Varanasi -Where Light Meets Liberation

“Babul mora, naihar chhuto hi jaye….”

A boat is waiting at the bank of the river, to journey somewhere…somewhere too far, somewhere unknown. The night is escaping into a delightful dawn, wearing a crimson sky. The holy river ‘Ganges’ is bathing with the first ray of the Sun. The sages are having their ‘holy deep’, the birds are waking from their long sleep..

Yes, this is ‘Varanasi’, where the awakening is on the air. When you land your feet for the first time on this century old holy place, from that very moment, something heavenly starts to happen with you. All the blinks of your eyes, all the beats of your heart..want to tell you something. Something unspoken to you, for years, for decades, or may be, for births..You really don’t know what the time period is..

Varanasi’, whispers the ultimate quest into your ears. Search, find, or just question to the ‘Kashi Vishwanath’.. You will be answered, absolutely in your own way..

‘Varanasi’, where the river ‘Ganges’ sings with the rhythm of ‘Thumri’, with the dance steps of ‘Kathak’..resonates with the strings of ‘Sitar’, or  sheds drops of tears for her bridal daughetr’s vidai, with the sad voice of ‘Shehnai’..

‘Varanasi’, where ‘Miracles’ do not wait to be happened..they just happen each and every moments, with you, and within you..

‘Varanasi’, let you lost first…and then, helps you to find yourself within the soul, through the mirror of your heart.. Don’t you need to buy any other memoir from here. Because, ‘Varanasi’ gifts you the story of your life, written in a divine glory..

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