Knowing Yourself in a Mindful Way

Day 11

Word of the Day – Know

Do you know how beautiful you are?
Do you know what are you capable of?
Do you know what miracles are waiting for you?
Do you know what you want in life?
Do you know what is your purpose in life?
There are lots of questions wandering in your mind. Now, and always. Questions about your own life, your existence, your identity, your purpose, your ambitions and goals and many more. Lots of questions fill your mind all the moments.
This is obvious. We all are humans and we are tend to think, sometimes overthink, and therefore we question. We ask our minds a lot of things for the whole day. But, do you know there are few questions that lead us towards finding inner peace and calm?
Stop overthinking and asking yourself irrelevant questions. Rather, prepare a small set of questionnaire and ask yourself these questions to cross check your life goals. This way you will keep a track of your progress in life.
Today we will do an exercise where we will welcome peace and calm by asking ourselves a few questions and consecutively, finding the answers of them.
Here begins your day of Know.

The task of the day:
Come to solitude and sit. Relax your body. Vacuum your mind. Try to avoid all kinds of negative thoughts and worries. This time all you need is to be calm and positive. You need to ask yourself some questions but remember, you need to do the whole task without being anxious.
Because you are here to make your way peaceful.
Ask yourself these questions:
Who am I?
What is my name?
What is my identity?
Now ask yourself, “Am I happy with my present identity? Am I satisfied with the works I do?”
Once you find the answer of the above question, ask yourself, “What I need in life? What I really want to do? Is my present work status and my future goals merge their ways, at a point in the journey curve?”
If the answer is yes, congratulations to you!
If you don’t find a suitable answer for the last question, don’t get worried at all. Life is a journey, all you need is to take a pause and plan your future steps with peace.
Now ask yourself, “What matters to me most at this present moment?”
I am sure you will find a strange answer this time; that is most unpredictable for you. Maybe something will come up in your mind that was invisible in open eyes or unheard in the language of heart.
Now, the last question of the day. Ask yourself, “What am I doing for others?”
The truth of life is, we do most of our works for our family and our own improvement, be it personal or professional. But, we find a little time to think that, what am I doing for the people on earth?
I have a beautiful reason of asking you this question. Based on my own experience, I want to tell you that, we all live in a certain circle that involves our family, friends, colleagues and some others. But, when you will step out of this known circle of you and do something for a stranger who doesn’t know you at all, then you will feel an absolute pleasure in heart.
And that moment, you will find answers of many other questions that you have been asking yourself for long.

Quote of the day:

When you know the world, you are knowledgeable. When you know yourself, you are wise.

– The Saffron Storyteller

Affirmations of the day:
“Today, I feel calm from within. My mind has stopped wandering for some time. I am feeling more content as I have found the answers of some important questions. I have discovered some beautiful truths about me, my journey, and life. I feel blessed. I feel privileged. Now, I am more focused on my life’s goals and purpose.”

Write in your journal:
Today, you have to write all the answers you have found while doing the process. Maybe you are unable to find answers of some of them, don’t get worried and resist yourself being anxious. Don’t get panicked. Just relax and calm down. Life will help you finding those answers very soon. Have faith.

The last step of this process:
Before you leave the place, assure yourself by saying: “Today, I feel peaceful. I have gathered clarity about my vision for life.
I have learned some beautiful truths of life. I have found some beautiful answers that will add more value in my life. I will come back tomorrow with a new purpose and try to learn a new way of living mindfully.

I am here to receive more peace and more calm in my life.”

This is all for today. We will come back here tomorrow once again with a new way of mindful living. Till then, be still, be calm, be mindful.

(This post is a part of my A to Z series on Mindful Living, titled “More Peace, More Calm”. This is also a part of Blogchatter A to Z Challenge. Read all the posts of this series here.)

19 responses to “Knowing Yourself in a Mindful Way”

  1. Know is such a powerful word, and your post has explained the beauty of it so well. We need to ask ourselves these questions every now and then, to see how far we’ve come. Very important read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much dear. Yes, I often ask these questions for clarity of thoughts. And strange fact is, one of the questions was asked by one good friend of mine. I should thank him, too! 🙂☺


  2. Very beautiful

    On Tue, 13 Apr, 2021, 9:00 am The Saffron Storyteller, wrote:

    > Swarnali Nath posted: ” Day 11 Word of the Day – Know Do you know how > beautiful you are?Do you know what are you capable of?Do you know what > miracles are waiting for you?Do you know what you want in life?Do you know > what is your purpose in life?There are lots of questions” >


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