Nourishing the mind with the medium of art

Day 13

Word of the Day – Mind

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

– Buddha

From the first day of this series, I am talking about embracing more peace and calm in life. We live a life full of worries and stress; we find a little time to sit and relax. But have you ever thought that in this rush of life, you are giving your mind only loads of thoughts and consistently updating the jobs in your to do list? In this hustle and bustle of life, you give very less importance to the mind, body, and soul. This happens only because you are very less aware of your own self; you are always working towards the other commitments in life, and therefore you even forget to remember your own self and taking care of her. So, from today, we will start some tiny exercises that will help us to keep the mind, body, and soul calm and peaceful. There are a number of ways that you can follow if you wish to nourish your mind. Some of them we have already discussed in the previous posts of this series; beginning the morning with peace, decluttering your mind, being more grateful in life, mindful journaling and some more. You can also try reading books, listening to music, getting some fresh air and spending time with nature. Learning something new and pursuing your hobbies also help to make a healthy mind. But today, we will discuss about doodling yourself and bringing your inner thoughts to life using pen, paper, and colours!

Here begins your day of nourishing the Mind.

The task of the day:

Today’s task is a different one from all previous tasks. Today, you need to sit in solitude, like always, preferably in a place close to nature and away from the chaos of life.

Prepare yourself saying that you just need twenty minutes of freedom to yourself from the daily chores of life. In this little frame of time, you wish to gift yourself a pleasant surprise.

Bring a notebook and a pen with you. If possible, do bring some colours, too. You can also use colour pencils. There are several ways to draw your inner self or your inner thoughts on paper.

You can choose any one ways like, circling one after one, or doing mandala art that is drawing intricate circles and petals designs, or drawing a flower blooming, a girl or boy dancing in rain, random designs of flowers, plants or something else.

You can also use letters and typography in between the sketches. You can even write short sentences that go well with your drawings.

While doodling your thoughts on paper, you need to remember only one thing: be happy with your creations. Imagine yourself at the place of the sketches and imprint yourself in every corner of the drawing.

Keep in mind that you need to draw something that aligns with your thoughts, emotions, and tell your own story.

Don’t be hard on yourself, let her go with the natural flow. Allow yourself to come out of the cocooned dreams. Let her free, and see the magic happen!

Quote of the day:

A healthy mind leads you towards living a healthy life.

– The saffron storyteller

Affirmations of the day:

Today, I give myself a treat of joy in the form of art. I doodled my thoughts on the paper. Within that drawings and sketches, I found myself. Doing this exercise gave me a chance to nourish my mind with creativity. I discovered my inner self in a new way and let her flow with the bliss of this present moment. I found the peace of mind and I will let this state of bliss stay with me for the whole day.

Write in your journal:

Today you need to write in your journal about your feelings and emotions after letting your inner self free from the prisoned state of mind. Write about your experience while doing the sketches and doodles. Pen down your thoughts and must write about your beautiful discoveries from this process. You can also write the short phrases and sentences you used in your doodle.

The last step of this process:

Before you leave the place, assure yourself by saying:

“Today, I feel happy. I feel content as I am on my way to finding meaningful ways to embrace peace of mind. Today, I did a small exercise for nurturing and nourishing my mind that was a real treat to my inner self. I received immense joy while doing this. I was more aware of this present moment through the whole process. I will come back tomorrow with a new purpose and try to learn a new way of living mindfully.

I am here to receive more peace and more calm in my life.”

This is all for today. We will come back here tomorrow once again with a new way of mindful living. Till then, be still, be calm, be mindful.

(This post is a part of my A to Z series on Mindful Living, titled “More Peace, More Calm”. This is also a part of Blogchatter A to Z Challenge. Read all the posts of this series here.)

(This post is also a part of the Cause A Chatter blogging campaign by Blogchatter)

16 responses to “Nourishing the mind with the medium of art”

    • Wow that’s amazing! I am very glad to know that. I really wish this tiny exercise help you to find calm. 🌼🍀🌼🍀🌼


  1. Your posts are filled with so much positivity and always have simple pointers that are easily doable. Must pick up a paper and pen and just doodle away!


  2. Swarna, your blog is such a pleasure to read!! While reading your posts, I imagine myself as a morning dew, bubbling with the sunshine happiness and swaying in the calm mists like daffodils. That’s the power and positivity of your life blogs. They’re not just writings, they’re my daily tonic towards a better day, a calmer life, a grander vision!! Keep writing and enchanting us!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Deepika.. Yes I have your blog page opened in my window. Shall give your posts a read very soon. 🙂


    • Hey Suchita! That’s wonderful to know. Walking is a beautiful art of meditation and being in nature. Thanks for reading my post dear. Means a lot. 🌼💛

      Liked by 1 person

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