Goddess Of The Light

dear soul and light


[The soul is lying in the darkness. Homeless, like an orphan. It’s wandering, searching for the light. Unaware of the glory ahead, it’s lost, somewhere in the dark, somewhere, in the valley of darkness. At this unreal hour, at the last stroke of the night, a light appears. Here awakes, goddess of the light.]

Someday, a moment will come, to gift you some light. There will be someone, holding a handful of stardust, offering you to have them all. What would you do, then? The dreadful night will leave you behind, with the remnants of the scariest nightmare, unveiling you to the first light. At the last stroke of the night, your ancestor will be the darkness, and, you will be, the mother of light. There will be a whisper,

“Hold the light, with your all. This is the light you were seeking for so long. Embrace it.”

What would you do, soul? Perhaps, you will turn the light into some precious droplets of smile, peace, and love.

You will be, bearer of the light.


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87 responses to “Goddess Of The Light”

    • Thanks a lot for ur all kind words! But I am really happy to know that it brought a smile in ur face. I always love to be the reason behind someone smiles today. 🙂


    • Absolutely! This is called light of hope… but while thinking over it, I felt, if I have some light for me, I would like to spread it to someone who is in search of light, just like me.. I will be, bearer of the light..:)


  1. Such a positive post I would say. The imagery in the words is palpable and it’s great to believe that there is light at the end of darkness. #wordsmithkaurreads #MyFriendAlexa #BlogChatter

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  2. Honestly I am not really able to comprehend or more like accept it. It’s intriguing that one day there wouldn’t be any life but just light. What was the deeper meaning of this write-up. Do you believe that there is a life after death. Oh I cannot stop thinking .. not sure if this is exactly the same thought with which you started but it definitely lead me there.. #damurureads #myfriendalexa


    • Yes your thinking went in a wrong track absolutely. I am not telling about any kind of after death experiences here. It’s about, when someone is suffering from an acute darkness in life and carving for the light, when the light appears to her, she could be reluctant to receive it, all for her sufferings, she is tired, though. Then the inner voice will whisper her, to have the light with her all, and spread happiness to other’s life, as well. Someone, who is in search of the light, just like her. Then, she would become the bearer of the light. She will kindle a lamp in someone’s life.


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