Being happy without any regrets

Day 8

Word of the Day – Happiness

If you want to be happy, be.

– Leo Tolstoy

Happiness is something that you always search in life. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to smile. We all seek happiness in life but very few can find it.

I always wonder seeing people from different walks of life: children, monks and nuns, and some other people. Now, you must be thinking about what’s similar between them? When you observe closely, you will see all of them wear a smile on their faces. A child is always smiling and shining with innocence. A monk wears a smile on his face as a symbol of wisdom and bliss. Whenever I visit an ashram and I meet a monk, talk to him and share my miseries, he assures me hope and happiness with beautiful examples from life. The gracious smile is a symbol of blissful wisdoms that we are not able to see when we live with regrets. But, if you can align your thoughts with the universe, all the truths will become visible to your inner eyes. You will feel happy from within, floating in the river of bliss.

There is someone else whom I have seen always smiling. She is the girl whom I meet while doing meditation. Who is that girl I am talking about? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s me. It’s my inner self whom I can feel while I meditate. I can feel she is forever happy. Many times it happens that I am feeling anxious or stressed or sad. But whenever I sit and start meditation, gradually all my worries disappear and I dwell in peace. And I discover the truth about life: Happiness is all about being happy from within.

So today, we will learn how to be happy at least for some moments in a day when you’re free of all worries and give yourself a treat of happiness.

Here begins your day of Happiness.

The task of the day:

Start your day with stillness in your mind. Think about you and your life. Remember all the things that make you happy. All the persons who make you smile and you feel content from within. Try to focus on your own being and the way of your life, and keep thoughts about others away from your mind. Everyone has their own path in life. In this small frame of time, don’t cross paths of anybody else. Stay in your own path and walk in the way towards your own happiness.

Ask yourself: What brings me happiness? When does I feel happy from within? What purpose serves me happiness? Until you really know enough about your own happiness, and be happy with life’s little beauties, your heart will never open up to see what is called real happiness.

Observe your mind’s direction towards the source of happiness and be happy with your all. Be happy in this small frame of time that you have spared from the rush of life. Be happy, be content.

Quote of the day:

Happiness is being happy without any regrets, just being happy for no reason at all, yet, for everything in life.

– The Saffron Storyteller

Affirmations of the day:

Today, I am happy. I am calm, I am peaceful. This moment is like a small tunnel of life where I am happy without any worries. As if, I have renounced the world for some moment and come here to find the blissful solitude. I find the reasons that make me sad are mere words. Outside of this meditative state, they all bear a lot of importance for me. But, within this moment of happiness, they don’t bother me at all.

For now, I am dwelling in peace. I am living with true happiness. I am peace, I am happiness. With this feel of being floating in blissful happiness, I wish the universal happiness to all the beautiful creations of this earth. May all be happy from within. May there be peace, calm, and bliss.

Write in your journal:

Today you have to pen down your realization about happiness. Write down the things that made you happy, write about your experience with finding happiness. This page is a keeper for you. Whenever you will feel low in future, come back to this page and remember this experience. If you repeat this small exercise and tell yourself the names you have written here, your mood will be uplifted. It will help you to remember the purpose of your life and how you found happiness once in a small frame of time.

The last step of the process:

Before you leave the place, assure yourself by saying: “Today, I have found some beautiful things in my life where my happiness resides. I brought my focus on this moment and I felt happy without any regrets. I choose to be here and now. I will let this peace of mind stay with me for the whole day. I will come back tomorrow with a new purpose and try to learn a new way of living mindfully. I am here to receive more peace and more calm in my life.”

This is all for today. We will come back here tomorrow once again with a new way of mindful living. Till then, be happy, be mindful.

(This post is a part of my A to Z series on Mindful Living, titled “More Peace, More Calm”. This is also a part of Blogchatter A to Z Challenge. Read all the posts of this series here.)

4 responses to “Being happy without any regrets”

  1. Today the start of my day was upsetting because a very close relative has been detected with Covid. we are very concerned because she is my sis in law’s mother in law and we are worried about the well being of all the family members. I want to help my Sil but feel helpless as she will have to manage on her own at her home. All the other chores we will manage for but she will be exposed to the virus and we are also very concerned about our niece. However, reading your post did make me focus on the things I can help her with and that did bring some calm. Thank you for writing this series, Swarnali in such difficult times. I think I am going to revisit your posts and read out the affirmations again. It certainly helps.

    Liked by 2 people

    • This feels sad to know about your sil’s situation. You’re a kind soul that’s why you want to be there with her Aesha. I really wish these affirmations help to calm you at least a little bit. Thanks for reading dear. I will visit your blog soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes definitely. This life is a journey of seeking happiness. But we should be happy for at least some moments in every day to keep the mind peaceful.

        Liked by 2 people

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