Dear Dadubhai – A Letter To My Maternal Grandfather



Dear Dadubhai,

This is my first letter to you. Though I have never seen you in my life, but I had a number of conversations with you. Since childhood, I am hearing about you from Maa. She told me many stories of you. I had grown up by hearing your stories, Dadu. The day when I sat before the harmonium for the first time, Maa told me, “This is the musical instrument your Dadu used to play. In my childhood, I learnt from him how to play the harmonium. And now, I am going to teach you the same.” Little did I know Dadubhai, someday, it’d be the only way to converse with you. That day I started learning the basic notes of music, but now, I am learning to reveal my unspoken words through it. Maa kept telling me about the folk songs you loved to hear, to sing. Those days, music was only another mandatory daily task for me, and sometimes, I felt reluctant to sit for singing, you know! But now, I love to sing, because I find myself in music. Music is something that keeps me surprising each and every time. Be it unfolding the theories of life to me, be it unlocking the door to some unsolved mysteries, be it bridging the gap between me and the universe, or, be it teaching me the true essence of love and devotion. Music is my escape from this world of chaos and confusion, and beginning of the journey to beyond. Music, is my breath, another way to express my emotions, and sometimes, to find my lost self, in the most unpredictable way.

I am writing this letter for a special reason, Dadubhai. I ask Maa again and again about your favourite songs, and I try to sing them all.  Few days ago, I was reading a book. While reading, I came across something very beautiful. It was written that we can reach to someone far away from us, through the medium of music. My heart wants to tell you the same, Dadubhai. Whenever I sing those folk songs, I feel, you are hearing me, from somewhere in the universe. When I sing ‘Khachar vitor ochin pakhi, kemne aase jay’, I feel I am conversing with you, through the tune, with the lyrics. You know Dadu, this song is very close to my heart, just like you. I feel, this song is your messenger from the universe. Perhaps, I find you in this song. Sometimes, a song becomes the embodiment of a person. For me, this song is, you, Dadubhai.

Wherever you are, I know, you will be listening to me whenever I am singing. I promise you Dadubhai, with your blessings, I will keep singing this way, forever. And thus, we will write a perfect tale of our own.

– Your Granddaughter, Swarnali



[This is my first letter to my maternal grandfather, whom I have never seen or met in life. He passed away when my mother was only sixteen years old. He was an Electrical Engineer and a folk singer. Since childhood, I have heard about the songs he loved to listen and to sing. Now, I listen these songs and sometimes, I try to sing them, too. Thus, I find him in my musical world and we speak through the medium of music. The word ‘Dadubhai’ is a Bengali word. We fondly call ‘Dadubhai’ our grandfathers, being affectionate to them and considering them a little child. ]


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I love to write letters, as I pour my heart’s deepest thoughts on the postcard, everytime I start writing a letter. One of my favourite letters are the one I wrote to my birthday month, July. Read the letter here.

14 responses to “Dear Dadubhai – A Letter To My Maternal Grandfather”

    • Thank you so much!! I love to write letters and scribbles, I call them my “Little Dreams”..Yeah I have written some letters for this campaign, but you will find some other genre of writings too, in my upcoming posts.. they include scribbles, poems and short pieces. Stay tuned! 🙂


      • There is a thread somewhere in something that always gonna weave two souls…. I’ve been realising that since long…. May be the way our beloved persons enjoyed their existence the most makes you feel their existence forever into those….. I’ve never seen my Dadubhai either, but the day I first worshiped the almighty, chanting Vedic Mantras and as I started my Bhramacharya everyone were awestruck by the way I behaved… My mother found her father inside me as I look exactly like him in young age and behaviour started matching too…. I started connecting to him progressively…. He loved his existence in worshipping God, perhaps one of the finest in reciting “Chandipath”….. I kept on trying getting a pure thought while worshiping daily and the more I did the more I could feel my Dadubhai, as if he is teaching me how to do it properly…. I don’t know what nirvana our atmasthata is….. But I really found out a way to communicate with someone I’ve never seen and perhaps someone who passed away only a few days before I came into existence….. Excellent write am Swarnali…. Absolutely loved the flavor of the letter…..

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much Debanjan. Ur words are always my source of motivation. And I had goosebumps knowing your experience. Such a great connection you have!! Blessed you are.. 🙂 🙂


  1. You brought out all words straight from your heart Swarnali. I love the way you shared your emotions in the letter about your grandfather whom you never met yet are closely knitted. Wow! I read your words for the first time and can say probably you have a thing about letters. Pouring all your expressions in one. Good to find you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for ur beautiful words!! 🙂 Yes it’s true, the more I am writing letters the more I am feeling certainly I have a thing for letters. I love to write letters. Glad to know you liked my letter. I read your book reviews. And I just love your writing style! Stay tuned, I will be back with some more letters and scribbles here. 🙂 🙂


  2. I love to read open letters! And yours was deeply touching. Music has such amazing powers. It can soothe and rid you of all your worries. It’s one of those rare things on Earth that can turn a frown into a smile in no time. I’m glad that you were able to connect to your maternal grandfather through the medium of music! I’m sure that wherever he is right now, he’d extremely proud of you. Found your blog through the #MyFriendAlexa linky list. 🙂

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    • Thank you Shweta for all ur kind words.. I love to read open letters too. I have read some of your tiny tales like six word story and some others. They are brilliant! I found ur blog also in that linky. Glad we connected. Stay tuned for more letters. 🙂 🙂


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