Mental and Emotional Wellness for Children: 5 Must-to-do Things for Every Parent

Mental Health is important for everyone. But often we forget this fact when it comes to taking care of the mental and emotional wellness of little children.

What you do as parents, makes a deep impact on your child. Therefore, if you can take care of your mental and emotional well-being regularly, this will help your child too.

In this way, this habit will be cultivated for your child in his/her early childhood days, and as the years will pass, he/she will nurture this habit as an inevitable part of the daily routine in life.

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So, I have brought to you five must-to-do things for every parent. If you are concerned about taking care of your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing, then make sure you can practice these five activities at home.

Let’s have a deeper look.

Saying Thank You:

Gratitude is always a necessary part of everyone’s wellness routine. The more you will show gratitude, the more you will receive positive energy.

Gratitude is also a great way to build a pathway towards accepting yourself as the way you are. What you have at this moment, is enough for you. Gratitude helps your child in acknowledging the fact that life is beautiful.

Along with this, you can make him/her realize that life has gifted him/her many things because he/she is a nice little human on this earth. This will cultivate the seed of self-love in your child’s heart.

For the Gratitude ritual, you can keep a Gratitude Journal or Gratitude Jar and repeat this activity every day.

It will be better if you and your child do this activity together, and you can do this at a specific time in the day. Starting the day with a note of gratitude can be a nice thing to do in the morning. Or you can also do this activity at night, before going to sleep.

Nurturing Creativity:

Creativity is a very good thing to add to your mental and emotional wellness routine for your child. Just think for once, what happens when you work for long hours without taking a break and feel overstressed?

The same happens with your child too. This little fellow can become tired of learning things altogether, and at times, learning becomes a stress for him/her.

Therefore, taking a break and doing some creative stuff is a great idea to get your child involved in an act that will teach him/her what it means to create something.

When your child will be happy after seeing the piece of art he/she has created, it will cultivate a sense of accomplishment in the little human’s mind. As a result, your child will gain self-esteem in the fact that he/she is capable of doing something in life.

But there is one thing that you must keep in mind while your child is creating something. You must encourage him/her to pursue creativity more often, as it is a time for their de-stressing and connecting to their inner self in a more mindful way.

Read how you can make your mental health a priority.

Learning from Nature:

Spending time in the lap of nature is a very nice way for boosting your child’s mental and emotional wellness. For this purpose, you can take your child to nature frequently.

Growing the habit of a morning walk or evening walk is a nice habit. Along with this, you can go out in the small breaks from your working hours or your child’s learning hours.

Additionally, you can also plan a picnic in the woods or a place closer to nature. Going for a trip to nature and staying outdoor for a long can help your child to relax.

It is an amazing way for your child’s holistic wellness as there will be fresh air to breathe, and nature heals the mood by giving a sense of refreshment.

Playing in nature will be very helpful to stay calm and your child will restore the energy after returning home.

5 Must-to-do Things For Every Parent

The Evening Ritual:

The evening ritual is equally important as others. In the evening hours, it is better for your child to spend time with books instead of electronic gadgets.

This will be also helpful for curbing your child’s screen time as well as making him realize the usefulness of reading books. For this purpose, you can start your reading habit with some interesting books. Picking up a colorful book with vibrant illustrations of animals, people, nature, etc. is a good idea.

Keep your child away from mobile phones or other gadgets and don’t appreciate spending time with screens. Because this may hamper their sleeping routine too.

Therefore, if you can nurture the habit of book reading in the evening time, it will be a nice way to keep him/her engaged and also serve the purpose of learning.

Sleeping Routine:

For every person, a sleeping routine is very important as sleep is an integral part of your holistic wellness. Sleep is as vital as your waking hours.

Because sleeping routine can boost your mental wellness as well as it is helpful for bringing the much-needed freshness to your daylong activities.

Therefore, if your child can have adequate sleep at night, it will be very helpful for him/her to stay active for the whole day. Along with this, make sure you can keep away the devices that emit blue lights from your child’s evening ritual.

It will help in calming down the mind before your child goes to bed at night.

What We Conclude:

As we have discussed here, the foremost thing when it comes to taking care of your child’s mental and emotional wellness is being aware of the fact that these little humans need your attention as much as others.

Rather, they need more of your concern because often they become unable to identify what is going on in their minds, and fail to express their emotions well. As a result, they live with restlessness yet experience the changing emotions ongoing in their minds.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to take care of your little child’s mind and focus on mental and emotional wellness activities, in the same way, you focus on academics.

After all, it is your child’s smiling face that will brighten your day.

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20 responses to “Mental and Emotional Wellness for Children: 5 Must-to-do Things for Every Parent”

  1. Very true, Swarnali. These days kids are becoming brats. Parents don’t have time or are themselves not having a routine or are on their mobile all the time. Kids are like parrots..they mouth what parents say and like monkeys, they copy all actions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading Harjeet. Keep doing the great work through your blog. Your posts on mental health issues are worth reading.


  2. Swarnali, I like the way you have briefed up each part as to how should you take up the task with your kid and what it will benefit, in all it was a good read with helpful as well.


    • A Mom of 2, a teen and a pre teen,this blog was super enlightening. I liked the easy, no frills and creative ways to indulge with the kids and make them independent and off gadgets. Implementing them soon. Thanks Swarnali🤗


  3. Parents are too busy these days due to which kids are becoming difficult to handle These tips are very much required.


  4. These days parents are so busy they even don’t aware what the child really want. Each child want to spend time with the parents and you narrated it so well. I will start gratitude jar because I tried for journal but it didn’t work. Thanks for the tips.


  5. Loved reading the blog post. I am so glad more and more people are talking about mental health and making sure it is not a taboo topic anymore. Being someone who has gone through postpartum depression, I can very well vouch for the above-mentioned points. It is imperative that we behave in a way that our kids follow the same, no gadgets in the evening should be followed by all the family members 🙂 We too are taking small steps every day to curb the screentime for our little ones.


  6. You are right. Children are under a lot of pressure these days. I really liked the simple and effective methods you shared. Your posts are always well written, Beta.


  7. Very well elaborated! Every point you have discussed here is so important while raising a kid. Me and my husband emphasize on learning from nature and creativity. Having a mentally healthy baby is equally important to physical health.


  8. Your posts are always in-depth and your suggestions are easy to implement. Many don’t realize that mental and emotional health is equally important for kids. More so in the pandemic times.


  9. This post is so crucial for more parents to read as mental health is truly something children need to take care of, and which more people need to be educated about. Love how you articulated ways to do so.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I agree with you on all points you have shared here. Routine is quite important for us adults as well as for children. It hepls us to be in decipline also to keep ourselves healthy and reduces unnecessary stress too.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I agree kids mental health is as important as ours. Following a routine helps and I have observed this with my kids. Really helpful article Swarnali.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. This seems to be a go-to guide to promoting emotional wellness and good mental health for children. Time and attention are Saviours of mental health no matter what. Being a listener plays a great role in parenting also.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Lovely post Swarnali. i can totally relate to your ideas and agree that theses things are very imp. They are all simple and do-able but the impact they will have on our kids is profound. I love your idea about spending time with them in nature as we do that very often. Thank you for reminding is about these things…

    Liked by 1 person

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