You Are Not Alone: A Letter to the Mental Health Fighters

You Are Not Alone: A Letter to the Mental Health Fighters

“I know what it feels living on the other side of happiness for long. Even you are surrounded by love and laughter, you cry inside. You feel you have developed a beautiful kind of bond with chaos. You see people smiling, laughing, loving, and celebrating around but you are allowing yourself to stand in the darkness. You tell yourself that it’s nice, let me be here only. Amidst the crowd and laughter, you feel a void, and you want to return to your own world of silence and loneliness. You come back to the darkness. Once again, you close the doors and sob your pain. I know, because I was there one day.”

– An excerpt from the book You Are Blooming, authored by Swarnali Nath

The above passage is an excerpt from my debut book You Are Blooming. I wrote this book with my experience in discovering life’s little things and realizing the beauty of magic and miracles. But, don’t you think it’s our fights and obstacles that make us finding momentary peace in the realms of silence and loneliness? In spite of being a wellness writer and mindfulness blogger, at times, I still feel choked and empty from inside. It’s true that, sometimes, I do feel low, I feel numb, I feel dejected.
Yet, I fight. I fight with myself to overcome this phase and after some days, I regain my spirit back.

You Are Not Alone: An Open Letter to the World

We all feel low at times, most of us pass through tough times and we suffer from stress or anxiety or sometimes, this might become worse. And today, I stand here to convey my message to all my dear friends who have been battling with themselves to stay afloat.

Yes, you read it right. Sometimes, to stay alive, to breathe in hope, to stay afloat is a battle itself. I know it well, because I have been there, not only one single time, but a lot of times. And therefore, today, I want to tell you something.

Dear brave and beautiful,
You are not alone.

You were never alone, you have never been alone. And you will never be alone.
Because this is something a lot of us face, many times, or maybe, on a regular basis.
In this unequal world, we are equally standing, on these parallel lines of loneliness.

In today’s unequal world, we are standing equally on these parallel lines of loneliness

Yet, I must say, you are not alone.
You are not alone in this city of hopelessness, you are not alone in this ocean of emptiness.
You are not alone in this abyss of darkness. You are not alone in this unequal world, we are standing equally, on these parallel lines of nothingness.
You are not alone who feels lost in the crowd, it’s not your fault that you can’t breathe in this urban noise.
You are strong, you are brave. You fight for your own happiness, because you know, happiness is a choice, and you deserve to be happy.
This city is busy in keeping pace with the rush of life and the competition for being seen, being noticed, being heard, being felt, touched, and cared.
But you are brave, you don’t wait for others validation.
Because you know your worth.
If you still feel alone, be strong enough to accept that you are alone because you are different.
For I know, in this vastness of grey, you are a dash of green that makes this world to embark on the journey of healing.
You are that tiny ray of sunshine that makes everything shimmer with the glory of hope.
You are that blue sky and that flowing river and that chirping bird in the forest, you never wait for this world to give you a chance to express.
You make your own happy space.
You are not alone, and you will never be.
Because you have your own tribe beside.
In today’s unequal world, maybe we are standing equally on the parallel lines of loneliness, yet, we are connected through the string of love, empathy and kindness.


(This is the message I want to convey to the world, on the Mental Health Day 2021. Please don’t let yourself be alone in this world, you are not alone. Speak up, open your heart, you will find a lot of friends with you, walking together towards the journey of healing and recovery. Life is beautiful, let the sunshine come to brighten your way ahead. Sending you love and light.)

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