Theme reveal for a to z blogging challenge 2021

When a year begins, we make plans. We want to learn new skills, to explore new places. And most importantly, we wish to make a transformation.

Transformation, this word is an inevitable part of life. I always love to write about my transformation. About my inner shift of thoughts and opinion. About metamorphosis of hope, love and beauty. About introspection and transition of choice. And here comes how I choose, everything about me and my life.

Inspired by my friend, an excellent writer and a gorgeous soul, Tina Sequeira, I started choosing one word for a year. I thought of choosing one word for this year, too. But, as I said, life never goes as per our plans. It loves to make it’s own ways and directions. So, here my plan took a u turn. I started my life coaching studies last year. Starting with Mindfulness studies, gradually, I felt like, this is what I was searching for long. That time, I chose a word that I wanted to write on.

The word was, Peace.

Many times it seems like, I have chosen the word for lifetime. Because I feel a beautiful connection with the theme of Peace, Calm and Bliss. The more I work on the theme of finding inner peace and calm amidst chaos, the more I discover beautiful truths about life.

Meanwhile I discovered, A to Z 2020 is near, and all bloggers are preparing for the biggest challenge together. Although, I chose to be quiet for some time as I wanted to stay away from the outer world and let myself sink in deep thoughts and quest of life, but, as I said, life makes its own plans and directions. So, inspired by my fellow bloggers revealing their themes for the greatest blogging challenge, it made me push my limits of examining the power of resilience.

So I thought of taking the plunge, and here I proudly declare that I am participating in the biggest blogging challenge, A to Z Blogging Challenge. This is my second time of participation. The challenge needs months of thinking, researching, reading, choosing a suitable theme for 26 posts, collecting topics, writing, drafting, editing, rewriting, and then, representing them accordingly. And to add an extra level of excitement, to write them Alphabetically. It takes a lot of hard works. But, it feels nice when we see a series of 26 posts, starting from A and ending with Z, curating all our dedication and effort, gracefully in our blogs. But this time, I am doing most of them in unplanned ways. Let’s see how it goes finally.

So, here is my theme for A to Z Blogging Challenge 2021:

More Peace, More Calm.

From 1st April, 2021 to 30th April, 2021, I will be writing on the theme of finding inner peace in everyday life. My process is very simple. Choosing a word of the day and working on that.

This way, we can focus on the task of the day and we can become more mindful as we will be working with the theory of one word a day. Here I welcome you all to the journey towards finding peace of mind in every step of life following some simple ways. Let’s have a mindful April with more peace and more calm.

I wish best of luck to all my fellow bloggers.

12 responses to “Theme reveal for a to z blogging challenge 2021”

  1. You know what life is all about.. keep moving.. it’s the best to discover the real you, your dreams and your goals.. but what more interesting is how you evolve carrying them all with you.. good luck golden girl..


  2. I am so glad Swarnali you had taken that step and participated this year too. Loved the theme and I really looking forward to reading your posts. All the best dear.


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