The Art of Life: Questioning the Inner Self and Finding Answer with Sisu

Your outer journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey only has one: the step you are taking right now.

– Eckhart Tolle

While my research for this series, there were many moments when I was awestruck, coming to know the incredible concepts about life. Sisu was one of them, undoubtedly. I remember, I was dwelling in a conflict and I was confused about my decision.

It was night and I was preparing for sleep. But somehow I was reluctant to go for sleeping and instead, I keep searching for the next art of life.

Meanwhile, I came across the word Sisu, and this word instantly grabbed my attention.

Questioning the Inner Self and Finding Answer with Sisu

In Bengali, Sisu means Child. When I read the word, I became happy seeing the word because of the Bengali meaning. However, when I learned about the Sisu mindset, gradually, I fell in love with this brilliant mindset.

If you ask your inner self to take the plunge to the thing that is your passion, what would you tell the self? “Just do it.” This is what Sisu tells us.  

For Finns, the word Sisu is something more than just a word. It is embodied as a part of their character.

Sisu, a mystical force that spells the magic of resilience.

Sisu is a mindset of being straightforward to the goal or purpose. It helps us to keep our eyes on the future always, instead of hanging on to the past.

Rather, if we can focus on the future, there will be possibilities to figure out the scopes that will lead us to a better future ahead.

This will bring you calm while dwelling amidst the conflicts of taking your decision. Sisu tells us instead of being panicked, hear your inner child and asks him/her what the decision is, that you need to take it right now.

Sisu: Strength and Perseverance

The word Sisu first appeared in an issue of Time magazine in 1940. In simple English, the word Sisu means grit, guts and courage. It is a wonderful way to believe in your inner strength and trust your heart’s call.

With the help of the Sisu mindset, we can defy the odds to face the difficulties with the utmost resilience. Our perseverance is the way of doing any job with extreme endurance along with strong determination.

Sisu helped me a lot to stick through my decision. That night, Sisu helped me to choose the way that I wanted to follow by heart and soul, and it also helped me a lot to be firm with the decision that I took.

I am grateful for that moment when I discovered this wonderful art of life called Sisu.

And that day onwards, I have determined to ask my inner self the question that will lead me to the answer that embodies my purpose in life.

Meanwhile, I discovered, is not it a beautiful art of life to celebrate the everlasting childhood in your heart?

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