Becoming Kind Towards the Environment with Mindfulness

I am this earth.
I cling, I mold.
I give, I grow.
I bring, I hold.
From the turf of this soul,
Through the sea, my dreams unfold.
Towards the sky of hope,
I find my home.

When I walk on the grass field and the soft tips of the grass touch my feet, I feel I am this earth.

When I lie beneath the bare sky, I breathe in the air, and absorb the softness of the night, I feel I am this earth.

When I touch the soil in my garden and bring a handful of them to decorate the planters, I feel I am this earth.

When I touch a flower, I feel the tenderness of the petals, and I smell their sweet fragrance, I feel I am this earth.

When I sit beside a lonely river, time passes by with watching the gentle flow and the river talks to me alone, I feel, I am this earth.

This grass field, this sunshine, this flowers, song of the birds, gentle morning breeze, this river, this forest, and this blue sky, remind me that I am this earth. That I am not an isolated piece of solitude. That I am not a vagabond who wanders for her home.
That this place is my very own abode. I am this earth, and this is my home.

We all are earth. You, me, all of us.

When you become mindful towards the environment around, a little flame of kindness is kindled in your heart.
Spending time with nature helps to make a bonding with the environment and gradually, you feel the connection between you and the environment. Being in nature and taking care of the green babies pave the way for you to become more aware of yourself and also the environment around you.

When you nurture the nature with mindfulness, slowly, your stress becomes less and you are more drawn towards creativity. Becoming a mindful observer of nature makes you realize the truth that your existence is nothing different than this natural abode on earth. You are not an isolated identity, rather, you are an important part of this environment.

This realization enlightens your path towards some blissful truths. This realization builds the foundation base in your heart to become more generous and kind towards the environment. This realization is another way to become more faithful to the nature.

Gradually, becoming kind towards nature with mindfulness makes you feel a part of this vast green beauty around and thus, compassion grows in your heart and your soul would heal.
This environment needs your love, care, and concern. This nature is your healer. This greenery, this gentle breeze, this calmness, this sweet song of the river, this chirping of the birds, this serenity of the dawn, this sunshine, this surreal beauty of the sunset sky, distant noise of the forest, and everything here, heals your mind, body, and soul.

From the very beginning of her journey, mother earth has been nurturing us as her children. The only thing you can give in return is your kindness.

Be kind towards the environment and spread empathy for our beloved mother earth.

(This post is a part of the blogging campaign Cause A Chatter powered by Blogchatter. For this campaign I am writing a series titled Nature, the Healer. Here I will be talking about the meaningful connection between the environment and you.)

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