What is love?

The question that everyone must have faced in their life at least once is that what love is. We do wonder sometimes about the very idea of love. We don’t really know what it is and what it is supposed to be.

So what is love? Is it passion? Is it an attachment? Is it caring? Is it a feeling? Is it a sensation? Is it a need? Is it an addiction? Is it dependency? Is it purely sexual? Or is it just your thought? Well, if your answer is one of them then ask yourself why should we replace that word which is already defined for that particular situation with a word like “love”? We don’t need to do that. So if you are telling me that your answer is one of them, then think again! Well, now if your answer is a mixture of them i.e. according to you integration of all those is “love” then let me ask you something really simple here, are you not expecting all of those in someone because you lack those and according to you those will give you the sense of fulfillment you were looking for all along. If that was the case then why do breakups happen? Why do divorces happen? Why do children not give the same amount of closure to their parents as their parents used to give them? If you are thinking now then think hard.

If you have already got the answer for yourself then congratulations and if you got bored then my apologies but if you are really interested then try this question. As we are trying to find those things which we don’t have inside our self, are we really happy inside? Can we be really happy if there is nothing to look forward to? Can we be really happy without the “sense of fulfillment”? Can we be just happy for our self? If you can, then you will touch the other dimension that is called “love”. Because I love apple and I love someone is not the same expression that you want to live upon with. So, if you are searching for love then chances are that you might never be able to love someone.

Take a moment and try to differentiate all those words, try to make yourself understand that you are happy and then everything that you will do for someone will guide you to love.

Let the search of your soul begin and until then let the breakups happen, let the divorces happen, let us cry thousands of times because ramifications of life are telling me to wait a bit because all these tragedies will turn into comedies someday and the pain that is hurting your bones now, will then tickle your bones to make a good laugh out of it. Because all the answers we can’t find here are in the dimension that we can’t feel lively.




This insightful article is written by Suman Hambir. He is a prolific Lifestyle Blogger. His blog’s name is ‘The Silent Spectator”, where he loves to speak his heart out in every words. He has an immense love for writing. He loves nature as his soul resides in the mountains. He loves to lost himself in the mountain echo, and then to find a new self of him, in a new way absolutely. When the mountains call him, he goes out for trekking, without thinking twice. He loves to be called a wanderer, as travelling is his first love. If you want to read his writings more, you can check here: 


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