Peace for Me : A Compilation of Thoughtful Responses from Across the World

Where there is truth, there is peace. Where there is beauty, there is peace.

The Saffron Storyteller

Some days ago, I asked a question to my fellow friends on social media, seeking their response to the question:
What is peace for you?

The purpose behind asking my friends this question was understanding the variety of range that makes a word Peace to be represented with so many perspectives. As a Wellness Writer, I was wondering about that what brings people peace of mind. More precisely, I was curious to know that what the word Peace means to them, how the meaning of Peace changes from person to person.

I choose the word Peace as the word of the year for 2021 and wanted to work with the deeper aspects of finding Peace. While working on the theme of Peace, a strange thing happened in the beginning of the year and I came closer to this word. For a moment, I took refuge in the realm of Peace and let myself float in the river of solitary bliss.
Meanwhile, I had a blissful revelation. That we have to seek the path that leads us towards Peace, living in this world and being surrounded by the people around us.
So, I thought of asking my circle this question, What is Peace for You? I received more than fifty responses from across the world.

Among all the answers, some of them will make you to dive deeper into the thoughts of finding Peace. I have collected such replies and compiled them together in this post.

Peace for Me : A Compilation of Thoughtful Responses from Across the World

Let’s have a look at the reflections of Peace:

For me, peace is no conflict day.

Anupama Jain

Peace is equanimity and not getting lost in the turbulence of everyday.

Richa S Mukherjee

Peace for me is a state of mind that allows us to live our best moments without any conflict or doubts

Abhishek Maji

For me, thoughtlessness is peace.

Sonia Dogra

That intriguing state of being ourselves in between the time we spend for others. This is peace for me.

Sreevas Munnoolam

Peace is when you find that tiny ray of light in pitch dark corners of life. Sometimes by yourself, or by the help of the well wishers.

Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu

Being financially independent, living alone in somewhere far away, and travelling to places that I have always dreamed. This is peace for me.


Peace is when I am happy with myself. When I am able to accept where I am at present.

Darshana Suresh

When we stop looking for peace, that is peace. When everyone is hale and hearty at home, with a cup of coffee, I sit in the morning, that’s peace for me.

Ellora Mishra

When I am safe and aligned with myself, I feel peace.

Aarti V Raman

For me, praying is peace.

Cindy Ann DSilva

Peace is harmony in contradictions. It’s an oasis.

Ravish Mani

Peace is knowing there is a divine force that always has your back.

– Tina SeQueira

Having a cup of tea, early morning, before everyone wakes up and the day’s random works start, that is peace for me.

Sadvika Kylash

Peace is spending time with Nature:
Peace is transient for me. Some days, it’s rain. Some days, it’s fire. Some days, for me, peace is sunshine.

Deepika Sharma

Peace is watching the clouds go by, peace is hearing the birds chirping, peace is the faint strains of music, peace is when I am okay with my pace, emotions, and being happily alone.

– Shruti chatterjee

Peace for me is doing something that makes me passionate. Also, I feel peace when I spend some quiet moments in nature.

Dr Surbhi Prapanna

Peace for me is looking out the window, watching the woods, the rain, listening to the chirping of the birds and the sound of crickets. Just paying attention to this at any point of time, calms me down. That’s definitely peace for me.

Ranjini Sankar

I feel peace when I am surrounded by my favorite people and we explore an unknown place together.

Biswanath Jha

Peace for me is being closer to nature.

Purba Chakraborty

Peace is what you become after all the waves subside.

Pooja R

Every situation can be handled peacefully, without getting angry or anxious. Seen my dad do it all his life. Now that he is no more, I try to be like him. I try to control my anger, I have stopped finding faults, stoppef expecting from others, This all help me to stay calm and I find peace.

Rashi Roy

When my thoughts and actions are in harmony, I find peace.

Harshit Sanghavi

By the end of the day when you get to sleep till morning without any interruptions in between, this is peace for me.

Payel Dutta

Peace is when our mind is empty without any pre-notions and planning of future.

Meenal Mathur & Sonal Mathur

Peace for me is when my mind is calm, stress-free, content.

Sonia Madaan

When all loved ones are fine, I am at peace.

Sreeparna Sen

Peace for me is having a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling rejuvenated.

Pratibha P

Peace for me is thinking about my mumma, recollecting her memories, and seeing her smile in those happy moments.

Daisy Bala

My only peace is when I am making my art.

Harshita Sharma

For me, music is peace. Be it hard times or happy moments, it stays with me in every moment.

Pujashree Mohapatra

Peace for me is living in a world where everyone grows together and there is always a space for discussion or growth.

Pratyashi Gogoi

For me, peace is taking care of myself.

Susmita Barman

Peace is when you are in harmony.

Satvinder Kaur

Peace for me is the freedom to be myself with all my imperfections and everything.

Namita Nair

For me, peace is contentment when I am happy with whatever I am doing. This is peace.

Harshita Nanda

Peace comes from knowing that I did my best, in whatever circumstance I was faced in.

Mayuri Nidigallu

For me, peace is the place of contentment where my aspirations meet the reality.

Narinder Bhatia

Peace is inside me. When what I do and what my brain wants me to do are the same, I find peace.

Dr Amrita Basu (Misra)

For me, peace is finding my loved ones with their smile.

Sivaranjani Anandan

For me Peace is listening to music, spending time with nature and talking to my loved ones without thinking about the next day plans, watching my favorite ones sleeping peacefully, big laughter, giving a reason to others smile, thinking about the lovely memories. I have a long list.

Deepika Mishra

Peace is being able to sleep every night without any fear or pressure haunting us for the next day.

Aakanksha Vohra

This collection has such a beauty in the diversity of the perspectives. Peace could be attained at every step of life, we have to find it in every instance of bliss.

Peace is you, peace is me.
Peace lives within.

Wishing you all Happy International Day of Peace.

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