Podcasting is a liberating experience

Happiness is writing the first script of your podcast and keep editing and reciting it to yourself until you find it satisfactory.

Happiness is recording the first episode of your podcast, and after hearing yourself speaking this way after ages, falling into tears.

Happiness is designing your podcast logo into something that describes your theme in the best way.

Happiness is letting yourself free and see the magic happen.

Happiness is watching the journey and whispering in the air, “Baby, we’ve come 20 episodes far. Time to celebrate!”

I opened my podcast on 9th August, 2020. I was so unsure about my success of overcoming the fear of social anxiety that I left recording my first episode then and told myself that let me wait for the best day. Well, that best day came exactly three months later, when I became desperate to come out of my fear of social anxiety and wished to hear my voice and see a glimpse my lost self who was a liberated soul.

I logged in to my podcast channel, and kept gazing at the red button with a symbol of microphone for long. There was written ‘Record’ just below that button. I can’t explain in words, how much it took me to press that button. My heart started pumping rapidly, my anxiety was increasing, my fear of getting judged was increasing, and some questions kept wandering in my mind at that time:

“What if I fail to speak?

What if I would be caught by stage fright, once again?

What if I forget to speak and get frozen in midway of the script?

What if people find my voice shaky, fragile, and not-so-soothing?

What if they start disliking me? And my writing? My voice?

What if I don’t find anyone to listen to the episodes, not even my friends and family?

What if my podcast will not be accepted and loved by my audience?

What if I fail, this time, too?”

So, my mind was busy in performing rock-n-roll with these questions that I found so important at that moment of fear and judgement, but after some time I realized that they don’t bother me at all. Right now, they are just a bunch of unnecessary burden to my mind that kept me away from starting my podcast and I waited for three long months.

Here is a glimpse of the episode where I talked about overcoming the fear of judgement:

So, it was my story before pressing that Record button. But, the scenario completely changed after I pressed that Record button for the first time. Once I gathered all my courage and dared to hit that red button, finally, I saw the magic happen! My fear was disappeared to somewhere, and I was back to my real form.

I had prepared my first script for the trailer episode of my podcast in the previous evening. In the next morning, I woke up with a tensed mind and fear in my heart yet I was determined to record the first episode of my podcast by end of the day. I came to my phone and logged in to my podcast channel. Then, I picked my script and started reading it aloud. Slowly, word by word, reciting into a rhythm of poetry. As I finished my recording and published it, the trailer was live! And see, I was beaming with hope and glowing with the joy of accomplishment!

Why not I call it an accomplishment? It was something larger than all my previous achievements and accolades. Because within that instance, I found a glimpse of my lost self. I was gathering courage to break the shackles of fear and judgement, overcoming the fear of social anxiety. After few days, I wrote the script of my first episode. It was a poem titled ‘Who Am I’, a poem on the theme of finding optimism and identity. I wrote it dedicated to all the gorgeous souls of the world who are afraid of taking the first step towards moving on. You can listen to the poem here.

It was something that I wanted to tell myself for long:

“Why are you sad for not receiving the things that you wished to have in your arms? Why are you holding on your past so much? Look, the hour has come, it’s time to let go the night and welcome a new dawn. You are hope, you are love, you are peace, you are light.”

It was the first step I took on that day, and now, we have come 23 episodes far. The journey has been an amazing one for me. I have discovered myself in a new way and I loved to speak after so long. Though I still feel a little tensed before recording an episode, it’s only for the preparation I take while doing the process. Gradually, I am overcoming the fear of speaking and I feel liberated after finishing the recording. When it’s all done, the latest episode is finally published, at first, I share it with my sister. After that I share it with my friends and family. I receive love from them all and thus, hope blossoms again in my heart.

Podcasting has been a liberating experience for me, as it helped me to come out of my fear of socializing, to recover from my social anxiety, to explore another horizon of creativity, to express myself through my spoken words. These, and a lot more; and thus the journey continues.

You can listen to the latest episode of my podcast here.

Please show some love and spread the word. I dream of bringing many more episodes to you. Be with me in this journey of hope, healing, and happiness.

Ending this post with a quote of mine:

Sometimes, you should do something to set yourself free from all the shackled thoughts of fear and judgement. Only then you will come to know that how wide you can stretch your wings, beyond your beliefs.

– The Saffron Storyteller

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53 responses to “Podcasting is a liberating experience”

  1. I’m glad swarnali you’re enjoying your podcasting journey and able to find your identity, along with positivity & happiness too.
    Keep creating & sharing the blissful journey experience with us.
    I love the saffron storyteller on Pause Breathe Repeat.
    Best wishes always.

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  2. I have heard your podcasts and they are really good, Beta. I love your voice. I am so happy to know what it has really helped you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great going, Swarnali. Congratulations on the 23 episodes. Admire your grit and determination to overcome your social anxiety and record your podcast. Best wisheses for your future episodes and may you achieve what you set your mind to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg, Simrit, this means a lot to me. Thank you so much dear for being with me. 💛Much gratitude 😇🙏🏻


  4. Congratulations on your successful 20 episodes Swarnali. I too had some thoughts on working on it last year but staying at home due to lockdown and other things just got in the way. Hopefully will get on that soon.


  5. I regret to say that I have heard your podcast yet. But Iam sure they are as good as your posts usually are. All the best!
    Public speaking anxiety is a big challenge for many people. Glad you were able to overcome this. I too was doubtful when I started teaching as a Guest Faculty in 2017. But like you said, once I started the fears fell away, I was able to identify my weak points and work on them.

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  6. Swarnali, you are making many people to overcome the fear and come out of their shell to bloom with a fresh perspective. I have heard your podcast and your voice and theme of the podcasts always connects with me. Keep going, on 50th episode, we shall do little celebration :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much dear Meenal and Sonal. I am very happy to know that you can connect to my podcast so well. Your valuable feedback makes me keep going. May we can celebrate soon!! Thanks for always being there. Means a lot💛 🌸


  7. Swarnali, it’s lovely to know about Your journey. True that gathering the courage and dare to start the thing is the most challenging and once you get the confidence …you are unstoppable! Keep shining and keep rising…


  8. It was lovely to read about your journey into a podcaster. Your posts are always a treat to read and so are your podcasts. You have such a soothing voice. Wishing you the very best.


  9. Most of the fear is in our minds. I am sometimes even afraid of sharing my own posts forget sharing my voice for fear of judgement. As much as i understand that the fear is just that, its hard to overcome which you so gracefully have. Thanks for sharing your experience


  10. You know Swarnali. People like you ate inspiration to many. Doing something new and different always bring fear but you have beautiful overcome that and wishing you more and more success. There is a calmness in your voice that resonate with many including me. Way to go gal.. Keep shining.


  11. Many many congratulations on your successful and ongoing journey so far….It is definitely fulfilling when you find that peace an happiness within by doing what you are doing – helping others seek and find peace and happiness too. Way to Swarnali!


  12. Awesome, Swarnali! You have inspired many people including me with your coming-out-of-fear podcasting episode. You have a soothing voice and we wouldn’t get to know about it without your amazing podcasts.


  13. While reading the post I listened to the podcast too and trust me I loved it. The way you were narrating your audio I loved that. Keep posting more such strong audio.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Lovely post Swarnali. I never met you in person but I can imagine your personality – sweet, simple yet attractive. Many congratulations on your podcasting journey. Keep doing the good work. Your voice is so good and soothing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Abha. Thanks for connecting me eternally, I can feel you too. Your lovely smile brightens my day 🙂 Thanks for all the good wishes dear. 🌸

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  15. Wow, Swarnali, what an achievement dear, conquering your own fear is no less than a great victory. I am sure many milestones are waiting on the list. So you go, girl. I have seen your dedication to your writing, and now podcasting added a new feather to your cap. Brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much dear Archana.. Thanks for being a constant supporter of my journey. I am grateful to you dear. Much love! 🌸


  16. I have never tried podcasting so I cannot comment on the experience but stage fear is something even I experienced for a while but soon got over it. I will listen your podcast episodes as I am sure you are great at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Shail. Glad to know your achievement, too. Do let me know how you found my podcast. Will be waiting for your feedback dear. 🌸


  17. Swarnali,
    I recently discovered your blog and I love everything about it. I especially enjoyed your podcasting. I found fascinating your description of podcasting as a liberation experience and how creating content helped you to overcome the fear of social anxiety. Your “Who I am” poem is absolutely beautiful and very inspirational. Your voice is very shooting and gives a sense of peace and serenity. Congratulations on the big achievement of 23 episodes! Please keep sharing your beautiful content of love and light.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Andrea!
      Thank you so much for stopping by here, this means a lot to me. I am very glad that you discovered my blog and liked my contents. This is a real gift for me. Thanks for loving my podcast. Keep visiting my space, I will be sharing new content very soon. Thanks for the love, sending you good vibes and light. 🌸🍀


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