find your flaws and mistakes from every perspective, it’s up to you that you have to pay an ear to them or simply ignore them. Because at the day’s end, they are mere words that actually don’t have any place in your life.

You just need to remember that before the world going to accept you and your imperfections, it’s you who needs to accept yourself the way you are. Affirm yourself daily that you are worth enough to conquer the world. Just have faith in your own abilities and be your own sunshine. Keep singing your own song and keep dancing in your own style with the happy rhythm of life.

Because it’s nobody but you and always you.


(This post is a part of the series ‘Mindful Living with Swarnali’. Check other posts of this series here.)

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