Decluttering your mind to invite peace

Day 4

Word of the Day – Declutter

“What I know for sure is that when you declutter- whether it’s in your home, your head, or your heart- it is astounding what will flow into that space that will enrich you, your life, and your family.”

– Peter Walsh

When we are talking about being more peaceful in daily life and finding ways to peace of mind, it’s important to know how we can keep ourselves away from the chaos around us. This helps in maintaining peace of mind and heals our body, mind, and soul. As technology is grabbing the attention of us for the whole day, it’s quite obvious to feel exhausted at times. To make it worse, the use of social media becomes overwhelming many times in life. So, today we will have a discussion about how to declutter the mind, just like you do it for your cabinets and cupboards. Decluttering your mind helps you to restore mental peace and also gather motivation to become more productive. Let’s see how you can free up non-essential space from your mind to welcome peace. 

Here begins your day of Decluttering.

The task of the day:

Among some others processes of decluttering the mind, here I am choosing two effective ways. Setting Priorities and Avoiding Multitasking. 
Prioritizing is a great way to maintain peace and work-life balance. It helps you to take charge of your life more beautifully. At first, figure out the things that matter the most to you. They might be your life aspirations or your long-term goals.

Then, prepare a list of the jobs that are set at the top of your priorities. Assure yourself that you will involve your actions in these jobs. Make peace with your own choices and decisions. Create a vision board and make an action plan to meet those set goals. Divide your time to focus on each item on that list. Do one thing at a time and don’t rush to finish all of them together. Slow down and do them at your own pace.

Avoiding multitasking needs you to focus on single-task as much as possible. Just the way I am doing this process, choosing one word of the day and focussing on that for the whole day. Make a list of things you need to finish today. Keep the to-do list simple and realistic. Start with the task that is most important and this way proceed to do things, completing one task at a time.

Quote of the day:

Where there is void, there is peace.

– The Saffron Storyteller

Affirmations of the day:

The world is running at the highest speed, but I would prefer to pause and slow down. I will do things at my own pace. Today, I will cut my to-do list short and do only the things that I prefer to do. This way, I will declutter my mind and free up the mental space from extra unnecessary baggage. 

Write in your journal:

Today is all about decluttering and prioritizing. As you have already written things to do today in your journal, now you write about your feelings after you have managed the to-do list. How light your mind is feeling, how lighter you are feeling. Write about the reasons following which you have set the priority of your tasks and get to know your plans a bit closer. 

The last step of this process:

Before you leave the place, assure yourself saying: “Today, I take a break from the rush of life and prioritize things with higher preference. This way I learned how to keep tasks organized in a disciplined manner and how to avoid the chaotic mess around. I learned to allow things in my life that I choose to be here and now. I will let this peace of mind stay with me for the whole day. I will come back tomorrow with a new purpose and try to learn a new way of living mindfully.
I am here to receive more peace and more calm in my life.”

This is all for today. We will come back here tomorrow once again with a new way of mindful living. Till then, be calm, be peaceful. 

(This post is a part of my A to Z series on Mindful Living, titled “More Peace, More Calm”. This is also a part of Blogchatter A to Z Challenge. Read all the posts of this series here.)

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