Walking with Peace of mind

Day 23

Word of the day: Walking

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Walking is an art. We learn to walk in childhood. But when you walk for peace, this becomes a wonderful art of life.
When you feel tired or stressed or anxious, you seek an escape from the hectic schedule and breathe in fresh air, one of the simplest and quickest way to welcome peace of mind is walking.

When you walk, you release your stress and gradually you become calm. Walk like you are talking to the grass beneath your feet. It’s a beautiful way to converse with mother earth with love. It’s not necessary that you need to walk always on grass field. You can walk anytime, anywhere.
So, today we will discuss how you can find peace while you are walking.

Here begins your day of walking.

The task of the day:
Come to a place where is enough space to walk and air to breathe.
Stand still and breathe in. Start walking slowly, with smaller steps.
Walking meditation is all about being aware in every step.
In your each step, be fully present here, where you are standing, you are walking.
Tell yourself that you don’t need to arrive anywhere; you are only aware of arriving in the present moment.
You can bring your attention to your feet and feel the contact with the floor or ground or field with every step.
Don’t let your mind to wander somewhere else. Rather, with each step, gently bring your attention back to this present moment. Be aware of this breath, and this step.

Quote of the day:

Walking is a blissful art.

– the saffron storyteller

Affirmations of the day:
I feel calm, I feel peaceful. I had a beautiful time with myself, walking with peace and calm. My stress has reduced, my anxiety has reduced. I feel fresh. I feel blissful.

Write in your journal:
Today you need to write about your thoughts of bliss. As you gifted yourself a handful of peaceful moments, pen down your feelings and emotions. Whatever you felt and discovered, just write it down. It’s all about your experience, write it in your own way.

Write in your journal:

Today you need to write in your journal about your feeling and experience while walking mindfully. Pen down what you observed while walking. Write everything that you noticed and grabbed your attention.

The last step of this process:
Before you leave the place, assure yourself by saying:
“Today, I found some time from the rush of life to spend some blissful moments with myself. I discovered to quiet my mind in a blissful way. It helps to heal the mind, body, and soul. I embraced peace and calm with all my heart. I will let this state of bliss stay with me for the whole day. I will come back tomorrow with a new purpose and try to learn a new way of living mindfully.

I am here to receive more peace and more calm in my life.”

This is all for today. We will come back here tomorrow once again with a new way of mindful living. Till then, be still, be calm, be mindful.

(This post is a part of my A to Z series on Mindful Living, titled “More Peace, More Calm”. This is also a part of Blogchatter A to Z Challenge. Read all the posts of this series here.)

3 responses to “Walking with Peace of mind”

  1. I would struggle here… my mind is probably screaming within in chaos… I find it very difficult to turn it off and focus on the moment, especially these days

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    • Hello Dr. Roshan. Yes doc, these days we can’t keep calm when too many things are happening around. Mindful walking is meant for only when we are dwelling with peace of mind that’s totally impossible now.

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